- Tolchock -

Hehe, Tolchock is a Nadsat phrase, the invented lanuage from 'A Clockwork Orange' an it means to clobber. My 1st map for Q2 (when Ben Morris finally got round to releaseing the Q2 patch for Worldcraft) and it shows. I was waaaaay too eager to try out all the new features and ended up with this cluttered mess. Although the play is fairly flowing and the level itself is pretty good fun to muck about on, the textures and lighting are awful. The overall effect is fairly sickening and the rooms make no flowing sense form one to another. This is the only Q2 map I've used a lot of sky in, I might have used it more but I couldn't figure out which texture the 'space sky' was and as I really was not too keen on the bright yllow/orange of Stroggos I just made cavernous maps after this effort.