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Jail break : (

The JailBreak MOD is another multiplayer MOD based on the CTF principle.
There are two teams, red and blue. Each team has a base. The jail is located in your home base.
The special thing in this MOD is that when you get killed you are not dead, you just move to your opponent's jail.
When your team members are in the enemy jail, you can go into their base and release the hostages by going into the enemy jail and pushing a button that opens the jail's door.
Note: It is very annoying to 'serve time' and wait for someone else to come rescue you...
When all your team are hostages you will all be executed. Then, all your team members and you will respawn back in your home base.

The scoring system goes as follows:
  1. A point for each frag
  2. Upon an execution the winning team will receive an amount of points equal to the number of executed players
  3. You get points when you free people From the enemy jail, one per player.
The frag limit is measured by your team score, not only by your personal score.

Aside for the usual commands known in CTF games (such as /cmd changeteam), there is a new command for using gun turrets while defending your base! You should bind a key the command "+use" and I believe spacebar will serve you well.

As said before, after being executed your team respawns in its home base. This smart move was implemented to insure non-of you will camp in the enemy base and turn this game into an non-fun crap! There is an option, of course, to turn this mode on and off (but I suggest that it will be always on).

There is another cool mode, that makes the server into a clan server, like clan arena but for Quake 2.
You can choose a team name (8 Characters MAX) and then start playing, and you can also ensure no one will switch sides or someone will enter the game at the middle of it (I hate this option because when someone else is playing and I want to play , I cant :( ). This mode can also be switched on and of by the Server Operator.

In conclusion, this MOD is very interesting although I only played it overseas, so far.
I hope, that after you will read this, you will all come and play. It's a nice MOD and certainly worth a try!


  • Jailbreak Homepage :
  • Netvision Homepage mirror :
  • Internet Zahav - client v2.0 : (9.6MB)
  • Client v2.0 : (9.6MB)
  • Server v2.2 : (132KB) (Requires client)
  • Linux server v2.2 : (132KB) (Requires client)
  • Internet Zahav - cinematic addon : (1.7MB)
  • Cinematic addon : (1.7MB)

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