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"Jacked up and good to go." -Starcraft dude

The two champions of Quake II share a moment after Thresh (right) won the final round of their three-game set to take it all home. All the results are in after an incredible three days of gaming!
Pic of the Day - Click for large image and archives!

The official events are all over! Congratulations to all the winners. Send your comments about the coverage to Fargo!

The Champion:
Thresh (5 - 1)

Immortal (3 - 2)
Lord-187 (0 - 2)
Pharoah (Elim.)
revelation (1 - 2)
Noname-99 (0 - 2)
K9-Mastah (2 - 2)
RB-Ren (2 - 2)

Thresh comes back wit a renewed assault to prove to the world that he's got mad skillz at Quake II as well as Quake I. He fought his way out of the loser's bracket for a commanding win to take it all!

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All Results In!
- Death Row 1st
- Clan Gib 2nd
- Clan Kapitol: 3rd
- Power Rangers: 4th

Death Row reaffirmed their status as badasses, and already they've begun to talk about a possible rematch with Sweden's Clan Nine. Clan Gib put up a good effort to take second place, while an impressive shoing from Clan Kapitol earned them a third place standing.

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Gadianton (4 - 0)

Kin-Dom (3 - 2)
Insane~Frog (3 - 2)
TanthalaS (2 - 2)
ESP (0 - 2)
TillerMan (0 - 2)
~Jolly~ (1 - 2)
KGOR (1 - 2)

Gadianton takes it all the way, with Kin-Dom pulling out in second and ~The~Insane~Frog~ (my new hero) clinching the third place spot!

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Current News
Saturday, Nov 14, 1998
Awards Ceremony!
11-14-98 at 17:31 |

Phat checks, baby. Huge. And your parents told you video games were a waste of time! Check this:

Quake I Clans:
  - Clan Kapital: $3,000 third place
  - Clan Gib: $5,000 second place
  - Death Row: $8,500 first place!

StarCraft Champions:
  - ~Insane~Frog~: $3,200 Third place
  - Kin-Dom: $4,500 Second place
  - Gadianton: $8,500 First place!

Quake 2 One on One:
  - RB-Ren: $3,200 Third place
  - Immortal: $4,500 Second Place
  - Thresh: $8,500 First place!

Congratulations to all the winners -- aside from all the cash, they got hardware from AMD (including K6 computers!) and Nvidia and more. Sweet. Oh yeah, and a shoutout to Billox, the U.K. Quake Champion, who proceeded to pound on Night from Sweden in the Internation exhibition, winning 15 to 5.

crt (creator of Rocket Arena 2 for Quake II) interviewed John Carmack on behalf of PlanetQuake, so hopefully we'll be able to get that online before the end of the weekend. (Speaking of Rocket Arena 2, check out tonights new version if the finals put you in the mood to play some games!)

Meanwhile, that wraps up PlanetQuake's coverage of the AMD Professional Gamers League Season Three Finals! Was that cool or what? If you have any comments about the coverage (demos are available from the PGL before you ask), mail and we can talk shop! Like the page design? You might see it again soon. ;)

This is Fargo from San Francisco, signing out!

- Fargo

Thresh Ownz it All!
11-14-98 at 16:59 |

They played on "Power Trip," and the final score was 43 - 0. I don't really think there's a need to say anything more -- at one time or another, we've all seen what it's like when a player dominates an entire level, and Thresh made no mistakes. He clamped down and owned it all -- with a complete shutout, Thresh is the new PGL Quake II champion!

- Fargo

Immortal speaks ...
11-14-98 at 16:27 |

"How do you plan to change your strategy?" I asked him between rounds.

I'm not doing anything different," he explained. "Thresh just got better!"

- Fargo

Immortal vs. Thresh -- Thresh brings series to a tie
11-14-98 at 16:21 |

It was a well-played match, but ultimately it belonged to Thresh. Thresh was fighting for his life here, as Immortal already had one game up on him (it's a double elimination tourney.) I was worried that after playing Quake I all day Thresh would be lacking in the neccessary Skillz, but wow, his rockets all hit their mark like they were magnetic. It was Classic Thresh. He swung into a 4-1 lead early on, timing the 100 health and getting it almost every time it respawned. At the halfway point it was 6-1. It seemed Immortal was always stuck with the wrong weapon -- his rail, in close quarters, couldn't do the job that Thresh's rockets could.

Immortal turned the tide at the 15 minute mark, fighting back with some furious rails and excellent splashing rocket damage, but in the last minute Thresh clamped down with a rocket that gave him control of the map and the victory. The final score was 8-3.

- Fargo

'Purity of Focus' -- Carmack on Quake 3: Arena!
11-14-98 at 15:32 |

Single and multiplayer games have very different design goals -- that seems to be the core argument of John Carmack's recent talk to the crowd here at the PGL finals. Id Software is making some tough choices with regards to graphics and gameplay to create what they think will ultimately be the new ladmark of first-person-shooter games.

In the "traditional single-player game" he asserts, the role of the player is one of "hero in an action movie." There's emphasis on developing plot, acquiring items, moving from one area to another in a linear fashion. But the multiplayer aspect of play is very different -- it's a sport, an event, one filled with ideally continuous action and a series of competitive decisions made by the player. "We're taking a gamble here," he says, explaining that id wants to promote the multiplayer aspect and focus their design decisions on that element of play.

He cites a couple of examples, such as weapon hands. Holding a weapon to the right looks far better from a single player standpoint, but ultimately it's not a feature that's good for deathmatch. Similarly, lush graphics that come at the cost of framerate are fine for a moving traditional single-player experience, but such features are a hinderance for a competitive game, where framerate is king. And levels designed for lineral single-player exploration are often inappropriate for a furious DM game.

"Purity of focus" is how he describes id's new emphasis on the multiplayer game. He stresses, however, that Quake 3: Arena will also offer an experience for the solitary player. "The Internet is a lousy environment in which to learn how to play a game," he states. The goal of the single player game is to give the player a series of incresingly difficult deathmatch challenges to prepare him or her for the amazing multiplayer game that Quake 3: Arena will offer. "The closest analogy is to that of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter," he says.

