"Jacked up and good to go." -Starcraft dude

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Change in Plans: All the clans involved in the contest agreed beforehand not to play a double-elim tournament, but instead to play two matches each. The winners of the first round will play each other for first and second place, and the losers of the first round will play each other for third and fourth place. That means the painstakingly rendered chart below isn't accurate, but I'm sure you can deal. :)
Death Row
(2 games to 0) Death Row
Clan Kapitol
(to decide 1st and 2nd place) Death Row Takes First Place!
Clan Gib
2 games to 0 Clan Gib
Power Rangers FINAL  
  Power Rangers
(For 3rd and 4th place) Clan kapital Takes 3rd place!
  Clan Kapital

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