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The Nehahra code is being revamped/improved for a new release. Note that the changes you see here are not reflected in the current progs.dat. When the first version/update is made available, I will announce it and this will read differently.

April 24, 2006 - Blegh: Post by Mindcrime

Working on MONSTER_CUSTOM.. the most most ambitious thing I've probably ever undertaken. When it comes to monsters, it's a mapper's wet dream (or close to it). This is intense stuff and I'll be busy on this for a little while yet

April 12, 2006 - Back in action : Post by Mindcrime

1. Rewrote the swimming code to use FLY instead of SWIM for:
2. Rerouted the engine buildin pointcontents() through my own subroutine and have emulated physics in water brushes inside emulated water entities (such as global emulated water.. and func_liquid). This was a biggie. Took time, not to mention innovation.
3. Enabled some previously unused animations in some monsters.
4. Fixed some monster spawner problems, there are still a few left...
5. Fixed some misc. errors in every department.

It feels good to be back.

January 29, 2006 - Oh my Achin' Head : Post by Mindcrime

1. Did some AI work to help monsters handle multiple attackers better.
2. Added point entity triggers. entity_trigger(). You set what kind of trigger in the "event" field (i.e. "trigger_changelevel"), you set the "size" of the trigger as a vector (i.e. 50 50 100, the default if you set nothing). And you can trigger spawn this one too.
3. Fixed at least a hundred issues on the code line level thanks to Bengt Jardrup who has been actively involved the Nehahra game code with me. I won't spew the list here, but #3 constitutes what a lot of the work has been these past few weeks.
4. Added a new concept for a map to the Ep4 list and it looks pretty complete now. That is, we know basically how it's all going to go, except perhaps the finale (even if the finale monster is already set.. albeit needs tweaking).
5. Decided to extend trigger spawning to everything and make it universal.
6. Debating on whether to add some new (yes.. some more) monsters and clear out (well, mostly) my monster library of monsters that are fully animated and ready to go.
7. Extending the yielding items code to monsters now and added the two keys. So you could have a monster yield a gold key, for example, when he's killed. that was an Ijed (Louis Manning) request.
8. Work started on a side episode.. work on nehr1m1 and nehr1m2 began.

Work has been slow if you haven't noticed, but work is being done and you can be sure we'll see this thing through to be released this summer (I don't dare say sooner). Life, work, personal lives.. these things are making time kinda tight for those involved. I'm hoping to finish a work project soon. Once I do, my free time expands magnificently again (for a while).

God.. I need to sleep once in a while...

January 11, 2006 - The Work Goes On : Post by Mindcrime

1. Extended the trigger spawn code to triggers. So you not only have trigger spawned monsters and trigger spawned functions, but trigger spawned triggers. If you're a mapper and are wondering WTF the use of a trigger spawned trigger is.. well.. sit back and chew on it for a while. It'll come to you . . .
2. Extended the yielding items code to the monsters so monsters can now drop items if you like. I've added the silver and gold key to the yielding item code too for both explodables funcs and monsters. This turned out to be slightly more of a pain in the arse than 1 was.
3. Played around with monster grenade lobbing code.
4. Thanks to Bengt Jardrup some errors in the AI qc files have been located in regard to the backing code when fleeing/backing/moving away from a threat... there was a bad call where I gave a float when it should have been a vector.
5. Finished the model work on one of the new monsters. He needed an idle sequence as well as some work on his legs that were a bit thin. I might need to do a little skinwork on those legs too, not sure yet. Glad the modelling part with him is over though.
6. A little work on the original Nehahra maps. Among other things, with the help of RPG, the transition between neh1m5 and neh1m6 has been improved.
7. Progs.dat has reached a huge size and crashes most engines. Not that the latter is of that great importance to me (unless it happens to be an engine I'd like Nehahra to run on of course,ahem). So I've been trying to tidy. But I've got a long way to go.
8. Some judgment calls and decisions reached on some of the additional in-game cutscenes, some maps chosen, and the like.
9. Most of the framework laid down for how the MONSTER_CUSTOM entity will work. Just a few things remaining bothering me. Not sure how the mapper is going to be able to input a long string of values (movement numbers for walking and running).

