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Wednesday 13th March 2002
Stephen Moore (Hafrag, Vactos) remembered....

A remembrance service was conducted in honour of Stephen Moore tonight in his favourite game Everquest.

Over 60 of his friends attended as shown in the pictures below.

Sunday 10th March 2002
It never rains... but it pours....

It is with incredible sadness that I have to bring you the news that Stephen Moore (a.k.a. Hafrag, Vactos, Temperedfist and more) passed away on 9th March aged 35. He would have been 36 today.

Some of you know that he had been seriously ill for sometime others will have been unaware. He didn't make his condition known to most people.

Hafrag was a founder member of the LavaCam team and many of his ideas helped shape the way LavaCam developed.

If you have been following our progress, of lack of it lately, you'll know that Everquest has enthralled us for over a year now, over 2 years for Stephen.

Without his friendship and knowledge of Everquest, Kaz, Ferdnor, Dienu and I wouldn't be in the United Kingdoms Guild on Bristlebane today, we might even have missed the whole Everquest experience. I personally have a lot to thank him for and will miss him immensely.

Wednesday 23rd January 2002
That's all folks....

Well, we're really not playing enough of the Quake type games now. So development of Lavacam for Quake 3 has stopped.

We're not sure what we'll do with the source code yet, maybe if anyone is interested we'll let someone take it over.

Unless Quake x makes us come back, I think this is it from us. :(

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