And then I think one of the most interesting parts of the talk... Carmack asserted that id wants to ween people off of a solitary gaming experience. A multiplayer game has more staying power -- as an example, he pointed to the PGL finals -- where Quake I clan matches continue to have appeal. He wants Quake 3: Arena to be accessible to everyone.

And another thing he mentions that got us folks here at the event fired up, is that their goal is for Quake 3: Arena to unify the gaming scene. Peopl will have no reason to go back to Quake II, NetQuake, QuakeWorld, or any of the other variants of the game.

Will they succeed? We certainly hope so!! PlanetQuake could save a lot of room on our hard drives. ;) But more importantly, if id is successful with their "grand experiment," multiplayer gaming will never be the same. Hot damn!!

- Fargo

Gadington Victorious, Crowned Champ!
11-14-98 at 14:52 |

The final match of the StarCraft championship just wrapped up, with Kin-Dom playing the Terrans and Gadianton playing the Zerg (through random choice. Gadianton is strong with every race, so he enjoyed the advantage of surprise by chosing randomly...)

Real-Time Strategy games are tremendously fun to watch when the crowd is present and getting into it. From the very first kill (a long zergling mowed down by marines) everyone was making noise: "Oooohhh!!"

Both players expressed their calm before the match started. A crowd of both players' units gathered just south of Kin-Dom's base, and the first battle took place near Kin-Dom's exapansion there, towards the center of the map (Lost Temple). Kin-Dom was refusing to get penned in, as Gadianton had done to so many opponents before. Gadianton out-flanked his opponent with a series of Hydralisks that took Kin-Dom by surprise and generated applause from the crowd, but just when it looked over a single seige tank shot halted the advance.

Kin-Dom went on the offensive and started laying seige to Gadianton's closest expansion base. Here, his seige tanks were working Gadianton's units ... but his opponent still had an army of hydralisks tucked away and stormed Kin-Dom's undefended middle to the cheers of the crowd. It was brutal. This left Kin-Dom basically penned in, although it didn't show for a while.

The death was slow and painful, with Kin-Dom trying to hold on with Seige tanks but Gadianton slowly working his opponent against the ropes. When Kin-Dom's last expansion was discovered by an Overlord ("Busted!!" someone in the crowd shouted), the game was basically over. Finishing things up with style, Gadianton used an overload swarm to drop a ton of hydralisks back behind the base in an undefended corner. An excellent game by two excellent players!

Kin-Dom took second place in the competition, while Gadianton walks home with a phat check and the title of champion!!

- Fargo

Death Row Crowned Clan Champions!
11-14-98 at 13:01 |

For the second game of the three-game series, Death Row again subbed Unholy in for Reptile. Death Row played another vey skillful game, but the people who really came together this time were the members of Clan Gib -- they played a much stronger game, racing ahead to a 15-7 advantage early on. They were unable to take advantage of the Quad when they had it the way that Death Row was ... Sometimes a Clan Gib quad carier would get fragged from behind.

Death Row was being really loud this time around. At one point, Unholy had to put the smack down: "Settle down, we still have control!" he yelled. The turning point of the game was at the halfway mark, when there was a gigantic 3 on 3 "Party at the pent" -- a huge fight for the pentagram. Clan Gib came out on top and this marked the beginning of their run -- they soon grabbed Quad and locked the level on a carpet of gibs, racing ahead and closing the gap until the score was 58-50, with only 8 frags separating them from their opponents!

A crucial 3 on 3 battle for the next quad was the deciding moment of the game. After the blood flew, Death Row had managed to have the last man standing, and they rushed ahead never looking backwards. Clan Gib was held at 58 frags for nearly five minutes while Death Row racked up the kills. The final score was 87-139, Death Row taking it all!

[Results of round one below:]

The final score of game one says a lot about the game -- 115 to 59, with Death Row on top. $14,000 is at stake, the first place prize that the winner of the three game set will split among the teammembers!

Reptile, B2, Thresh, and Frick represented for the Death Row. Clan Gib got the advantage in the opening moments, but they didn't manage to lock the level. Once a couple of rocket launchers were in the hands of the Death Row inmates, the brutality commenced.

The Death Row win was clearly a mix of individual skill as well as teamwork. At one time or another everyone's skills shown; B2 shafted someone out of mid air at the quad, Reptile defended the bridge against attackers, jumping from the heights to lightning gun someone to death (turning off his gun just as he splashed into the water.) And Thresh defended any area he was guarding with superb skill (moreso than yesterday -- perhaps he's regained his Quake I edge after so much Quake II yesterday.) Near the halfway point Clan Gib mounted a pretty admirable charge, and while Death Row never had the level solidly held down, they were tight enough to keep Clan Gib at bay.

- Fargo

Interview with Bill Roper from Blizzard
11-14-98 at 12:13 |

Yesterday I had a chance to nab Bill Roper for an interview. Bill works at Blizzard and helped to work on one of the three most influential games of our time -- WarCraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. Pretty cool! I talked with him about the new StarCraft expansion and the StarCraft finals ... Read the Interview to hear the news!

- Fargo

Clan Kapital Applies Smack: Beats PR 2-1!
11-14-98 at 11:36 |

Once again the Power Rangers slipped ahead to a 17-5 lead in the opening few minutes. Apoq, fighting for Clan Kaptial, really led the charge and was racking up frags near the ten minute mark. It's hard to tell what turned the tide here -- ultimately, toward the middle of the game, every single quad that spawned was the center of a huge conflict -- often 2 on 2 or more. But time and time again, the Quad found itself in CK's hands. With five minutes left Clan Kapital was in control and up by 20 points.

The gap widened to thirty points, and in contrast to the last game, the Power Rangers began to gro quiet as the game looked grim. Clan Kapital clamped the vice-grips on the level, monopolizing DM3 like nobody's business. The final score was 108-51 owing to their tight control of the level in the closing minutes.

