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Rocket Arena 2 is a Quake II deathmatch mod that strips deathmatch down to its most basic.  Players meet in an arena - fully armed - and deathmatch one-on-one against each other.  If you win, you'll take on a new challenger and continue until someone defeats you.  You can then watch the action until it's your turn to fight again.

In addition to fighting one-on-one, you can also play pickup team matches in which your goal is the same - be the last team standing.  All this action happens simultaneously across different arenas as you try to work your way to the top of the scoreboard.

The most important thing is that no matter how you play, Rocket Arena 2 is a must to improving your deathmatching. If you can make it here, you can..   ...ah, you know the song.   :)


Rocket Arena 2

creator: David 'crt' Wright
HomePage :
Requirements:    Quake II 3.19
Player files: ra2211.exe
Server files:
Gamespy tab: q2arena.qst


  1. Before starting, make sure you've upgraded to latest version of Quake II (Quake II 3.19).
  2. Download and run the ra2211.exe installation file.
  3. Enter your Quake II directory when prompted.   The installation will take care of everything else, creating a Quake2/arena folder for you and installing the necessary files.

If you want to see what weapons the other players are carrying, install the VWep patch, which you can get here.


Joining a Rocket Arena game

  1. To connect to a game, use GameSpy3D or start a game from your normal Quake II icon and connect to a Rocket Arena server. The server will do the rest.
  1. Upon entering the server, hit Enter after reading the Message of the Day.
  1. Use the [ and ] keys to navigate the start menu.  You can choose Start New Team to play 1-on-1 matches, or join a team pickup game. The green text after each team indicates the number of team members.  When you've made your decision, press Enter.  (Fig 1)
  1. Once you choose a team for 1-on-1 matches, you can then choose an arena to play in (Fig 2). The green text after each arena indicates the number of teams (usually 1 player each) competing in each arena. The arenas with <PT> following them are for team pickup games only.  

figure 1 - choosing a team

figure 2 - choosing an arena



Whether playing one-on-one or teamplay, you'll start each match with all weapons (minus the BFG), fully loaded.  Your default weapon is - what else? -  the rocket launcher.  Note that there's nothing to pickup throughout the arenas.  When you run out of ammo - or health - that's it!

There are two scoreboards in Rocket Arena 2, which you can cycle through using the F1 key.  The first shows the scoreboard for the arena you’re currently in.  The second is a scoreboard for all arenas combined.   Remember - you're competing against EVERYBODY in the map for the highest frag total, so if someone is racking up kills up on another arena, go there and stop him - if you can!

Playing one-on-one
If you choose to play in a one-on-one arena, you'll be transported to a waiting area where you can view the current match. If there are several challengers waiting, you'll see your spot in line in the bottom left of the screen. You can also see the status of the current players, including health remaining, in the upper left of the screen.

When it's your turn to play, you'll spawn in the map and a countdown will begin. You will not be able to fire until the match starts, but you can run around and find yourself a good position. Quite often two players will be facing each other as the countdown begins and they'll jockey for the best position to fight from.

As far as the actual match, it's this simple: kill or be killed. If you win, you'll take on another challenger. If you lose, you'll get back in line and wait your turn. If there's a tie, both players get a frag as well as a rematch.

Team Pickup matches
When you select an arena for a pickup game, you'll be transported there, where you can observe the match in progress.  You can also view the health status of the remaining players in the upper left of the screen, and choose between several camera modes to view the action from (see below).

Matches are made up of several rounds, most commonly a best of 9. You do not have to wait until a complete match ends to join a pickup game, you can jump in at the start of any round.

Your goal in a pickup match is to frag the entire enemy team.  If your team is the last one standing, you win that round.


Rocket Arena commands

say_team - messagemode2. As in CTF, the command will allow you to speak to your teammates in private - but only if they're in the same "state" as you. (i.e. observers cannot talk to active players.)

say_world - will allow you to speak to everyone in all arenas. Note that this command CANNOT be bound to a key.


"Observer" / camera modes

One great addition to RA2 is the observer mode.  When you're not fighting, you can follow the continuing action from almost any angle, thanks to RA2's unique camera system.   (It should be noted that David Wright is also the creator of KeyGrip2, the leading camera editing mod for Quake II demos). The different observer modes, which you can cycle through using the fire key, are:

Normal mode - in one-on-one matches, there are a few viewing areas sectioned off from the fighting area where you can wander around and look in on the action. These areas are usually above the action and perfectly placed to give you a front-row seat. You can see the health status of the remaining players in this mode.

"FreeFlying" mode - lets you fly unimpeded throughout the level. You can see the health status of the remaining players in this mode as well.

"EyeCam" mode - lets you see exactly what the selected player is seeing, including his health and weapons display, etc. You can cycle through the remaining players by hitting the SPACE key.

"TrackCam" mode - an innovative chase cam that lets you follow one player around the level. You can cycle through players by hitting the SPACE key, and you can move the mouse to change the viewing angle.

Whatever you do, DO NOT give out location and health information to remaining players. This is considered CHEATING and will instantly piss everyone off.



