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Clan DR and Clan U4 Planetquake interview
by Dave Kosak
(jan 24, 1998)
[3/3] At the T3 Tournament finals, Fargo mass interviews Clan Death Row and Clan Unforgiven just before they fight each other in the three final clan matches of T3.
DM Mappers PJ's Pineapple interview
by Paul James
(nov 14, 1997)
[2/3] Amateur deathmatch mappers Stuart "CopyCat" Cam, Daniel "Danimal" Proietti, Michael "Slayer" Oates, Adriano "Escher" Lorenzini, Kevin "Rorshach" Johnstone, Gabriel "FeSter" Bucknall are interviewed in a typic mapper interview. They tell how they get started, what editors/styles/techniques they use, and also give some editing advice.
Level designers Terrafusion Q&A
  Romero, Mustaine, Wardwell, Jaquays, Antkow, and a few other (level) designers answer the question, "What process do you follow when you design a deathmatch map?"
Misc Modelers Modelling studio info
  Not an interview per se, this page lists responses from professional modelers and animators such as Paul Steed. The artists answer questions about the software they use, their career, hand drawing skills, tips, and the key to being succesful in the industry.
Ritual LD team interview
by David Laprad
(jan, 1998)
[3/3] Interviewer Laprad focuses one half of the interview on Richard "Levelord" Gray, while the last half features responses from Tom "Paradox" Mustaine and Mike "Giggler" Wardwell. Fellow level designer Patrick Hook gets to answer one question. Laprad asks Gray about celebrity and the last design stages, and queries the other designers about their developing design styles and the team dynamic.
Ritual team Gameslice interview
(feb, 1998)
[2/3] Various complete the question questions with the Ritual staff.

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