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Loki's Minions CTF 4.0 : (

LMCTF 4 was released yesterday (15/7/98) and I already downloaded it and got it - just for you!

Anyway, lets get started..
The new edition includes tons of news stuff from 10 new maps to all new state-of-the art stuff.

The new edition has new and special team modes and others such as clan modes, skin team modes, model team modes, and regular team modes. There are great improvements in the voice technology and the radio is much better and more comfortrable to use. There are some new skins (not bad ones) and I just have to say that for now I am impressed.
The mod itself allows the server operator to use a perfect GUI (Graphical User Interface) for everything - instead of spending hours reading the readme file for one simple command. Also, there is a new mode that lets you be a referee, it's like an observer, but, you have rights of kicking people out of the server and move teams, you know, the usual stuff that only the server master can do.
One of the proud things of their new mod was the four new camera modes. There is the smooth-action cam which is a camera where you see the person from behind, there is a free-floating camera like the regular chase camera in Clan Arena. A special rear cam allows you to check out who is behind the player you are following.
It supports all of the news bots (beware gamemasters), and it has full built-in gibstats.
A cute little option which I acceidently found out about was the LM compass. The LM compass is an option which may be triggered by the server master and allows you to see the current location (by a pointer to his direction) of the enemy who carries your flag.
There is another cute little option who called Ping-Alert. This system matches against players with unfair pings.
In the Ping-alert menu a scoring handicap option will help outnumbered teams.

I know this review was pretty short on a pretty awsome mod such as LMCTF, but for the 107 minutes I had it, thats what I could give..
I hope NetVision or Internet-Zahav will install this excellent edition sometime soon!

-The Saint


  • Homepage :
  • Netvision Homepage mirror :
  • v4.0 full : (19.6MB)
  • v3.0 maps : (14.1MB) *if you dont have lmctf 3.0 you will need this package

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