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Map Info:
System Requirements: Medium This map should run fine on most set ups.
Description : Pure Evil has finally reached full release quality. Its been a long time that this level has been sitting on the back burner but now I think its ready to be released. I do get some complaints about the level being a tiny bit to dark in some spots so I did brighten it up a tiny bit so you can see where you are walking. The level is meant to be dark so it was a tough call if I wanted to brighten the whole map up or leave it as is. Also the BFG secret is a bit different now than it was before. When you grab a box of BFG ammo 500 seconds later the door will open. I was going to do a lot more with this level but time is a major problem right now and I am also sick of working on these old projects anyway.
Release.txt: casdm7v1.txt
Download Here:
Previous Versions: -- none --