Laced Neptune

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Laced Neptune

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Laced Neptune: Professional level designer Resume and level downloads
By Russell Meakim Jr AKA The Castle

March /26/2008 Call of Duty 4 level beta 1.0 released - Castle
Hamburger hill is a level with two very defensible
bunkers on either side of a fairly sized mountain with
a tunnel leading through its center. My goal with this
was to bring a level that feels different from
the other levels already in COD4 but not make the
level feel too different at the same time.

The general Idea is that I have made a fairly
open outdoor section of the map to counterpoint
some very tight underground corridors.

This level also answers the call on the fact that the PC
version of cod4 tends to have much larger number
of players per server than the console.
This level should easily hold the load of 30 to 50
players with plenty of breathing room. (I hope)

Though it might make the level undesirable if it
were ever ported to console.. I was not too concerned
with that prospect while working on the level however ;p...

Hope you enjoy the level. Keep in mind that that this version will be updated at a later time.
It has yet to be fully tested and I am sure I need to make some adjustments!

Download Here: (34,287 kb)

August /23/2007 DM Ancient Rights for UT2004 BETA 1.0 Available for download! - Castle
Well here it is!
I am sorry that I didn't release this level a couple of days ago. I have just been too busy. However I
have the time I need to release the level now!

This is a beta version that will follow a full release next week.
This level is geared for 1 on 1 but also works very well for free for all death match.
I made sure to move the ammo boxes away from the weapons as to add more strategy to the level.

I know some people who enjoy quake DM mention this one trait about UT game play.
Why do they always place two boxes of ammo next to every weapon? Well not in this level!

I did not do my own texture work for this level however I did do my own models.
There are a plethora of new models in the level hand created just for this level alone.

All feedback is welcome.
Enjoy the level!

Release.txt: No release txt

Download Here: (2,840 kb)

August /15/2007 Preview of DM Ancient Rights for UT2004 - Castle
Hey! It's been awhile since my last update here on the laced but that doesn't mean I haven't been working hard
on my next community level! I decided that this time I would do something different. I have here a
preview of my first ever Unreal Tournament 2004 community multiplayer level!

The goal here was to create a fantasy style level theme that is kind of reminiscent of the original unreal
with a twist of Morrowind.

I am planning to release the level early next week in beta form then finish it off soon after. So it
won't be too long before the map should be ready. I just finished off the last main set piece in the
main atrium area and all that I think is left are basic sky box details. All of the main playable
areas are in good shape at the moment so things appear to be going pretty smoothly.

Anyway take a look at the screen shots of the level!

July /19/2007 Coldburn final release - Castle
Coldburn is the first Community map I have created in years. Production time was a little over 1 month. I created textures and models for the level myself. The goal was to create something that looks much more cold and clean than the levels typically found in Quake 4. The end result is something I think you should check out.

New Map: Coldburn 1.0
Game: Quake 4
Download Coldburn full release Here: (19,849 kb)

July /18/2007 Lock Down is locked down! - Castle
This is an old doom 3 level I created a couple years ago back when doom 3 was still fairly new. I never had a chance to release this level up until now so here it is!

It's a fairly tight level and it is kind of dark for my tastes but back when doom 3 was new this was hot stuff lol. If you like doom 3 levels you should give this one a shot. Its most likely at least better than the levels that came with the game ;P

New Map: Lock Down
Game: Doom 3
Download Lock Down Here: (1,206 kb)

July /16/2007 Final beta of Cold burn! - Castle
This is it. This is the final release before I pack this level up and ship it as a completed project.

done - Make sure all your pick-ups are at 16 units, and have nodrop 1
done - lower spec on rock texture
done - increase normal map detail. Use addnormals for increased detail
done - add a touch more color to lighting
done - double check for any over bright spots of lighting that can be fixed
done - resize entire level
done *no hallway under 192 units wide
done *update cave models
done - set up slope jump from under shard bridge
done - Complete new prop models
done - ambient sound pass
done - avoid turning level into fat wobbly ass

Well everything seems to be in place and this level is really far along right now. I just want to get some more additional feedback. I am thinking the level will be ready for a full release by the end of this week if not sooner.

