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Hi, you guys might remember me, I used to be on the servers more often, but you all know IQF right? That's me.

I decided since I use Linux that it would only be right for me to get a head start on you folks and download q3test, I am going to exploit that momentum and I will write a review.

What's different from this review than all the other 100 others that showed up in the last year? I never read any of those, so this one is truly my own impression.
I liked it, looks good, feels good.

I especially liked the shotgun, the scatter is seen, it helps because in Quake 1 and 2 I was never sure how the shotgun scatter looked.
I don't know if I like the rocket launcher, from the shooters prospective, if he doesn't side step it just looks like a cloud of smoke. It is fun charring the walls with this though!
The rail gun is ultra cool, at least the trail effect it leaves, when it hits it explodes I don't like that, I prefer the zero scatter like in Q2.
I guess you need to grow into the plasma rifle, I don't like it in first impression.
There is something I don't like about the weapon models, it is not obvios what kind of weapon it is, in Q2 there is know doubt when you see the rocket launcher that it actually is one becuase of the rocket feed thing on the side, here all the guns looked the same to me.

Level Design:
I think the two levels that come with the test don't showcase the technology well, For one, the curved surfaces are hardly noticeable, I mean there are arches and stuff, but you have to look for them. Second, there is only one small room in the first level that has volumetric fog, not enough to feast the eyes on. Third, except for lava there is no water effect in any of the levels.
I think it's a bug but you can't make marks with the weapons on curved surfaces.

The speed of the player seems correct although he can't jump high, i think the jump is even smaller than Q2. Don't worry, Q3 introduces jump pads, step on the and you rocket up. It also seems that you can't get damaged from falls, at least not in the heights in these two levels, no more Q2 "cratering". i am not sure if it is a bug, but it seems like you can't switch weapons on the run. Since I couldn't find any playmates locally I connected to servers abroad with about 500 - 400 ms ping, I was not very playable, I didn't get much chance at gibbing other players with 75 ping, so I can't comment much on the power of the weapons. What I could say is that the player model that was release with this test version looks cool.

Sum it up? I like it!
I bet a lot of you are going to express the good ol'e days with Q2, like you did with Q1 when Q2 came out, the fact though is doesn't matter how long the threads in IQF are going to be about it, Q3 is just a different experience. Can't wait for the local servers to sprout up. All I need is a second 3D card for the second machine so I can frag my visiting friends.



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