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Myth II: The Soulblighter:

The story takes place sixty years after the ending of the original Myth in which Arlic now rules over a land of peace and harmony. The Soulblighter, however, managed to survive the defeat of Balor and has slowly been building his strength and gathering supporters. The game starts out with you investigating strange happenings on the outskirts of the kingdom. What you discover leads to unexpected chaos and all out war with  Soulblighter and his new minions.

Myth II uses the same basic engine as the original, but several improvements have been made in the graphics and interface areas. The terrain mesh is now four times more detailed. This not only means that the graphics for the terrain will look more detailed, but also that the pathfinding capabilities of your troops will be improved.

For example, that you have a block formation of berserks backed by a line of archers and you want to move the archers in front of the berserks. The archers will make their way through the berserks instead of going around the sides.

Polygonal models have also been added to Myth II, but don't get too excited.
The units themselves are not polygonal models; they're still sprites like before.
Instead, polygonal models are used for things like huts, castles, bridges, indoor
objects, etc. Some of the models, like a drawbridge, can raise and lower in reaction
to certain events.

As far as gameplay goes, fire has been added to the game, which will create new
strategies for you to employ. If some Thralls are shambling toward you--you can
have your archers shoot flaming arrows at the ground in front of them in order to
create a wall of fire. The Thralls will back off, which allows you to bring dwarfs up
and hurl their fiery little cocktails. In addition, the various types of terrain will react differently in terms of how the fire will spread. Snow won't burn at all, and dry
grass will burn longer than sandlands. Magic will also play a greater role in Myth II
as  some characters can cast both offensive and defensive spells.
The amount of time he can use magic is determined by his mana level which slowly regenerates over time.

The interface for Myth has gone through some changes for the better:
The 3D camera can be controlled entirely with the mouse. Scrolling around is still the same but now if you move the mouse into either of the top corners of the screen you can pan the view either left or right. Moving your cursor to the bottom corners will orbit the view left or right.
A command bar has also been added to the bottom of the screen where you can issue formation commands and perform other special actions. No more memorizing keyboard keys for formations and actions!

Another new addition to Myth II is NPC characters and animals.
of ducks may be wandering aimlessly around an village. Fish swim through the rivers
and wolfs inhabit forests. The woods may seem empty, but if your forces stumble
across a pack of wolves, things may turn... ugly =)

As in the original game, 3Dfx and Rendition based accelerator cards will be supported, as well as a planned D3D support , which only came as a patch in Myth.

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