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QWar: ( / YonmaN

Strategy/Play badass strogg God
New Models, Controls and skins
Assesment: Warcraft meets Quake2 ... nice to meet you.

Quake War is basically a Strategic revamp of Quake2 using Quake 2 monsters to do the ugly work for you.
Qwar is pretty complicated but once you get all the binds right and get the concept down and working it gets pretty simple.

The idea is that you have a core that builds things for you ... What stops you from building legions of tanks and gunners is the fact that you have "energy" points that are consumed with each unit built according to its strength.

The goal is to destroy the enemy Core using whatever means available.
So far so good - but the plot thickens here - Every unit has special attribuets such as psych - it's mental state (angry, slowed down, guarding) special abilities, Hit points, attack and so on. The units are the familiar and popular Quake 2 monsters of the game so you should know who's who and what's the most badass unit in the field.
The interface is pretty good, A production menu easily allows you to select the units you want to build, the units themselves are easily ordered around through simple mouse clicks. Units also have psych settings - kill'em all or Stand prone style and so on.

The problems start with the troops themselves. The computer AI ID developped wasn't exactly designed to have monsters running around by spontanic - chaotic orders only humans can issue - Monsters are pretty dumb ... at least as monsters go :) So they get mixed up when trying to go to different heights, around complex objects or get by long distances. Also monsters can not open fire while moving ... so you can have all your team of wonderfull beauties squashed in seconds because you did not pay attention to the ambush they fell into. too bad ...

Overall - A serious twist to the way the game is played - a really *total* conversion.



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