January 2, 2006 - Hiatus Ends : Post by Mindcrime

Let's just dive right into the nitty gritties:

1. The Seal of Nehahra will now occupy its own directory. quake/the_seal
2. A new "in-game" menu has been devised, which is quite interesting. It might sound wonky, but I assure you it isn't. It's something you have to see done (and done well) to appreciate the novelty. Starting a new game will kick you to this inner menu where you can manually select, using JUMP and FIRE, what episode you wish to play. Quake, Nehahra (episode 1 & 2), Tides of War (episode 3), or Episode 4, or what introductory episode cutscene to watch. GAMEDEM1 - GAMEDEM3, the long opening to Nehahra, will no longer be sandwiched between the nehahra start map and neh1m1, but accessible from this menu, as will be the new introductory Tides of War scene(s) and the Episode 4 scene(s). For convenience. The CUTSCENE cvar is still in play as it will govern whether or not to play in-between-level cutscenes.
I do wonder if I shouldn't include gamemodes in a menu somewhere governing the NOMONSTERS cvar. Then again I don't think the engine remembers the NOMONSTERS setting.
3. Added the entities info_player_menu, func_menu_header, func_menu_choice, all working just fine (although the menu is a little slow on the draw, you have to hold down JUMP and FIRE and I'm not sure this will change as I do not understand why it's so pokey). This will be a very cool thing for custom mappers who will be able to create their own menus for their maps if they desire.
4. A good amount of work on the pre Episode 4 scenes and it's interesting to be back doing dems again, even if I am my own worst critic when it comes to this nowadays. 90% of the action is actually scripted so I have been unable to tweak every detail, unlike my experience in 2000 with the original Nehahra cutscenes and Seal of Nehahra
Current running time: 8 minutes... and sure to grow
5. Bad News. Kinda. Unless someone does a port of the updated Nehahra EXE (compliments of the new team member Bengt Jardrup), a Mac version of Nehahra final will probably only be playable through Darkplaces.
6. More bad news. Kinda. Episode 4 might well break every other engine other than Bengt's engines, the nehahra engine of course, and darkplaces that supports Nehahra. On that same note.. as I'm really referring to the same animal here... we have not by any means discounted the possibility of an all-engine and/or fitzquake friendly version of Nehahra, but things are looking a little grim on that front. We're really pushing the engine to its limits with this, beyond what most engines can handle. We shall see.

November 4, 2005 - Temporary Hiatus : Post by Mindcrime

Read the main page for more details. I've got packing to do.

October 27, 2005 - Unghh : Post by Mindcrime

Been sick lately. I think it has been slowly creeping up on me for weeks.

1. Changed the rubble system. It was ridiculous before. Especially the MDLs. I tended to that. But the rubble counts still need tweaking.
2. Added more map objects since the last update and I don't think there'll be any more. Though I'd like to replace some of the objects from before. The lanterns come to mind. I already redid the skinmap for those as a favor for RPG.
3. Been going back and forth on realistic falling damage. Whether to keep it. Whether to keep it in Nehahra modes and can it in "vanilla quake mode". When I reached the point where I finally decided just to can it for all modes, I remembered Episode 3 and some of the great heights in those Tides of War maps.
4. Secured two more cutscene maps and save me a lot of trouble. I was working on some of my own devising, but it wasn't working out.
5. I've been encountering a max_sounds issue and will need to counter. So far I've been taking small steps. It's not an issue in Nehahra maps, or in Ep4 maps. YET.
6. Fell behind on writing out scenes from Seal of Nehahra in favor of some model work of a boss type monster that may will blow the player's mind. I don't know that it will work out in the end, but the work being done on that certainly won't be going to waste. The uses for a lot of these pieces are numerous.
7. Fixed messed up monster counts. This time for good. (I hope)
8. Did I mention all the monsters that are going to be in .. are in? They all need tweaking. A few need some slight skin changes. Only one I can think of actually needs some work at the vertex level. I've been running into problems with the baron and one of the new monsters code-wise. Problems the player might not even notice, but I do.
9. Chewing on this 'all-engine version' pretty hard and given the multitude of fullbright pixels in the 21 Nehahra maps prior to Ep4, which do not render fullbright in the Nehahra engine but do in other engines that support it... Oh boy. How much work would be required to remedy this?? I seriously consider releasing this all-engine version (or more specifically, a Fitzquake friendly version ... much to my increasing begrudgement (is begrudgement a word? it is now) for Episode 4 alone [as a mapper wants it to run on Fitz] and for custom maps, but absent of support for the other Nehahra maps. Christ. Summing up on this subject: it's a goddamned headache I could do without. But because said mapper rocks mightily and has my full respect, I'll make do and roll ahead. For him. :P
10. The base actor code for cutscenes is finished as is the camera code. Now it's a matter of getting the other actors I need in, but that's where some MDL work has to be done (we're talking about more fixing than adding).
11. Hit a brick wall with a function/entity I was coding called exec_rewire. Chewing on how to handle it and swallowing the bitter pill that I might have to start over.
12. Added some code to gibs and disappearing corpses so they wait till the player isn't around to do it.. and hence created problems that might mean scrapping it.