Clan Kapital takes third place in the Clan competition! Next up: Death Row and Clan Gib fight for the honor of first place as day three continues...

- Fargo

PR Wins, series goes to three games
11-14-98 at 11:06 |

The Power Rangers squeezed by with a score of 81 to 75 to take the series to three games! Once again they're fighting for third place here (the third place clan will win $4000 to split among its members). This game was amazing. The Power Rangers really came of their own, and listening to their communication was pure entertainment. A third of the way through the match JambaWamba wanted to engage the enemy at the pent. D-Mann was looking over at his screen. "Why you going over there? Why you going there?" "Enemy at pent!" replied Jamba. "Look, what did we say? What did we say?" D-Mann shouted. "We stay in formation! Get your ass to quad! We stay in formation, what did we say?" "We play!" replied Jamba.

But apparently D-Mann was able to keep his team on their edge. Once again the Power Rangers crept ahead to a lead, 35 to 15. "I'm hurt, I'm hurt!" one of the rangers yelled. "Look at me, dammit! Look!"

In opposition, Clan Kaptial was really focused and had a sense of urgency. Down 41-24, they got quad twice in a row and moved to close the gap. The Power Rangers started using Death Row code-words to intimidate their enemy. "Cess! Cess!" someone yelled. "What the hell is Cess!?" D-Mann answered. The chasm began to close though! There was a 5-frag difference in the closing minutes!

"Trade frags, trade frags!" D-Mann started to yell. Soon Clan Kapital had both Pent and Quad ... it was looking ugly. CK grabbed a hold of the map and the lead with only a minute or two to go! Would it be another comeback?

D-Mann changed tone (and yeah -- he was banging on the table.) "Get some frags!!" he screamed. And Jamba was there for him ... grabbing two quads in a row, the first broke the CK monopoly and the second scored five frags at the closing moments of the game, literally as the countdown was taking place! The final score was a hairraising 81 to 75. Brutal! This series ain't over!

- Fargo

Interview with Death Row
11-14-98 at 10:48 |

Last night I had an opportunity to spend a few lighthearted moments with Death Row before they took off for the evening -- you can Read the Interview to see what they think about their game, Sweden, and their new hero, Immortal. :)

- Fargo

Day three begins: Clan Kapital with comeback win!
11-14-98 at 10:38 |

At stake was third place in the Quake I clan contest. Clan Kapital was duking it out with the Power Rangers. This match saw both teams being really lively, much more relaxed than yesterday -- screaming at each other throughout! Dmann was pounding on the table -- his trademark, which never failed to give Clan Kapital a good laugh.

The game was 14-13 after the opening minutes, with nobody in control of the map despite a string of spawn kills in the beginning that favored the Power Rangers. Then the Rangers put the squeeze on the map, getting quad and stocking up with the rocket launchers just enough to turn the game in their favor. They creeped ahead to 44-35 by the halfway point, with DMann leading charge after charge. The scores between members of the two teams were totally stratified. A huge five-man battle at the pent gave the Power Rangers control of the map, but -- inperceptably -- Clan Kapital slowly flipped the struggle for power. The game was soon tied at 79! And in the closing minutes, Clan Kapital didn't look back. Clan Kapital grabbed a handfull of spawn kills and the quad, and the Power Rangers couldn't hold them. The final score was 106-87, Clan Kapital on the move in the first of three battles.

- Fargo

Friday, Nov 13, 1998
Day two wrapup!
11-13-98 at 23:42 |


A pretty amazing evening -- nearly 12 hours of continuous gaming! And a ton of drama. I couldn't believe when ~Insane~Frog~ was taken out of the competition with a strategy that'd been used on him before ... by the same opponent! Then there was Thresh's charge through the loser's bracket, never looking back, eager to get a second chance at his new nemisis. He earned it! And Clan Kapital's two near misses against Death Row -- I don't know wether they should be encouraged or disheartened. It was an amazing day.

We know how things will shape up for tommorow, though:

Immortal vs. Thresh For Quake II Dominance!
Clan Gib vs. Death Row for Clan Supremacy!
Gadianton vs. Kin-Dom for StarCraft Ownership!

And John Carmack will also be on hand to talk about Quake 3: Arena. Pretty exciting stuff. As always, PlanetQuake is in da house with live coverage from the event. See you Saturday morning!

- Fargo

Death Row Narrowly Sweeps Clan Kapital 2 games to 0
11-13-98 at 23:05 |

Before the second Death Row/Clan Kapital match I asked Clan Gib what they thought of the upcoming game. I was hoping for insightful commentary on the action. Instead, the whole team shouted, "Go CK!!" But it wasn't meant to be.

Reptile was replaced by Unholy in the second round, and team Death Row won 106-78. It wasn't a cakewalk, though. Clan Kapital had the advantage early, with the rocket launcher firmly in control, but Unholy's Quad shotgun ripped the level wide open and paved the way for a Death Row takeover. They were tight throughout the first half of the match, never letting up on the Quad. It was 20-4 after the first five minutes. Death Row was totally even in frags, owing to their great teamplay -- toward the end of the first third of the game their scores were 11, 11, 11, and 10.

But then Clan Kapital grabbed a couple consecutive quads and pushed a threat, and then with five minutes to go they launched a serious offensive. The score tightened, again to a ten-frag game -- 62 to 52! The whole game erupted here into a giant eight-player fight for the Quad. Some team kills on the part of Frick made he Death Row fans sweat -- it had to have been close. But Death Row held it together, inching ahead 74 to 60 with two minutes to go.

At this point I tunred around to talk to Reptile for a second, and he took stock of the situation. Despite CK's serious offensive, three Death Row members had rocket launchers and one of them had quad. "We got this one, baby, we got it!" said Reptile. The final minute made it clear. 106 to 78 was the final score.

