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Pic of the update
Massive terrain at 125 FPS WEEEEEEEEEEE


Laced Neptune presents: - Castle
Interesting point 01: Almost 3 years at Ritual.. YAY.. ok ill shut up now.

Well it was announced that Ritual is working on the add on for Black Hawk Down yesterday. I enjoyed the game so things should be pretty good.

It has been a long time since I posted an update here.
I have a new quake 3 level in the works right now that takes advantage of many of the new features Ydnar added to q3map2. I am at a point where I need to do some play testing on the level before I finish the rest of the details and such. I want to have the level packed up and ready to send out to people as soon tonight but I am looking for something a bit smaller scale and less permanent than file planet if I can. Can anyone help me out with a temporary space to keep the level so I can get some play testing for a few days or so?

Here are some cool screen shots of the level so far. Currently I have not completed the light and jump pad textures yet. You can see that there are some place holders in the map.

All textures models and geometry are mine. I designed the textures using max and photo shop and all the models in 3dsmax 5.0. All textures take full advantage of doom 3 style normal mapping. Although I have had this levels base layout kicking around for quite some time I didn't start into full production until last Thursday. Any and all people who doubted my ability to make assets of this quality for a next generation engine should now learn that you should never doubt the Castle. ;P

On another front I have pics of levels that are completely modeled in max.
Calculating collision on these large models tends to be much slower than I was expecting. You can in fact make a level completely in max but you certainly can't do it with out overcoming a few new hurdles that is for sure.

Laced Neptune

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