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Prondisx: ( / YonmaN

4 team play ... what ? - New Skins, Models and levels
Assesment - definately not your everyday MOD !

Prondisx - the name *should* say it all ... but it doesn't !

The general I dea behind prondisx is that there are four team who fight over a disk called a servex. This servex should be taken and scored into a goal. where that goal is and how to open it is another story - as both vary.

Prondisx is basically a "Matrix" simulator.
All of you who have played Shadowrunner and other Cyber punk RPGs would raise an eye brow now - a Matrix sim ?
To make a long story short - the future of the internet looks like the ultimate in VR. Movies have portraited this picture in the past - Jonnie mnemonic, Exposure and others show the internet as a wild scape- Cyberspace in all it's glory.

The idea is put here into an action game - each player is a program equiped with a disk which is infact it's main weaponary. this disk ricochets from walls and people to finally return to it's owner. More toys are spread around the arena in the form of "Derezzers" - secondary special weapons that function as a variety of lethal accessories.
Worth allot of note is the fact the gravity in this game inviorment is very small and so player can sail forth in the air and bounce like wild bunnies without sustaining any damage.

This MOD is certainly an odd duck - and a good, low profile one at that.



  • Prondisx (2.7MB)