Death Row will face off against Clan Gib for first and second place, while Clan Kapital and the Power Rangers will duke it out for third and forth. That action fires up tommorow, so stay tuned! (The first match results are below:)

The final score of the first round was 72 to 61, with Death Row narrowly coming out on top. Clan Kapital really showed some mad skillz this time around. No clan had the map during the opening moments. It was 12-8 a couple minutes in, with Clan Kapital on top, when Frick led the charge to turn the tide. (Frick really pulled some amazing kills this game, he was really on fire throughout -- stats show he only died 5 times!) Near the halfway mark Death Row was on top, 46 to 19 -- not an insurmountable lead, but definately intimidating. DR had the map locked down, but Clan Kapital coninued to try and pry them open. Their moment came latein the match, with about six minutes to go they managed to secure some weapons and then the Quad. Suddenly, at the five minute mark, they had Quad, Rocket Launches, and pent all to themselves -- they closed the gap to 63-47. "Check for hiding spots!" MicroSynic cried out to his teammates. Frick held his own despite Clan Kapital's best effort -- he fought to hold red armor against three opponents and won! Perhaps owing to his efforts, Clan Kapital was unable to pull the win, and the final score was 72-61.

- Fargo

Death Row's 'Secret Codes'
11-13-98 at 22:14 |

An interesting aspect of the finals this time around is that the two teams are seated on the same stage with only a divider between them ... they can hear each other! Expecting this, and perhaps due to the loss to Clan Nine (where the setup was similar), Death Row has invented "codes" to communicate during the match.

Having heard rumors of this, I was joking with friends here that we'd hear them shouting cryptic phrases to one another. "The Swan is in the river!" "The Frog is hopping sideways!" "Touch the monkey!" etc.

In reality, they're communicating with numbers. "I'm at the nine!" B2 will shout. "Enemy at 11! Enemy 11!" someone will respond. With some careful observation I wrote down all the code numbers and what they mean ... Yeah, I broke the code!

And you, too, can know the Death Row Code! Just send a check for $199.99 (California residents add sales tax) to:

Fargo Owns Me
C/O PlanetQuake
2900 South Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92663

Proceeds will go to a good cause. (I'd like to buy a Hummer.)

- Fargo

Clan Gib wins 2-0
11-13-98 at 20:20 |

Clan Gib, after a narrow victory in the first of three rounds, traumatized the Power Rangers in a 139-76 victory in game two. The game opened with the Rangers grabbing the key points in the map, but some technical difficulties interrupted the game (someone accidently kicked out a speaker cable - d'oh!) When the match resumed, the Power Rangers were unable to hold on to the edge. As the game went on the carnage intensified, with Clan Gib up 33-10 shortly before the halfway mark. Their team was relaxed and was having a great time ... "You Da MAN!" RonBob cried out to Havox when he snatched a quad. GunPwdr also demonstrated some astounding skillz -- at one point near the Quad, he ripped a rocket into the back of a Power Ranger's head, knocking his opponent into the air where he immediatley finished him off with the lightning gun. His opponent was dead before the body hit the ground. (This move has been dubbed the "Bounce and Swiz" by PGL announcers...) DMann of the Power Rangers was also impressive again, but it wasn't enough to bring his team out of the deficit. The final score, again, was 139 to 76 -- Clan Gib advances, and the Rangers will play the loser of the other bracket to find out who gets third.

In the first of three games, Clan Gib pulled a narrow victory over the Power Rangers, the final score 72-60. Gib got control early on, and remained strong at the five minute mark. DMann of the Power Rangers held his clan together, leading the frag count for most of the game, even though Clan Gib had a tight grip on the map. Despite getting the majority of quad, the game held very close -- At the halfway mark, the score was 26-23! Clan Gib went on to clamp down harder on the map, with the quad almost always falling into their hands and RonBob refusing to give up the rocket launcher ("Nobody's gettin' S--t!" he screamed.) The score was 52-40 at the five minute mark, and here the Power Rangers had a chance by nabbing the quad twice in a row and putting on the pressure. Clan Gib held together, though-- by the three minute mark they regined control and never looked back. "Victimized!!" RonBob screamed after a particularly vicious kill in the 100 health area. The final score was 72-60.

- Fargo

StarCraft Exhibition Match
11-13-98 at 19:24 |

As we warmed up for the big teamplay games, Blizzard and some PGL champs teamed up to play a quick exhibition. Since I know the Blizzard folk are reading the coverage, I just wanted to point out that Schlonger has got to practice, man. Even with The ~Insane~Frog~ backing him the smack was applied by Warblade and Kin-Dom, the final score in a timed game being 70,000 to 47,000.

Hearts were warmed when ~Frog~'s probes -- some two dozen of them -- were mercilesly gunned down by the marines. But one escaped to race across the map for the safety of Schlonger's base. The crowd and the announcers were on their feet screaming and cheering the probe on as he juked to the left and juked to the right, dodging and darting from outcropping to outcropping, always a step ahead of the marines and zerg chasing him. The place erupted with applause when the probe made it to safety behind allied lines! "Peppy the Probe" -- as Bill Roper coined the little craft -- has made it's mark on PGL history.

- Fargo

Warming up for TeamPlay...
11-13-98 at 18:03 |

The next big events will be in the Quake I teamplay competition, which a lot of people have been waiting for throughout the finals. Death Row will take on Clan Kapitol, and Clan Gib will square off against the Power Rangers. I've been polling people and it seems that Clan Kapitol has a lot of talent but they're inconsistent -- if they can pull it together, they're going to be one hot team. Clan Gib I've seen in action before, as some of its members attended M3 back in the day and demonstrated some fierce play. The clan to beat, of course, is Death Row -- They're formidable opponents, and I understand they've been practicing heavily since their defeat at the hands of Clan Nine in Sweden. Time will tell!

Right now people are chilling and watching an international exposition match against Night, from Sweden, and Makaveli from here in the states (Makaveli was very close to competing in the finals here himself.)

- Fargo

Celebrity Deathmatch?
11-13-98 at 17:40 |

The next event was a "Celebrity DeathMatch." By celebrity, I was hoping for Minnie Driver and Geena Davis to go at it on The Edge. Instead, we got William "Weasel" Knibbe, the Editor of PC Games magazine, and Dan "Bile" Maronn of GameSpot goin' at it on the Fragpipe. Now, I ask you, what kind of Quake celebrity deathmatch doesn't include yours truly, Fargo, of PlanetQuake? Certainly not this one! And I can only think of one reason why: They Pheared the Fargo.