October 17, 2005 - Momentum : Post by Mindcrime

My favorite holiday is coming... Can you guess what it is??

1. Fixed the grunt skin (there was a black line along one side)
2. Redid the ogre mutant (monster_enf2, monster_enf3) skinmaps, both are now 256x256.
3. Added a new monster.
4. Added the final 'new' monster, but he needs tweaking.
5. Completely replaced the Tsemoch and he rocks.
6. Filled 2349232893 buckets full of water over the weekend and took them outside to dump as the basement where my setup is (the horror!) was starting to flood.
7. Started writing out the Seal of Nehahra script as some people have been requesting for some time. It will take me a while though. You can find the first couple scenes here: http://www.planetquake.com/nehahra/son.html (I'm too lazy and exhausted at the moment to put in the code so copy and paste :p
8. Tweaked the dodging AI with a "dodge_finished" field to stop double or in some cases triple calls. I still see an occasional burst of speed in some monsters, and the culprit for those occurrences are surely in their individual QC files.
9. Considering! Considering making a bunch of the pre-cinematics a separate entity (like Seal of Nehahra, but not nearly as long), or if you prefer the term "quake movie" (not that .dems in-between levels or included with playable maps are any less 'quake movies' by definition). Maybe some of you have thoughts on that subject. Drop me a mail.

October 12, 2005 - suenoschonaxoph : Post by Mindcrime

That's the title of a pet map I have that takes place in The Realm of Shades. Wonder if I'll ever release?

1. I mentioned it on func_msgboard, let the cat out of the bag so to speak, so I'll do it here too. There will be an "all engine" release version of Nehahra, so you can play Nehahra on your favorite engine. Though I'll likely discuss at that time the various issues that may be in play on an engine-by-engine basis. Nonetheless, there's not a lot of good reasons not to use the nehahra.exe (the new one, which will be released at or around the same time). Did a little more prep work for this version.
2. Added some more map objects, props if you will, with various flags and appropriate rubble
3. Added better monster spawning.
4. Added Wide Screen for Episode 3 and Episode 4 dem cutscenes for dramatic effect and general coolness.
5. Pillaged a few more things from Obscurus. :)
6. Lots of monster debugging. The baron is pretty much finished.
7. Added some convenient fields to the info_world (info_start is its predecessor) such as being able to set skybox size (governing global fog saturation, mostly), sky behavior (what it cuts off or doesn't), set GL_CLEAR and R_CLEARCOLOR
8. Reworking the trigger_climb which operates like a func_ladder.
9. Begun recording WAVs for the new scenes, but I'll probably have to do them again. It's been a while since I voice acted Quake characters.
10. Working out the kinks to a proportional teleporter. That is, a trigger_teleport that teleports you to the destination relative to the center of the trigger brush. Once this code is working satisfactory (should that happen), I can easily apply it to teleporting the player.. who is on a teleporting func_.
11. Placed a bucket in the corner of the upstairs office to catch the drops of water worming their way down from the roof. It is.. and has been for a while.. and will be for a while.. raining like Hell in New England :(

