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Starsiege Tribes: ( / ^ChanCe^

Starsiege Tribes
Teamplay-based 3D 1st person shooter

This is especially directed to the ones who like teamplay.
The game takes advantage of the existing hardware and takes you to a 3D world where two teams (usually) fight each other.

There are several possibilities to play the game; One of them is the old famous CTF, which resembles the CTF mod in Quake. The major difference is that the game is based on teamplay, and itís almost impossible to defeat the enemy without a well-prepared strategy, or at least assistance from the team members.
It can be played either using 1st person view or chasecam, and you can toggle between them while playing. Furthermore, each player possesses a jetpack, with which he can take off and fly, depending on his weight. In addition, you can zoom to very far places, and aim more accurately.
The variety of weapons and accessories is wide and so are the possibilities of different armament types.
The game (terrain, players, building etc) looks really great (glide rendered), and the engine surprisingly takes advantage of the hardware significantly. I get approximately 60 FPS on my PII 300 w/Voodoo2 8MB.

Minimum requirements
  • IBM PC or compatible computer with either a Pentium 200MHz or better processor or a Pentium 166MHz or better processor with an accelerator card
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Either Windows95 or later operating system or WindowsNT 4.0 or later operating system
  • SVGA card
  • Keyboard and Microsoft-compatible mouse
  • 150 MB free hard drive space
  • 28.8 baud or faster modem
  • 2x or better CD-ROM drive
  • Internet service provider for Internet play

    Overall - the game is really great, and is highly recommended, especially for teamplay lovers, as mentioned above.



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