Yep, I woulda creamed 'em. It was like watching two chickens play chess. But I let them keep their pride. ;) Actually, Bile showed some skillz and put the smack down, beating out PC Games with a score of 22-2. Online media triumphs again! Congratulations, GameSpot!

- Fargo

StarCraft down to the Final two: Kin-Dom Advances
11-13-98 at 17:00 |

It wasn't just an upset. It was Deja-vu!

"Zergs are easy kills," Kin-Dom had said earlier. In the first round, he played ~The~Insane~Frog~ and slammed him hard by building marine bunkers just outside of his bases. This time around, they played again -- Terran vs. Zerg -- and Kin-Dom won by .... building bunkers outside again? Yep.

"I can't believe that worked again!" he typed to his opponent, after he destroyed ~Frog's~ first expansion base. From there ~Frog~ was simply outresourced. Despite his awesome earlier victories in the loser's bracket (and despite my comment, "Frog cannot be stopped" :) he was unable to pull anything out of his hat. Kin-Dom sent in the seige tanks and marines and it was nothing but bullets and bleeding.

Congratulations to Kin-Dom for rallying himself after his defeat, he's in the final round now where he'll face off against Gadianton in a rematch of biblical fury!

- Fargo

More StarCraft: ~Frog~ will not be stopped!
11-13-98 at 16:17 |

The ~Insane~Frog~ continued to terrorize the loser's bracket and Gadianton continued his unbeaten streak in the series of games just played.

In the Kin-Dom/Gadianton game, Kin-Dom was playing the Terrans against the Protoss of Gadianton. They both immediately set up strong bases and went into a period of"posturing" against each other from across the map -- neither was able to dish out much damage in a series of skirmishes. Eventually, though, Gadianton worked Kin-Dom into the defensive, trapping him in the corner and declaring the lion's share of the map as his own. From there he merely applied constant pressure, and all of Kin-Dom's attempts to break out of the trap failed. Eventually he was simply forced to give up, his last bunker obliterated. Gadianton will advance, while Kin-Dom will be forced to the loser's bracket to try his hand at the ~Frog~.

~Frog~ was up to his old tricks again. Once again he chose to play the Zerg, as did TanthaliS. And once again he saved some resources and used them to build spires and mutalisks early on. He then sent a series of short, debilitating attacks against TanthaliS's drones. They might have slowed him down -- it was hard to judge the effects, but a critical moment came early on, when ~Frog~ used his Mutlaisks as a distraction and slammed into TanthaliS hard with a pile of zerglings and desroyed his expansion base.

TanthaliS knew it was going to take a major risk in order to get back on top, and he immediately began constructing a Nydus canal in the hopes of ambushing ~Frog~. ~Frog~ found the exit of the canal only moments before it was finished and put a stop to it. He tried to finish the game off by storming TanthaliS' main base with mutalisks, but Tant was ready and plagued the whole mob of them with a single Defiler -- a move that got a huge reaction from the crowd. "GRRRRRRRR!" ~Frog~ typed, calling off the attack.

TanthaliS was hoping to press his advantage and began to attack all of ~Frog's~ expansion bases. It was a really good ploy, but TanthaliS forgot about ~Frog's~ plagued Mutalisks, who were still lurking in the corner of the map. When they reemerged -- as a swarm of over a dozen Guardians!! -- the whole place exploded into oohs and applause. A swarm of 15 Guardians is an awe-inspiring site! The ground ran red with TanthaliS blood, and he was bumped out of the competition. All the pundits say that ~Frog~ is the man to beat -- next he'll play Kin-Dom to see who won the losers bracket!

- Fargo

StarCraft Action Begins: ~Frog~ and TanthaliS win
11-13-98 at 15:21 |

~The~Insane~Frog~ was fighting to stay in the competition, and didn't disappoint. Playing the Zerg once again, he fought against a Zerg Kgor. Kgor's opening zergling rush paused outside of ~Frog's~ base, then when they finally went in ~Frog~ had enough to hold back the tide. As before, ~Frog~ concentrated on builing a spire and getting a few Mutalisks (fliers) under his belt, which ultimately made the difference. The game went on for a long time but ~Frog's~ withering attacks from both the air and the ground held Kgor back. Kgor wasn't able to expand and when his secondary base was destroyed from above, he had no place to go -- outresourced and outnumbered, the game was all ~Frog's~.

Meanwhile, TanthaliS and ~Jolly~ played on the Satyr map, with TanthaliS taking the role of the Protoss and ~Jolly~ coming on strong as the Zerg. Some games are decided by a critical battle, others by a devistating rush. And some games ... just take forever. This one was a slow, drawn out battle. TanthaliS led the first attack and ~Jolly~ rebouded with some hydralisks, but ultimately neither attack did anything. Slowly the game advanced with a series of skirmishes outside either base. Ultimately, TanthaliS was able to expand better -- a devistating Reaver drop destroyed ~Jolly's~ secondary base, and then it was a matter of mopping up when ~Jolly~ ran out of minerals.

Both players will stay in and will play each other in the loser's bracket.

- Fargo

Thresh Beats RB-Ren -- stage set for rematch!
11-13-98 at 14:30 |

The FragPipe was chosen by random draw, which was an interesting choice, since both of these players had lost to Immortal on that very map and were trying to adjust their strategies. The match started out bad for RB-Ren -- Thresh sealed him in the Fragpipe itself leaving his opponent gulping lava. Fortunately, Ren had the extra 100 health and lived, but it's a rough way to start. :)

Thresh was relying on his rockets and they could do him no wrong. He crept ahead to 2-0, denying RB-Ren the 100 health and dishing out tons of damage. He was in rare form! Ren turned up the heat, though, chucking a mean grenade and stopping Thresh's run to put himself on the board. He recklessly hunted Thresh to narrow Thresh's lead with another kill, and at one point even squished Thresh in the Fragpipe doors after a brilliant rocket jump took his opponent totally by surprise.