October 5, 2005 - October Gibs : Post by Mindcrime

1. Cutscene map was completed. Two huge maps on the doorstep of completion, others in progress.
2. Wonky vertex considerations. Long ago Lordhavoc warned me of degenerated vertexes caused by loading and reloading of models into Quark, but I thought he was on crack (and one model in particular, when converted, had vertex problems associated with conversion from one format to another from the get-go). I conducted a test, by taking a model and loading and reloading it into Quark upteen times and comparing it to the original. Sure enough, Havoc was right. Every time the degeneration is subtle, but it adds up. I should add that this was an older version of Quark (that had more model features). So I've been learning to do animation in QME and I've been getting the hang of it.
3. Added new gibs for new blood types which are not red, and added debris to monsters whom do not bleed at all.
4. Added a better monster spawning system.
5. Extended trigger spawning to more than monsters.
6. This was once in Neh during development. I remember it. But I don't remember why it was taken out. I believe it was Damaul who asked that ammunition and health not disappear until they were depleted of all points. Normally, if you have a health that would give 15 health and your health is 99. You'd only get the 1 point and the health will disappear. The other 14 points senselessly lost. This is no longer the case, not with health or ammunition.
7. Added new features to triggers.
8. Did some more work on the final baddie.
9. As for weapons, I get emails asking me to add this weapon.. and that weapon... but I believe that games in general should keep a cap on how many weapon varieties there are. Overloading your game/mod with weapons seems to me to be a thinly veiled attempt to make the game more ooh-ah and compensate for other shortcomings. Nehahra has 10 weapons right now, and that's enough. A game should not be lost in a shuffle of weapons.
10. Added customization to health and ammo (also see #6).
11. Thinking about adding in a custom_monster entity for mappers who want to build maps post-release. It will basically enable the mapper to add in custom monsters not in Nehahra. All it will take is some know-how.
12. Added in some interesting global entities that offer cool alternatives to "void-style" maps.
13. Related to 3. Made gibs and heads gradually fade into oblivion when they are removed, instead of just disappearing, borrowing the same code that does the same for corpses.
14. Did some work on gib physics in general.
15. Cherry-picking wonky little things in the old progs.dat as I stumble on them and fix them up (where fixing is required).

September 27, 2005 - Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' : Post by Mindcrime

The cutscene map is almost completed for Ep4. The script changes day by day. Don't expect any particularly long scenes. But there will be some meat to it. Afterall, this will end the main Nehahra storyline. I'm a bit obliged.

A cutscene switch has been added to the engine menu for those who don't dig the cutscenes.

I find it interesting that there are two divergent schools of thought on these kinds of things. Some people love cutscenes. Some hate them. (Believe it or not, I'm firmly on the fence now. I'm not that keen on the cutscenes and demos any more. What I do, I do for the fans, and that's that.

There is also the AI matter. Some people loved the upped combat AI of Nehahra, others despised it. I'd have to say it's almost an even split (leaning in favor of the higher AI). Luckily, that's not something I've got to chew over. The new game modes, governed by the NOMONSTERS variable, will customize to preference. I cannot say that I understand the naysayers on the higher end AI. Back in 2000, and even today, it strikes me as laziness under the disguise of old-school sentiment. Is the object to run through maps as fast as one can, plowing everything down.. just so one can say that they came and they saw? I thought the purpose was to stay a while and enjoy. That of course depends on one's idea of fun. The fun in Quake for me, well among other things, is fear. When i discovered Quake, I enjoyed having the hell scared out of me. Part of that came from the threat of death. You have to stay on your toes. You have to pay attention. You stress, you worry, your heart is racing, you are *tapped in* to the gaming experience. You're there. The threat is real. And to overcome, you're going to have to fight. Fight for your life. Fighting for your life isn't easy. If you can survive it, you've accomplished something. If you can conquer it, I salute you.

Of course, after playing Quake after so long, you get good at it (in theory). I cannot say that I like playing Nehahra in vanilla quake mode. Of course I have to, because I have to debug and tweak it. But it is a wholly alien experience for me to be able to blast my way through Nehahra without effort. As with the cutscenes, I do this for the fans ... some of whom had some trouble. I said in a 2000 interview that I did Nehahra for myself first, others second. Fundamentally, this is still true I suppose. But I'm thinking of everyone now. There's no reason (and wasn't in 2000) why I shouldn't have made available the options to make the game enjoyable to all who play. The maps are beautiful. I am honored to have work with such talented individuals. They brought Nehahra to life. Beyond mega-high polygons and uber-realistic game engines and all the other conventions of the modern gaming industry that will unwittingly rob the next generation of their imagination, Nehahra -- like Quake -- has a soul. The mappers gave it a soul. It's a dark soul, maybe a little demented, but it's beautiful too. And what a tragedy it would be to never know that soul. To never feel it.

It appears I'm getting deep today...

