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Air Quake 2: (, / YonmaN

Multiple Vehicle Simulation
New .... everything ?
Assesment: "To fly, to touch the face of god" or as close as yer gonna get it !

I've heard about The consept of Air quake back in the old days of Quake 1 when it was nicknamed "Descent" quake. Note that it is not developed by the original creator of Air Quake 1.
Air quake commands some serious twists to the quake engine and I must say - does it well.
The MOD basically allows you to play different kinds of military hardware such as a T-72 tank, an Apache Gunship and The british Tornado Fighter plane. The beauty of the MOD is that there are few controls and all controls are global for all the vehicles you can play. So the controls you use for an Airplane are simply implemented into a tank so you can switch between them without having to reconfigure your controls. Very well thought out.
The MOD also incoporates a 3rd peron camera - no 1st person here ... which takes some getting used to, but is very effective and comftrable.
Other gadgets include a GPS system for more info, Camera views for Missiles and Zoom options. All very simple and effective.
It appears also that Infantry will be introduced into the game which will really turn this MOD into something special. I vision ... 64 ppl Servers churning with Infantry assaults calling for Medevacs and air support.
To really enjoy this mod you need a joystick, however, Keyboard and Mouse controls are also possible.
This MOD allows for some very interesting Deathmatchs and even better teamplay where Combined arms get a new meaning.
The client version I reviewed was 0.6 beta and is very solid, stable and thoroughly done. Bringing up a listen server has produced some crashing bugs - a server would not last for more than 15 minutes with more than four players ...
Now we wait for the full version :)



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