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They say that big things come in small packages, right? That's why it's so nice for us to kick off our Top Ten mod list with Freeze Tag - an incredibly fun and easy-to-play mod that incorporates elements of Capture the Flag and Jailbreak...and can be had for well under 1MB.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Freeze Tag, it's quite simple. Two teams, red and blue, engage in team deathmatch. The major twist is that instead of dying and respawning as you normally would, players "freeze" solid when their health hits 0. Your goal: simultaneously freeze all the members of the other team.

You can thaw out your teammates by standing next to them for 3 seconds, but this can be tough. Standing still basically makes you a sitting duck, and you can also drag frozen players around, making it easy for enemies to set traps. Players will, however, thaw automatically after a preset amount of time (usually 2 1/2 minutes), at which point you'll break apart and respawn.

Freeze Tag also employs some great game-enhancing features. There's an offhand grappling hook, which is great for getting around, but even better for grabbing frozen opponents and dragging them around the map. There's also a partial Balance of Power feature, which helps the HPB's of the world by making you temporarily invincible when your ping hits 999, saving you the aggravation of getting frozen while stuck. Other options available to frozen players include a chase cam feature that you can use to track other players, and the ability to play anguished cries for help.

In developing Freeze Tag, Doolittle has taken a simple idea, made some small changes to standard team deathmatch, and come up with a gigantic game modification worthy of being in everyone's Quake II directory.

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