Revamp still revampin'. Mostly, it's been Episode 4 monster work lately. I just plugged in sounds for one of the new monsters. I have the sounds for the last one too, which I'll probably plug in tonight.
Then, as planned, I intend to run backwards. Tweaking the new baddies and working my way back to the old.
A lot of my time over the next few days (my "Quake time" anyway) will be eaten up by recording vectors for actor waypoints. I lost all the code from the other demos (including Seal of Nehahra), so I'm starting from scratch. That's not necessarily a bad thing though.

For those who keep asking who will be doing the Nehahra maps, twist my arm.. and I still won't tell you. All I'll say is, I'm not making them :) and no one outside the Nehahra team is either.

On a side note, I thought about doing something about the field enforcer. You know, the ogre mutant guy in the armor-shard trench coat. I've read complaints on this or that site that he looked too different from the other quake baddies. In the end, I will probably leave him though. I don't see a problem with him. His skin is a mixture of ogre mutant and enforcer skin, and then black for the coat. Black goes with everything.

The Tsemoch continues to be my personal eye-sore... but that's another story.

September 19, 2005 - Misc : Post by Mindcrime

The revamp and ep4 are still moving full steam ahead. The script for included cutscenes is beginning to form (as well as the set on which some of them take place). All the new monsters are in. Now I'm doing work on variations. I've reached the point of this revamp, the stage of this development, where I'm becoming more tight-lipped as I appreciate the value of good surprises. So.. know that for everything I say, there's probably about four or five things I could also be saying but am not.

This week I expect to work on a lot of map objects as well. My time is a bit scarce this week, but will open up more next week I reckon. The last nights I've been doing a little work on some of the actor models. The idle sequences are just wacked. Vertexes dancing a crazy jig (often one or two by themselves while others remain still). I've gotten very good at animation. That is, when the monster/model is doing something. When they're just standing there, I have a harder time.
And the modelling note: the newly reskinned/reskinmapped baron is a sexy sight...
That's all for now.

September 11, 2005 - Monster Work : Post by Mindcrime

Since my last update I've been working solely on AI and combat, largely for the new monsters. I expect to continue that through the week and work on some sounds for a few of the baddies who still need more. The wheels are still moving .. and there's been a lot of progress on the episode 4 maps, if I hadn't mentioned it...

September 3, 2005 - The father, the son, and the holy COW! : Post by Mindcrime

1. Game Modes settable by mapper on their maps, but also by the player for preferences of play. Some people love Nehahra jacked up, others had a hard time and just want the classic monsters-run-and-shoot experience of vanilla Quake. This is my solution. The cvars are playing a game of musical chairs. Right now, NOMONSTERS 1-4 are an override that changes the game mode (you must do it before you load a level of course). Game modes work just fine and are a better setup than just a cvar that stifles AI. This brings me one step closer to the surprise I have planned, among others, for the re-release.
2. Added in yet even more functions and triggers. And these are clever ones. In the end, there will be few excuses not to build maps on Nehahra. It's becoming so customizable that it's almost utopian...
3. Working on the last gang of monsters. Animation work. Once all the monsters go in that need to go in, I'll backtrack and work on the ones in Nehahra that need help.
4. I've stumbled onto a couple model gold mines that have free permissions. On the subject of using models (in some cases some of the animation that comes with) from other sources, it actually feels good to know that I'm making use of work that people put a lot of energy and heart into.. and yet, in many cases, are wasting away, forgotten in defunct mods and the like. Now they can be appreciated anew. In every case more animation is needed to suit my purposes, alteration as well depending. But I heartily thank those modellers who have made work available over time and given free permissions on these. I often find things that are perfect for what I want. It makes my job easier. Know that I always assign credit where it is due too. In fact, I'm kinda anal about that...
5. Planning cutscenes...
6. Really, so much has been done that the idea of listing all the changes here is overwhelming. There are some things I'm not mentioning, because I appreciate the value of good surprises. But all things considered, I think those of you actually reading this part of the site can appreciate that real work is being done behind the curtain.

August 28, 2005 - Sleep deprivation : Post by Mindcrime

1. Extended the trigger_spawn feature to all monsters.
2. Eliminated daft death graphic. The LMP system is nice, but the skull thing was tacky.
3. Surprise, surprise, let the code set SV_AIM to 1 again.
4. Added another component to the locational damage code, but no.. I'm using this for situations only when it's necessary. I don't want to move in any uber-realistic directions.
5. Considering a global switch for mappers to set to make Nehahra monsters behave like vanilla quake, if desired.
6. Recorded lots of sounds.
7. Raped a number of models.
8. Killed many bugs.
9. Created new ones.
10. Killed several women and children. No, I'm kidding. (really...)
I've been doing a lot of playtesting. Checking off problem areas...

