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Wargasm: ( / YonmaN

Multiple Vehicle Action Sim/modern times Real Time strategy
Assesment: mmmm ... good ;)

Well ...

Wargasm ... well ... I tink the name says it all ...

Wargasm is about virtual warfare - warfare as everybody wants it - no real ppl dead no harm done to property, peace to the world and yadayadayada. A pretty original scenario come to think of it.

The idea is that you assimilate other nations through virtual Warfare without damaging the economies ... However ... because this IS the internet, hackers have invaded the WWWW ( yep *four* w's - World Wide War Web) and sewn chaos in the land of destruction using electronic "cheats" to win battles through. Not nice in any case ...

The game's interface is quite good - too bad you have to switch controls if you change to some vehicles (a helicopter for example) and even more too bad is the fact that you can not customize your own controls but select from a scheme ... c'mon .. eh ?

But this is where the cons end - apart for the silly controls issue - this game Rocks badly ! And you forget all about controls and completely loose yourself once the first shot is fired.

Shells scream as the flash by you, cannons roar and the ground shakes from near misses and hits. Explosions are beautifully rendered as parts of the exploding hulk (in this case mostly tanks) are tossed in the air like burning toys.

Because this is a strategy/action oriented game the simulation part is pretty slight offering novice simulants an easy ride and allowing old vets to concentrate on the incredible scenery and let me tell you - it's quite fantastic. The strategic part of the game comes to play as a map from which you can command units or occupy them (control them yourself), summon airstrikes and arrange formations. The nice part here is the fact that you can setup some serious combined arms tactics and exploit the abilities of every unit to their utmost either by joining the fray or looking from god's seat at the killing.

More than anything else - This MOD reminds me of AirQuake 2 ... same control, same feel - but vastly improved graphics and gameplay ...

Overall - I see some amazing potential if Multiplayer will take people as parts of a team instead of everyone commanding thier own army - this is truely a ground breaking game - maybe not in graphics - but surely in concept. Note that there was a game that used this same concept some time ago - but it did not come close to wargasm, in terms of gameplay and graphics.
Otherwise - this is also a fun single player game allowing you to do some really interesting things with your troops and in terms of realistic warfare.



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