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Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
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      DLL Downloads

    Here in the download section, we put together a collection of files and programs that will assist you when creating DLLs. If you've got something that you would like added, please send it in to me.

    Quake DeveLS mod making kit

    This is a collection of files, for all you newbies out there. This contains absolutely everything you need to start making your own Quake2 patches! It contains the LCC compiler, the Quake2 source, and some other small bug fixes and bat files! Its best used in conjunction with the LCC compiling tutorial, found here.

    Quake2 Source Code

    So, you want to start building a Quake2 TC en? Well firstly, you'll need the source code! Yep, download the latest version of the Quake2 Source code right here, and c'mon, its only 445K, so get to it.

    Q_DEVELS.C - Quake2 Support Functions

    (NEW Jan 28 1998: VERSION 1.5)

    Q_DEVELS.C is a file containing support functions for the quake2 source code. For example, functions like 'stuffcmd', 'for_each_player', 'centerprintf_all'. These functions may just make your day-to-day programming easier ! Functions contributed by various authors and put together by SumFuka. Enjoy.

    Developer Studio Appwizard

    For MS Developer studio 4.0, this file allows you to compile your quake2 project without any fuss. It's really handy for owners of MSDEVSTD, and comes with easy to follow installation guides.

    Quake DeveLS Offline Tutorials (as of May 30, 1998)

    This is all of the tutorials meant for offline viewing. Made by crappy.

    Quake2 ini style functions by Woody

    Windows has got its GetPrivateProfileString function to read from .ini files but this isn't suitable for quake 2 with linux and things, hence this zip has been produced to deal with that problem.

    Use the functions provided in this zip file to preserve server settings between executions. You can save just about anything you like as an ini variable... favourite map, player ip's to ban, etc etc.

    All details including demos, test files, etc are included in the zip, hopefully this will lead to some standards configuration files.

    MSVC AppWizard Files

    This zip contains the quake2 gamex86.dll source files in the MicroSoft AppWizard format. Never used the AppWizard ? Well, the AppWizard is that coolio browser thing that allows you to add and edit functions by selecting them from a drop down box (rather than hunting throw 1000's of lines of source...).

    If you're an AppWizard guru, (or you'd like to simply have a play - trust me, it's fun!) then this download is for you !

    Borland Project files

    These are the project files for Borland C++. You'll need to download these if you would like to use Borland C++ to compile the Q2 source.


    You will need this if you are going to do any mod making, unless of course you have some other compiler. This is the best freeware/shareware compiler available, and a highly recommended download. Only 1.5 MB for the entire package.

    LCC-WIN32 Documentation

    A large (really large) MS Word formatted LCC documentation. If you have the compiler, you should really download this.


    GCC (the GNU compiler) for win32. A very well rounded compiler, supporting multiple languages (some you probably haven't even heard of), code code optimization (for a free compiler at least), support for UNIX emulation in your mods, and brought to you by the people at the FSF and Cygnus. Warning: 15MB file:)

    PFE - Programmer's File Editor

    This is a text editor developed for programming purposes. This is the Windows 95/NT version. Other versions are available from download.com. A good text editor for .C files. Not a necessity, but it has some powerful features for programmers that EDIT lacks.


    The grand daddy of the text editors. Even has a kitchen sink. Probably the most extensible program ever written... even more so than quake. And who doesn't love Elisp.

    C Tutorials

    I collection of C tutorials in html format. A good set of tutorials if you aren't familiar with the C language yet. It can't replace a good book on the subject, but its sure worth a read (and hey, its free!).

    C Tutorial Examples

    These are all the C files to go along with the tutorials above. You should get this if your reading the C tutorials.

    Doom Source Code

    Not really related to Quake2 editing in all way, however, I couldn't help uploading the Doom source code. This is the code to one of the most popular games of all time, thus, a great download:) However, Linux only people.

    Doom code DOS port

    Arrh, just days after the original Doom was released, came this fabulous port to DOS, however, you'll still need the linux code to compile under dos. The only hiccup is that there is no sound or networking capabilities, so you'll just have to implement them yourself!



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