August 25, 2005 - Strange things afoot : Post by Mindcrime

1. Added new quite cool AI features.
2. Finished ai_bigmove() and ai_titanmove() for oversized monsters.
3. Plugged in individualized blood routines and locational damage. (Locational for a certain monster in particular).
4. Initiated a partial merger between Nehahra and Obscurus. 3 new monsters added!
5. Murdered unintended monster_hunters in neh1m5.
6. Preparing different parm smuggling system for demo cutscenes.
7. Crossbred func_train with func_explodable. Who-hoh.
8. Lots of animation work.
9. Fixed floating code in exploboxes and barrels.
10. Redrafted a Devkit.txt with new features that doesn't ramble like the original devkit1.txt, heh.

August 19, 2005 - Borkages : Post by Mindcrime

1. Fixed strange Vore ceiling hatching. Looking at that code from 2000 made me cringe and so did seeing them convulse on the ceiling. Now it's perfect and fluid.. and the bastards actually move along the ceiling. It's spooky stuff. The Vore in Nehahra simply rock. In regular quake, they're kinda ho-hum.
2. Integrated Episode 4 functions, monsters, weapons, and entities into the main Nehahra progs. ( I shall let you wonder)
3. Fixed jagger and gaunt mourning and win routines.
4. Fixed LMPs that hang around sometimes when they shouldn't... I think.... hope?
5. Fixed some Tsemoch borkages, but I'm far from done with them...
6. Fixed some gaunt code and archgaunt/gaunt interaction problems.

Reconsidering the SV_AIM thing. When it comes to the monsters who can move and dodge. It's more of a hindrance than a help to the player to have the aim on. It redirects a lot of times from where you mean to aim with the best of intentions, but a player at the controls is much more efficient than the idiot engine aim system.

August 16, 2005 - Blegh : Post by Mindcrime

1. Stopped game code from setting SV_AIM 1.0 upon client entering game.
2. Improved (and the same time decreased difficulty) dodge routines by lowering movement from 20 to 15, and 15 to 10.
3. created field "monster_ai". When set to -1 on a monster, it shuts off dodging routines on that monster. For use with case-by-case basis stuff.
4. prepared to integrate code from Episode 4 into the main

August 9, 2005 - The AI Monster Eats Thee : Post by Mindcrime

1. NOMONSTERS set to 1 shuts off AI routines again.
SKILL 0 does the same.
NOMONSTERS 2, and DEVELOPER 1.. prevent monsters from spawning.
2. Fixed Grunt runfire strafing routine so they turn.
3. Cut down runfire frequency for variety (and difficulty reduction)
4. Fixed Navigation Routine (NAVLOGIC, ai4_strategy)
5. Fixed Monster Enforcer 2 Threat detection glitch.
6. Re-enabled Enforcer 2 Runfire on HARD or NIGHTMARE skill.
7. Eliminated health reduction by 1/4th on EASY skill. (There's no advanced AI on easy skill now)

On a side note, I played Kinn's awesome Marcher Fortress map and have feelings of lust.
I originally typoed and wrote 'kell' instead of 'kinn'. Not sure how I did that as I wasn't confused. Must be so little sleep.
It has everything I need for Obscurus monster testing as well as other special effects. It's perfect. And it is probably quite close to the epitome of what I'm looking for in an ideal Obscurus map.

August 7, 2005 - First Changes : Post by Mindcrime

Just a little bit worthy of mention to start this off.
1 -- Removed NOMONSTERS AI shutoff option. (gasp? wait..)
2 -- Made Skill 0 do the same as 1 did (shut off all advance AI routines)
3 -- NOMONSTERS set to 1, and DEVELOPER set to 1 now prevent monsters from spawning. For mapper debugging.
4 -- Fixed blank lines on the console in Vigil's maps on developer's mode
5 -- Added info_relations point entity. (by mapper request)
"relations" an AI relations number
"target" monster(s) whose relations will be changed
"target2" monster to become angry at:
"target3" monster who target2 will be angry at.
"method" set to 1, target2 and target3 will be angry at each other at the same time.
6 -- Added (in addition to target2).. target3, target4, and target5 to path_corner entities

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