Thresh varied his weapon choice a little, and soon he was finding his targets with the railgun. He never hunkered into a defensive position, instead playing aggressively until the end and giving RB-Ren no slack whatsoever. The match ended much as it began: RB-Ren found himself swimming in the lava inside the fragpipe (d'oh!) The final score was 15-0 despite his best efforts.

RB-Ren will go home with the third place prize, while the stage is set for an eagerly anticipated Thresh-Immortal rematch tommorow for the title!

- Fargo

Thresh and Immortal Win!
11-13-98 at 13:53 |

More Quake II action, in both the winners and loser's brackets. First Immortal played RB-Ren to see who would sit in the comfortable Winner's bracket position for the final rounds. They played on the Frag Pipe, where Immortal scored the first kill and immediately folowed through with a nice rocket. A brilliant rail shot gave Immortal a five point lead early on, and he didn't look back. The score was 10 to -1 at the halfway point. There was really nothing to say: as fast as Immortal could pull the railgun trigger he could find his mark. Ren isn't out of the competition, he's down in the loser's bracket after a 20 to -2 game.

Thresh, meanwhile, had to scramble at one point to keep a hold of his match against K9 MastaKilla. The first kill was his on the map PowerTrip (the first time it was played in the tournament.) Soon he crept ahead, but K9 MastaKilla was not one to panic. He fought hard -- closed the gap to 8-4 ... and then to 8-6... The tide was turning!

Here Thresh really stepped up, though. In a series of chaingun kills he regained his edge and started playing a flawless game. He held his opponent to 6 points and in a series of spawn kills slammed ahead to 26-8. With sucha secure lead Thresh played defensively, and even though MastaKilla regained control of the map at the end it was too little, too late. The final score was 25-10. Thresh will have to put a stop to RB-Ren if he's to get a chance at a rematch with Immortal!

- Fargo

MastaKilla masters NoName
11-13-98 at 13:07 |

It was a lighthearted match, although a lot was at stake -- the loser would be eliminated from the tourney. The map was the FragPipe. NoName scored the first kill, and clamped down on the map -- but it's a hard map to control, and soon MastaKilla went on a run and fought to a 6-1 lead by the five minute mark.

As the gap widened to 12-0, the players began typing occasional messages to each other. "No bots, please!" Masta said at one point after Noname suprised everyone withh a terrific hand-grenade kill. Noname kept fighting on and despite some excellent attempts, MastaKilla never let up. "I saw your corpse down there!" he typed once after taking a dip in the lava. The final score was 22 to -2. As often happens with the finals at this level, the final score can sometimes seem enormous despite a good game being played by both players. Still, Masta clearly dominated ... and he'll need to continue to dominate if he hopes to take out his next opponent, Thresh.

- Fargo

"No Escape!" Thresh victorious over Revelation.
11-13-98 at 12:31 |

"No escape!" Rasta commented to the audience halfway through this match, after Thresh let fly another perfect rocket and demolished his opponent. The map was "Killing machine," and from the beginning Thresh had control of the map. Revelation tried to keep Thresh at bay early on, and he really demonstrated some good play -- he held his opponent off with rails and hyperblaster.

But ultimately, everytime Revelation tried to sneak in for the red armor, Thresh was waiting. It was 15-0 at the halfway point. Thresh was brutally accurate with his rockets, and while Revelation didn't make many mistakes, he was always on the wrong end of the firepower-- the final score: 30 to -1. Revelation is out of the finals, and Thresh continues to fight his way through. He's got to be rallied by that victory -- Thresh didn't die once during the contest!

- Fargo

Interview with Immortal
11-13-98 at 12:08 |

This morning I snagged a few moments with Immortal as he prepares for today's matches. Read the Interview and see what's going through his head as he prepares for the carnage!

- Fargo

Welcome to Day Two! Demos!
11-13-98 at 11:08 |

Day two is soon to begin! The practice area is filled with the sound of bouncing grenades. Barring a change of schedule, first up we'll be ironing out the Quake II finals. Immortal, flush from his victory, will be taking on RB-Ren -- Ren hasn't gotten his fair shakes in our coverage so far, but anyone who watched his games knows that he's got some amazing talent and he's calm on the battlefield. We'll see how he handles the Immortal one.

Meanwhile, everyone's eager for demos ... My new best friend Beev on the PGL messageboards is mirroring all the demos on his T3. Browse the demo listing - thanks Beev! You can also find demos on the PGL site, although as one might expect getting through to FTP is difficult. Start at the PGL Scoreboard, find the match you want, and click on the "commentary" button. Demos are often available from either perspective.

Do yourself a favor and Watch the Immortal v. Thresh game! maybe some of the MadSkillz(tm) will rub of on you.

- Fargo

11-13-98 at 10:22 |

Last night I erroroneously reported the matchups in the Quake II one-on-one tourney--I misread the charts. :) I've corrected my earlier update and here ae the correct matchups: This afternoon, Thresh will take on a|Revelation and MastaKilla will go after NoName 99.

Sorry for any confusion this caused, but remember kids: Betting on the PGL results may not be legal in some states!! :)

- Fargo

Thursday, Nov 12, 1998
Day one -- all results in!
11-12-98 at 19:24 |

All the matches are played and the cafe is closing up. Well, to the public, at least -- There's more than one eight-player game of StarCraft going on and clan deathmatches heating up the back. :) Meantime, the results are all in so we can take a look at what tommorow holds in store for us:

Quake II One-on-One:
  Winners Bracket:
  - Immortal vs. RB-Ren
  Losers Bracket:
  - K9-MastaKilla vs. NoName99
  - a|Revelation vs. Thresh

StarCraft One-on-One:
  Winners Bracket:
  - Kin-Dom vs. Gadianton
  Losers Bracket:
  - Kgor vs. ~Insane~Frog~
  - Tanthalis vs. ~Jolly~

We saw some surprises and some great gaming during day one -- Day two has even more potential! Stay tuned for continuing coverage.

