about profile; what is it man?

Profile was created by and is maintained by me, kolinahr (Andrew Wu). Check out my other sites, quakEncyclopedia, who's who, and my silly quake bloopers page. I also helped Dakota with the Gamer's Guide (formerly the Quake Newbie Guide). (Nowadays, I also run the House of Mouse, but that wasn't open until way after Profile started up.) If you're curious about who I am (yea right), I'm just a young guy from New York who likes to play Quake and write about it.

    Profile is dedicated to listing all worthwhile interviews and articles focusing on people from the 3d gaming community, from gaming company employees to webmasters to expert game players. Profile also keeps track of new interviews, lists some of the best interviews around, and features articles and its own interviews.

    I love interviews. Although I list interviews and other data on who's who, finding interviews was annoying, and there was no way to ascertain the quality of the interviews. After compiling all listed interviews, taking out a few, and re-reading them, I gave each interview a subjective rating and wrote a short summary describing what the interview was about. Interviews, in my humble opinion, offer a chance to peek into someone's brain, see how they tick or tock, and find out: who is this guy anyway?

    Ratings are, of course, partially subjective. I've read virtually all included interviews twice, and devoted thought to each rating. Some factors taken into consideration are length, focus, topics, interviewee, style, and page design. Longer interviews are usually more detailed. Interviews that focus mainly on the game are interesting, but rarely reveal any insight into the person interviewed. Topics should be interesting or relevant. Sometimes, just the interviewee makes an interview good, such as an interview with John Carmack. Besides the style of the writing (more important if it's an article), page designs that aren't conducive to reading lowers the rating. If you have a beef (beefcake beefcake?) about a rating, feel free to email me your comments xor crticism.

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