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Hmmmm my first skin since August, and finally it's ready to be put up. If you'll all kinly move along to the Q3 skins section you'll find the lovely Xev (for the pms model) waiting for you.
I feel quite sanquin at the mo as I really think I've come to the end of my last Quake skin. I've been making skins, mods and maps for Quake ever since I first got a computer (waaaaaaay back in the dayz when many were still playing DOOM). Although it has provided many years of pleasure I think the whole Quake mod fraternity has, for me, run it's course. The previous job I had at one time facilitated my making skins as i had a lot of time to myself and the freedom to install art packages. Lots of work resulted from that, everything from the original Q2 Alien skin to sIN-gOTh. These dayz, although I now, once more, have my art packages, I don't have the time to muck about with this sorta stuff at werk. I've made a lot of skins over the years and (with only a few exceptions) I've really enjoyed doing it. It's a part of my computing and online life I'm gonna miss, but I think the last year speaks for itself, I've done next to nothing coz I just ain't had the time to do anything justice. I also have been mortified my the lack of online server support from the main venors for any of the Q3 skinning community. I mean, wots the point in putting all this effort in if the damn things arn't gonna work in the game their meant for coz the server admins won't offer anyone the chance to add their skins onto the servers????? One final element has convinced me to stop. Team Arena. It is without a doubt a shockingly good game buuut it wouldn't install with all my custom .pk3 files in place and it won't run itself or Quake 3 if I drop em back in after. I would imagine this situation is remedyable but to tell you all the truth I just can't be bothered anymore. I have far more challenging techie probs to turn my attention to and this is only a minor inconvienience game-wise. Look for me on the servers, I'll still be there and if any of the above niggles get resolved perhaps I can be persuaded to pick up me virtual brush again. 4 now, tata all.

This is Lev, signing off .........


Well looking back over the last year I have done a fair bit....... unfortuantely nowhere near as much as I'd like with Quake. Hey just to think, this time last year I had no idea how to hand-code Javascript or Perl and had never used Flash. Now........ must get back to some skins sometime. Enjoy the new and not-at-all festive front end Flash movie.


Hokay firstly I've fixed the bug in the Leviathen bot and posted up for download (this should now work fine despite the fact that he still lurrrrves that gauntlet). Also I've decided that the in-game screenies section was, well, shit to be fair. Never fear, I'm not pulling it down, just re-working a little ;).


Well I have to say it has been a while. Sorry bout that boyz n girrlz, I've been VERY busy getting used to me new job. Just to keep ya filled in, since I was last here I've made new bots fer Leviathen, S and The Elements. Was gonna make one for sIN-GoTh and sinister as well but to be honest time's been a little streched. I'm still learning Flash, have pretty much learn JavaScript and have just started a crash course on Perl. As I'm sure you'll all appreciate this has left me scant little time for skinning of late. Sorry it took so long Mordi but here's ya bots. Perhaps I'll have time for a new skin sometime soon. Hope so.


Weeeell, there goes another month. Sorry boyz n girls, nuthin new on the skin front right now. Fer the most part this is down to my changing jobs at the end of this month. That's right kiddies, no more network techin 4 me (weeeeell, not in work anyway, I've still got the LAN in my spare bedroom to keep ticking over), weehee, no more stoopid network managers who wouldn't know a protocol stack if it jumped up and .......... (ahem), you get the idea! Nah, I'm off to fiiiiiiinaly get to putting my two greatest loves, design and the Internet together as a Web Developer. Hahahahahahaha, no more stupid questions! (sorry - lapse). So with all these major upheavals (and to be fair this year's had more n a few 4 me thus far) I've had NO time for any art at all. I did get a mail from Mordi the other day asking if I had any plans to release bots on a few of my skins. As I had been meaning to do this for a bit expect to see these soon, weeeeell, just as soon as I get round to debuging the sIN - GoTh bot (adults only for this one when it arives ;!). So that's yer lot, not a real update, just the usual spurious blather.

One thing I should mention is the experimental code I'm working on for my screenie thumnails. Have a look at the Leviathen Q3 skin, any opinions as to whether this is or not a pleasing way to present screenies will be, as always much appreciated. Comments, suggestions, abuse etc to the usual place.


Hokay, it's a month on since I promised to upload this but I have been busy (honest), unfortunately a LOT of things have kept me away from skinning recently so nowt new 4 a bit I spect. Anyhow, for what they're worth, have a squint at sIN GoTH and Sinister, I think they're pretty funky! I'll have a bit of a theme-storm in the Autumn I expect and we'll see if anything nice can come out of that. In the meantime ya'll may notice the new flash frontend I've put on the index page. I know, I know, I'm still not that good at Flash and prolly shouldn't be showing off but, weeeeeeeell I was getting fed up waiting for that 200k GIF to come down, so this 42k flash movie is a little more tollerable :). I've also archive off me news page (again) as it was getting a leetle fat. Anyhow apols for tha wait, enjoy the skins!


Summer's always a bother when it get to getting me motivated. I have, however, completed a new skin (and a companion re-colour). I guess I'll get around to posting it, ummm soon.
In the meantime I've seen 2 things of note recently I'd like to share with the community, the first is the new Scorsese film 'Bring out your Dead', theeeeee best film I've seen in ages, can't recommend highly enough. The other is 'Lexx' (which has occupied most of my time recently), a fresher and more intriquing TV show I've not seen since 'This Life'.


Just a quick update today. I've been messing around with Flash trying to lean wot this rather funky proggy is all about. As I'm a biiiiiig Pixies fan I thought I'd make a link bar to several of the best Pixies sites. Anyone wanting a look will need shockwave installed, if ya have, goeth here.

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