- Fargo

RB Ren Advances
11-12-98 at 17:58 |

Most of the eyes were on the Immortal/Thresh matchup, but RB Ren and K9-MastaKilla were fighting it out on the other half of the winner's bracket. "It should be a good challenge," Ren said before the match. "I'm looking forward to it." The final score made it look easy, though, with Ren taking down Masta 30 to -1 on The Edge. MastaKilla isn't out of the running yet, though -- He'll move down to the loser's bracet, while Ren will test his skills against the formidible Immortal.

- Fargo

Immortal Beats Thresh 10 - 1!
11-12-98 at 17:45 |

In a serious upset, the young challenger Immortal beat Thresh 10 to 1!

Immortal got the first kill but the match stalmated for a long time. The arena was the Frag pipe, which led to a very defensive game and very few runs. Short, cautious confrontations marked the battle until the closing five minutes. A couple of unfortunate suicides by Immortal kept the scores low, and the game was tied 1-1 at the halfway mark. Weapon choice seemed to be the deciding factor -- Immortal had the railgun when he needed it, he had the rockets ready, and he was ready to go in whatever situation came up. A spectacular mid-air railgun kill amazed the crowd--Immortal took off 7 to 2 with less than five minutes left, and Thresh couldn't close the gap. The final score was 10 to 1, and the PGL has a new legend!!

- Fargo

First StarCraft Eliminations!
11-12-98 at 16:50 |

Furious Starcraft action earlier this afternoon, with a double-header of matches that were very similar but played out very differently. The~insane~Frog played Tillerman and ESP played Tanthalis, both games taking place on the "Hunters" map. Also, in both games, the two opponents started off right next to each other.

That's where the similarities end, though. Tanthalis and ESP played Protoss, and ESP was the first to discover their close proximity. He rushed his opponent with ... probes? Yes, it was a probe rush in the PGL finals! It came within a hair's breadth of working, too. TanthaliS managed to eek out a Reaver just moments before his Reaver Factory was destroyed, and he used it to not only fight back the probes, but to decimate ESP's base as well, thanks to a shuttle-drop. It was eve still around to help mop up the rest of the attackers, afterwards. A well-earned (and close!) win for TanthaliS, and ESP is eliminated.

Meanwhile, a very comical match between Tillerman and ~The~Insane~Frog~ started off much the same way. Both players were playing the Zerg -- they discovered one another almost instantly when their Overlords crossed paths in the small area between their bases. "Oh S--t!" Frog typed.

Next came the expected Zergling rush, with blood flying everywhere. After a few moments of carnage, both opponents pulled back with about a dozen Zerglings on each side. And then ... they stared at each other.

The difference is that ~Frog~ was building a spire in preparation for an attack from above, whereas Tillerman was cranking out zerglings after zerglings. When the next big conflict came, Tillerman had enough of the little guys to wash over ~Frog's~ defenses. He immediately saw the spire and attacked it, but it was too late -- ~Frog~ had about three fliers who were enough to decimate the attackers and go on the offensive. Soon, Tillerman was outproduced, and he knew it. "Ugh," he typed. Eventually the hammer fell, and Tillerman watched his base overwhlemed and destroyed. He's knocked out of the competition, while ~Frog~ will try to hold on by his fingernails and possibly work his way to the big finish...

- Fargo

Revelation Moves on, Lord-187 Eliminated
11-12-98 at 16:44 |

The Quake II action continued, this time on The Pits. a|Revelation and Lord-187 were struggling to stay in the tournament from the losers bracket.

The map wa a lot larger and slower moving than the previous map, Match1, and the game played accordingly. Revelation came away with the first frag, perhaps ultimately the most decisive one... he never gave up the lead. Soon the score shot ahead to 5-1. Lord-187 put up a mean fight, slamming his opponent with some fine railgun artistry, and both players used sounds to pinpoint each opponent. Ultimately it wasn't enough to make a comeback though -- Revelation played extremely defensive and came away with the win, 6-3. "That map is really hard to make a comeback on," he admitted after the match. By staying calm and playing it safe, he managed a victory and stays in the tourney.

- Fargo

RB Ren and K9 MastaKilla Advance...
11-12-98 at 15:11 |

Again a pair of very different matches, this time in the action category. The game? Quake II. The map? Match1. That meant a lot of lava and a game dynamic that revolved around the red armor.

RB Ren gave a|Revelation (Nem Com) absolutely no leeway. He grabbed control of the red armor and refused to go away, despite revelation's repeated efforts. By the halfway mark Ren was winning by 5 and and never let up the pressure. Ren, a member of the Ruthless bastards clan, is one of the couple Canadian competitors here at the even -- while he claims that he plays better in casul games, his skillz were self evident as he defended the red armor. The final score was 17-2 -- brutal!

In a very different game, K9 MastaKilla took down Lord 187 -- and he worked for every inch of ground! Shortly before the halfway point the lead seemed tight, with a 7-3 game and Masta firmly in control of the armor. Lord didn't crack under pressure, he continually tried to usurp the man and made a sudden three-frag run just after the halfway point, suddenly turning the match in his favor. The fighting was close, with rockets being pumped around every corner. The score was tied at 7-7. Then it was tied again at 9-9. And again at 10-10, with five minutes to go! Masta gradually regained his foothold, and here Lord 187 took a few unfortunate dips into the lava (where his railgun was no help in getting out.) "That's gotta hurt," the announcers here commented. It sure did. The final score was 21 to 9, the gap widening as Lord 187 went on a desperate final offensive. This was a great game that had the crowd here wound up -- Lord 187 isn't out of the running yet, hopefully these two contenders will meet again!

See the Quake II Finals Bracket

- Fargo

KGor runs the Marathon -- more StarCraft Results
11-12-98 at 14:18 |

Two interesting and very different StarCraft matches took place this afternoon.

