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Map Info:
System Requirements: Medium to high system specs needed to run this map at full speed. Reasonably high R speeds combined with heavy use of glass my result in heavy FPS hit.

Description :
Castle - This level started by another mapper that goes by the name Goose who is now working on Unreal Championship as a full time level designer. He couldn't find time to complete the level himself because of his new job and decided to post on the quake 3 world forums asking if some one else would complete the map in his place. I stepped up and took on the job and the level you see before you now is the end result.
The level is very cool in its own right mainly because two very different level designers worked together.

Goose - My final Q3 map. Its a abbandon mars outpost. With a little outdoor area. Went for clean simple but strong looking I have included a few .map files of the map in various stages. Maybe some people can learn a few tricks along the way.

I guess this is my way of giving back to the community that gave me so much.
Release.txt: marsv1.txt
Download Here:
Previous Versions: Not Available here