Thank you all for your help at the quake 3 world forums! I would post this update over on those forums right now but I cant as both of my accounts appear to have been locked! I'll try to get that fixed asap. Well anyway here is the level!

New Map: Coldburn BETA 2.0
Game: Quake 4
Download Coldburn-Beta2 Here: (18,487 kb)

July /11/2007 Painkiller section updated!! - Castle
I have got around to updating the Painkiller section with some information about DM_ballistic. Ballistic is a level that I had worked on for the CPL while at Ritual.

It took me about 2 weeks possibly 3 to fully finish the level even in spite of the fact that I was completely new to the engine/tools. I did some basic texture work to some of the painkiller textures and just ran with it having fun the whole time.

I did learn one very important thing that all level designers might want to take heed. If you ever find yourself making a CPL map, don't put fog in it! LOL You would have thought I was publicly clubbing baby seals to death with the kind of reaction I got when people played the level with Fog in it. Quite Justified I might add. I quickly removed the fog.

I do searches sometimes to see what kinds of things are going on with this level and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I see professional matches have occurred with in the walls floors and ceilings I have created.

I would gladly work on more levels for the CPL again on any game engine and toolset they need. I had a blast working on this level!

The level: Ballistic
Game: Painkiller

July /9/2007 Quake 4 level "Coldburn" is now in Beta form! - Castle
This is a level I have started a couple weeks ago for quake 4 engine. I felt like doing something constructive with my time rather than just play Final Fantasy 11 grinding mobs for xp. I created the textures and models for this level baring a few basic quake 4 models that came with the game. In its current state some of the prop models I have created in the level are in a state of flux. (they are missing skins) However this will be fixed in the next version of the level and will have no effect at all on game play.

New Map: Coldburn
Game: Quake 4
Download Coldburn-Beta1 Here: (16,128 kb)

While I was at it I also updated the quake 4 section of the website to show screenshots of Firewall and a brief rundown with my experience on the Quake 4 engine. For now, Enjoy the beta level and let me know what you think!

July /6/2007 Updated Quake 3 section! - Castle
I have worked out the new sections for my quake 3 levels now. Quake 3
Levels Created: 20
Downloadable: 20

That's 20 levels all listed and technically there are more than 20 of them available on the list. God that reworking of the page took me forever lolů The condition Zero list will most likely end up being pretty crazy too.. Ill do it though. I just don't want to do it this week. Next one I want to do is my Pain killer level and experience working with that engine.

I want to get back to working on my quake 4 level as soon as possible though. Looks like I am going to have my hands full for a long time just with this website alone! Yikes. I actually worked on so many Quake 3 levels that I ran out of space listing them all with pictures due to some web page size limitation that I had no idea even exists up until now lolů Good thing I only worked on 20 community levels! And hell if I ever make a new Quake 3 map Ill have to start a fresh page to list it here lol.

July /4/2007 Site redesign and a up and coming Quake 4 level... - Castle
Sight is under heavy construction right now. I have simplified the sight layout dramatically so I spend
less time working on my web page and more time working on levels. On the left is a list of all game
engines I have worked on or with at some point in time. Some projects were strictly for commercial work
and some were just for fun/research.

I intend to have links to each of the games on the list explaining what kind of work I have done with
them, how many levels I have created if any, and how many are available on the site for download. Unfortunately I can't
list all of the projects I have worked on publicly. It will take me a couple weeks to fully flesh out
each game page as it is.

Below is a preview of my up and coming Quake 4 level I want to release fairly soon if possible.
Working on this website has slowed things down a bit for my Quake 4 level however I am nearly done with
the level anyway. Textures and prop models are my creation baring 3 light fixtures, jump pads, teleporters,
and a crate that I grabbed from Quake 4. I think the level is coming along nicely although it may be a
little heavy on texture memory since I'm designing higher resolution textures than are
normally found in Quake 4.

Download High Res images here: Download (8.580KB)