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[Aidoru and Ravioli] Corrinne Yu, ION Storm's director of advanced technology, tells about herself and talks about the next-generation tech she works on. April 24, 1998.
[top ten interviewees] List of the top ten interviewees, on profile, as of Jan 26, 1998.
["little computer
nerd" CurMo
YPOD (Your Path of Destruction) Doom TC creator Curtis Moxley talks about his TC and about himself. Nov 29, 1997.
[Vanilla frosting Void] Webmaster Patrick "void" Cupka talks about himself and his websites, The Void and DemoLand. Nov 19, 1997.
[Space Invaders and Spermatazoa] An interview that profiles Epic megagames designer Cliff Bleszinski from his young aspirations to his cats and his work on Unreal.
[Beep.. Argh.. Pok!] Originally written in June 1997 for Spectrum newspaper, this article deals with Jason Bergman (loonyboi) as a sound creator.

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