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Holy Wars 2 is a all deathmatch/Tag-style mod in which one player goes up against everyone else.  All the "Sinners" (normal players) try to kill the "Saint" - who is the only player who can score points.

The rules are very simple - all the Sinners try to frag the Saint.  If you can frag the Saint and grab his halo, you become the Saint for a while.  For this, you get a nice armor and health bonus and your goal is to try to kill as many Sinners as you can.   Of course, everyone is now out to get you! 

As a additional twist, if you're not the Saint, you have to be careful who you kill.  If you kill too many other Sinners, you become a "smelly" Heretic, and everyone gets points for killing you!


Holy Wars II v2.1  

creator: Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta, Roberto "TaZ" Bettazzoni
HomePage :

Requirements:    Quake II 3.19
Player files: (full install) or (upgrade from v2.0)
Server files: none
Gamespy tab: included with install files


  1. Before starting, make sure you have the lastest version of Quake2 installed.
  2. If this is the first you're installing Holy Wars, download the file. If you're upgrading from version 2.0, download the v2.1 upgrade.  
  3. Extract the install file to your Quake2 directory, maintaining directory structure.  If you're using WinZip, it will create any necessary directories for you and put all the files in their correct place.


Joining a Holy Wars game

There are two easy ways to join a Holy Wars game:
  1. Run the HOLYWARS.BAT file included in the installation and join a Holy Wars server as you would any normal game
  1. Use GameSpy3DTo make this easier, the Holy Wars Gamespy tab is included in the installation.



Saint and Sinners
There's the Saint - get 'em!

At the beginning of the game, everyone starts off as a "Sinner". A halo will then spawn somewhere on the level. Grab the Halo and you become the Saint. For this, you get extra health and armor, and you become the only player who gets points for fragging other Sinners.

However, with this bright glowing halo following you around, you become a marked man - and everyone's out to get you! Try and kill as many Sinners as you can before getting killed yourself.

If you're a Sinner, your job is simple - kill the Saint. If you do, the Halo will drop to the ground. Pick it up and you become the Saint!


In a perfect world, all the Sinners would band together to kill the Saint. But it's not a perfect world, and there are some very bad Sinners out there who would just as soon kill each other (even though they don't score any points for it). However, if you indiscriminately kill too many other Sinners, you become a Heretic. Being a Heretic is BAD.  (mmkay?).

When you become a Heretic, you begin to glow red and EVERYONE gets points for killing you! You also cannot pick up any items or use cells. This can make things very hard for you, so try not to kill other Sinners if you can help it.

Once a Heretic is killed, he respawns as a normal Sinner.



The scoring system has changed slightly in Holy Wars v2.1. If you become a Heretic, you immediately lose 5 points! If you kill a Heretic, you gain 3 points instead of 1, as was the case in 2.0. The complete scoring:

Picking up the Halo: 2 points (and Sanctity!)
Saint killing Sinner:

1 point

Sinner killing Saint: 3 points
Sinner killing Sinner: 0 points
Sinner becoming Heretic -5 points!
Sinner killing Heretic: 3 points
Saint killing Heretic: 2 points

NOTE: these are the default scoring rules as defined in the holywars/config/param.ini. Some servers may be using other scoring rules (e.g. Sinners losing a frag for every other Sinner killed, etc).



Holy Wars comes with 8 original maps, small in size and well-suited for tight, fast-paced deathmatch-style play:

Map Title Author
HW1 Kick the P.A Dennis "headshot" Kaltwasser
HW2 Fear in your Eyes Warren "Taskmaster" Marshall
HW3 IKDM1 Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
HW4 Painkiller for Holy Wars Sten Uusvali
HW5 Infernal Base Daniel "Gom Jabbar" Leinich
HW6 The Dark Zone DaTa
HW7 The Gun for Quake 2 Dennis "headshot" Kaltwasser
HW8 The Killing Machine Sten Uusvali


Server Setup

Setting up a Holy Wars server is extremely easy.  You can run HOLYWARS.BAT to run a normal server, and HWDEDIC.BAT to run a dedicated server.  Both files are included in the Holy Wars install and can be found in the Quake2/HolyWars directory

You can also customize many of the gameplay options if you're running a Holy Wars server using the following files:

PARAM.INI - customize scoring, heresy rules, etc.
MOTD.TXT - customize the Message of the Day
LEVELS.INI - add maps to use with Holy Wars
MAP_LOAD.INI - customize map rotation

Check the Holy Wars ReadMe.txt file for complete editing information.



Saint in the heat of battle
  • Know where the halo spawn spots are. If a halo has to respawn for any reason, you can pick up a quick 2 points if you can get there first.
  • Try and stay up high if you can. Most of the Holy Wars maps have vertical architectures and you can always get an advantage by taking the higher ground.
  • Learn where all the items on each map are before going after the Saint. The maps are very small and two minutes of study early on will serve you well countless times throughout each match.
  • Don't kill other Sinners for no reason. You'll ruin the game and piss everyone off. There are plenty of deathmatch servers out there if that's what you want to do.
  • Every once in a while you'll find one Sinner running around killing everyone.  When this happens, make sure you know where he is at all times and DON'T turn your back on him. It may even be in your best interest to take him out if you've got a clean shot. At least he'll have to start collecting weapons again and you can get on with your business of chasing the Saint.


And that's the Quick and Dirty™ guide to Holy Wars! Be sure to check the Holy Wars readme.txt and the official home page for complete information. 


FAQ Created: 8/15/98    /   Last revision: 10/09/98

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