Check out the known bugs for more info.

Wow that looks like a lot of stuff. Cool Hugh!

What's in the next release

Well this is what the difference is between beta 0.6 and beta 0.9 is new in the current release of NIQ3.

Bot Support (This has been coded and works great) <DONE>
Remove the config files and add more CVars than you can poke a railgun at. <DONE>
Working CTF support. <DONE>
Making the Mod server side, with optional client side download. <DONE>
Have the option to spawn health, armor, and powerups. <DONE>
Have the option to get ammo for frags. <DONE>
Turn the NIQ3 sounds off. <DONE>
Add option to allow armor to regenerate after you're health is at maximum. <DONE>



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