Rocket Arena 2 offers much in the way of customizing matches and arena settings.  The only provision is that a mojority of players in the map must agree to the new settings.   To do this, RA2 has a voting system that can be accessed by pressing the TAB key.   You can do this to either vote on new settings or propose new settings of your own.  

In the Voting Menu, use the [ and ] keys to manuever around the menu and use the ENTER key to change values and finalize your vote.  Once enough people have voted, you will see a status message appear at the top of your screen.  



The Rocket Arena team did an AMAZING job with the maps they've created. All in all, there are a total of 8 maps with 46 arenas! Most of them are small with nowhere to hide - and lots of fun.

RAMap1 - Funkadooda's Alpine Adventure
Arena 1 - "Stadium Cargo Hold"
Arena 2 - "Alcatraz"
Arena 3 - "The Blue Max"
Arena 4 - "Funkadooda's Revenge 2"
Arena 5 - "Railgun Stadium"
Arena 6 - "Drop Zone"
Arena 7 - "The Warehouse"

"The Cage"

"Tek Towers"

"Drop Zone"

"Inferno Compound"

RAMap2 - Tesh's Revenge

Arena 1 - "spongebath"
Arena 2 - "rocket jump this!"
Arena 3 - "edge of insanity"
Arena 4 - "the wicked empty base"
Arena 5 - "the outer base"

RAMap3 - Soahc Complex
Arena 1 - "DeathBox"
Arena 2 - "The Corridors"
Arena 3 - "Q2 Soahc"

RAMap4 - Arenaholics Anonymous
Arena 1 - "Stone Cold"
Arena 2 - "Monkies in the Middle"
Arena 3 - "The Cage"
Arena 4 - "Uneven"
Arena 5 - "House of Glass"
Arena 6 - "Heart and Soul"
Arena 7 - "The Lobbing Lobby"
Arena 8 - "Rail Runners"
Arena 9 - "Machine Room"
Arena 10 - "The Bridge"

RAMap5 - An Assortment of Flavors

Arena 1 - "Tek Towers"
Arena 2 - "McCandlish Base"
Arena 3 - "Sun Baked"
Arena 4 - "Only if it Rotates"

RAMap6 - Fragapalooza
Arena 1 - "Courting Death"
Arena 2 - "Pillars"
Arena 3 - "A Room with a View"
Arena 4 - "The Long Jump"
Arena 5 - "That Not So Fresh Feeling"
Arena 6 - "Gibs on Ice"
Arena 7 - "Here and There"
Arena 8 - "An Auxiliary Death"

RAMap7 - Palace of Brak
Arena 1 - "Planet Brak"
Arena 2 - "Bucket-O-Gibs"
Arena 3 - "Spin Cycle"
Arena 4 - "Frontdoor-Backside"
Arena 5 - "Zorak's Revenge"
Arena 6 - "A Good Place to Die"

RAMap8 - Injury Terminal
Arena 1 - "Comm Tower"
Arena 2 - "Inferno Compound"
Arena 3 - "Ventilation Central"

You can see a complete list of map credits in the RA2 readme file.


Rocket Arena server setup

NOTE:  You must first have the RA2 player files installed before installing the server files.

  1. Extract all of the files from to your \quake2\arena directory.
  2. Move raserver.bat to your \quake2 directory (and edit it, if you wish).
  3. Open the server.cfg and modify it to your tastes. You should change the admincode, which allows for in-game configuration of the mod.
  4. Run raserver.bat to start the server.

  • If you just want to run your own server so you can take a look at the arenas, follow the above directions, then create a Quake2 shortcut with the command line options +set game arena +gamemap ra2map1. You will NOT be able to walk around as normal, but you can fly through the various arenas in observer mode.

Rocket Arena configs

As with any mod, there can be new commands and you'll want to have a config set up so you can have all the necessary commands available at a moment's notice. Thanks to Indian18 at The Bind, we've got two RA2 configs for you to play with, a right-handed config and a left-handed config. These are both excellent configs and I highly recommend taking a look. If you like one and want to use it, simply copy the config into a text file, save it as autoexec.cfg and place the new file in your /Arena directory.


Rocket Arena strategy

  • As always, know the arenas. Most of them are small and obviously have no powerups to find, but some of them are special in their own way, so the sooner you get familiar with them, the more you can concentrate on getting the jump on your enemy.
  • Remember, you're allowed to use other weapons besides the rocket launcher. If you think your enemy is almost down to 0 health, pick a weapon that's easy to hit with. If you're playing a pickup match and spot a few enemies grouped together, lob a threw grenades at them.
  • Be aware of the settings of the arena you're currently in.  Most arenas default to self-hurt off, which means you can rocket jump to your heart's content without hurting yourself (although you may strip off your armor).  Don't go grabbing for your hyperblaster or BFG if it's not available. 

And that's the Quick and Dirty™ guide to Rocket Arena 2!  Be sure to check the ReadMe.txt file and the Rocket Arena 2 home page for complete information. 


FAQ Created: 8/15/98    /   Last revision: 10/11/98

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