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Cry Havoc : (

Yesterday I spent almost an hour writing this review, just to see my beloved Windows crash when I pressed the 'save' button at the end. Nice ey?
But come to think of it, it only did good because I got to really play this MOD and got to know all its features, thanks to Yonman who has been a faithful victim. Time after time.. blowing himself up just so I'll take those pics =)

Now on we go!
Cry Havoc, unlike I expected it to be, isn't a successor of Team Fortress for Quake1. No capture game, no team game, no maps included.. and no heavy-weapons dude =)
However, CH features loads of cool stuff to feast your eyes on, read on..

As in Team Fortress, you can also choose the class you want to be. Each class has its own weapons ( no new weapons this time =\ ), skins and special moves. Making it easier to configure, CH uses a different configuration file for each class, so you wont have your keyboard filled with bounded keys.
After covering all the classes, I'll go through a few my of favorites:

The Rocketman! Oh yeah, definitely the coolest of them all. The Rocketman can thrust himself up and forward, i.e. being able to fly, leaving a nice-looking trail after him. While not being able to use the Rocket launcher, he can drop a carpet bomb from the air, nunkin' everyone on the ground like an air strike. Totally awesome feature here.

Another cool class is the NavySeal. Except for being able to breath underwater, he is always silent and uses a slugs-shotgun and the machinegun. His machinegun can be set to auto-fire, semi-automatic and brief-bursts. Useful?.. Nahh, but it adds to the feeling. He is also able to place C4's ( which is a type of explosive, of course ) and set off all of them together ( along with others of course.. ) ( heck, with himself too! =)

The third is the Rigger. The Rigger can unpack a flying drone, which remain next to him, escorting or just chasing ppl around. He cant take much damage, but his aiming is very accurate.

Other classes to choose from are the Vampire, Techy, Soldier and.. eh, thats it.

There are two main downloads available, a server and a client patch. I had some trouble with it, so here's Yonman's commentary to help incase you will be having some yourself.


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