First, Stwyla (known as Gadianton around the net) played a mean Protoss vs. Protoss game, defeating ESP in a relatively short game. Both built up their bases slowly and attacked using shuttles and reaver drops on the map "Dire Straits." ESP led off with the first drop, and while he did some damage, Gadianton doubled-up on the Reavers and punched back with a drop of his own. From there, ESP realized he was falling behind and left his base undefended to throw everything he had at his opponent. Gadianton wasn't going anywhere though; once he finished off the shuttles, it was only a matter of sening in a cleanup crew. Congrats to Gadianton!

Kgor and Tanthalis played a grueling game on the Jacob's ladder map, with Tanthalis as the Protoss and Kgor playing the Terrans. At first Kgor was hurt when a reaver drop into the center of his base brutalized many of his SCVs and set most of his buildings aflame. He turned the tide, though, by putting a small terran base together on some cliffs near Tant's home. From there the seige tanks went to work, slowly whittling away buildings -- ultimately, Tanthalis was never able to dislodge this outpost.

From there the game broke down as both players, in search of more resources, raced to build smaller bases all over the map. Tanthalis had completely rebuilt himself in the opposite corner but was unable to defend his other holdings. Soon Kgor owned the map and Tanthalis was (quite literally) under seige. His templars and Archons put up a mean defense, tearing up a good dal of the besiging forces, but inevitably he ran out of crystals and fell before a swarm of nearly 20 wraiths.

Kgor and Gadianton (Stwyla) advance in the winner's bracket!

- Fargo

Quake2 Results: Immortal Victorious
11-12-98 at 13:09 |

Looks like Immortal will move on to take Thresh, having beaten NoName in a brutal match.

This was just amazing to watch. Both players were intimate with the map and displayed some mad skillz, although the final minutes saw the gap between the players widen considerably. Both players would occasionally get into a run, such as Immy's opening rush to bring the score to 4-1. But NoName was calm under the pressure applied and would always have a rail waiting to turn the tide ... his narrow escapes kept the game close until the final moments where he went on the offensive and paid the price. The final score was 20-10 in favor of Immortal.

- Fargo

First StarCraft Results in
11-12-98 at 12:30 |

Tillerman and Jolly faced off, both playing the Zerg on the Hunters map. As Zergs are wont to do, both of them multiplied exponentially but Tillerman, by his own admittance, got "a little too greedy." Jolly stayed tight and put the smack down on Tillerman's land-grabbing. In a series of zergling wars, Tillerman couldn't keep up and was brought down. It's a double-elimination tourney, so he'll be back for some more later tonight.

Kin Dom also came out on top, fighting on the plains of snow. The~Insane~Frog was playing the Zerg, and shortly into the game found a few space marines sniping away at him outside his base. Pretty soon the marines had a bunker. Then two. Then Three. Eventually, it was Frog-under-seige, his zerglings crashing like waves against the wall of firepower. It was no use -- Kin Dom reigned supreme. Kin Dom and Jolly advance!

- Fargo

Tourney Brackets Drawn up...
11-12-98 at 10:15 |

The random drawing was made early this morning without much fanfare, but with a lot of mumbled speculation from the judges. Looks like it'll be an interesting first day!

The big news is that due to illness, Pharoah will be unable to compete. That gave Thresh of all people a 'bye' in the first round! He'll have some time to relax and survey this season's competition as they play in person. That pairings are:

Quake II One on One:

  • Thresh vs. Pharoah (* Thresh advances)
  • Noname 99 vs. Immortal
  • RB-Ren vs. a|Revelation (Nem_ccm)
  • K9 MastaKilla vs. Lord-187

StarCraft One on One:

  • Tillerman vs. ~Jolly~
  • Kin-Dom vs. ~The~Insane~Frog~
  • KGOR vs. Tanthalus
  • Gadianton/Stwyla vs. ESP

Quake I Clan TeamPlay

  • Death Row vs. Clan Kapitol
  • Clan Gib vs. Power Rangers

I'll be updating the brackets pages shortly to help you follow the action.

- Fargo

Highlights for Today:
11-12-98 at 03:17 |

The opening rounds will be pretty frantic -- both the StarCraft and Quake II tourneys will play two simultaneous games at a time to make the earlier rounds move along faster. The initial pairings haven't been decided yet, but we'll post them here as soon as they're available.

Unfortunately for you team-game fans, the Quake I 4-on-4 games won't start until tommorow afternoon. Meanwhile, the first rounds of the other tourneys will last from noon to about 6 PM pacific time, so stick around for the results as they roll in and horn in on the Chat while you're at it!

- Fargo

PGL Season 3 Coverage Begins!
11-12-98 at 03:05 |

San Francisco's Club-I is quiet here in the wee hours, but that's going to change soon enough. This particular CyberCafe is home to the Professional Gamers League Season 3 championships, which we'll be covering here on PlanetQuake!

The festivities kick off at 10 AM Pacific U.S. time today, with the first match scheduled for noon. We'll be starting the ruckus with a couple of StarCraft matches before diving into the Quake II one-on-one action.

We're going to be trying some new tricks this time around to help you get the most out of the games. For one thing, you can check out the Live PGL Chat, where you can chill with other fans and where we'll hopefully be posting the scores as they come in.

Over to the left you can track how individual players are doing throughout the tourneys. And to the right you'll find articles and interviews and commentary as it rolls in. You can plan your day by the schedule posted next to the pic above -- we'll be updating throughout the course of the event!

Bookmark this page and come back to folow the action!

- Fargo

I got three cool interviews for the people: First up we have an interview with Bill Roper from Blizzard, who talks about the new StarCraft expansion and more.

I also talked with Immortal about his upcoming game against Thresh for all the bacon.

Then late Friday night I snagged an interview with Death Row regarding their strategy in the upcoming matches (and some surprising trash talk. ;)

The match that everyone's still talking about remains the first time Immortal and Thresh collided on the Fragpipe. "It was like watching Thresh play Thresh!" commented one of the PGL officials. The game was tight throughout the first half and suddenly Immortal exploded onto the scene and commanded a 10 to 1 victory! Download the Demo and watch this one for yourself!

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