About Leper Quake 3


What's A Modification?

A modification changes aspects of gameplay of existing games. In Leper Quake's Case, Quake 3 is altered. You therefore need Quake 3 (plus patches) to run Leper Quake 3.


What Does Leper Quake Change?

Leper Quake 3 gives you the ability to shoot off other plavers' legs, arms and heads. You, of course, are just as suseptable to attack.

If you lose an arm, you'll only have one weapon with you at a time. Lose both arms, and you are forced to use your teeth to bite off other player's limbs.

Lose a leg, and you'll have to hop everywhere, which is kinda tricky to control. You do, however, hop higher than you normally jump, meaning you're a difficult target. Lose both legs, and you'll be force to fart to move - luckily you've eaten beans, and your farts are extra powerful, sending you sailing through the air. Much quicker than any grapple.

When your head is shot off, your body makes a B-Line for it. You'll still be able to shoot with your dismembered body, and affect your body's movement to a degree, but you'll be doing it from your HEAD'S point of view. Confusing. Very funny.

You can grab limbs back by picking up any miscellaneous Gibs (body parts) lying around or by grabbing a health bubble. Some may find it preferable not to have some limbs though because of the increased movement.

You'll also be able to walk on walls, giving deathmatch a whole new dimension.


Ok, ok. Shut up Already!

No way, there's more!

Leper Quake 3 includes several play modes:

The Golden Limb (Similar to Catch the Chicken)

Limb Hunters (Similar to Head Hunters)

Plus, regular CTF and Deathmatch modes.

You'll also be able to pick up "Limb Techs" which give you special powers until the Limbs are shot off your body, or your body is gibbed.


Ok, that sounds cool, but you guys are SICK, right?

Leprosy is a devastating disease.Although there is a cure for it, there are still many sufferers without access to cures because of location or poverty. It's not nice at all for suffers, and we're certainly not making fun of anyone who had this terrible illness.

Our intention from the beginning was to make a game which involved locational damage without unbalancing the game too much (as is the case with a lot of "realistic" mods). We wanted fast paced DM action as usual, with an added interest in the form of runes and different modes of transportation.

The horrible Leper condition simply sums up best what people can expect to see in this mod. Gibs, baybee.