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Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
DUEL Map Pak

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    Even the AI monsters want to duel each other with this patch !

    The PlanetQuake QDevels Duel mod gives you an intense 1on1 duel environment. Just about everything can be customized by the players... they can choose a map and adjust settings (timelimit, fraglimit, powerups, dmflags) all through a sexy menu system. And when the action begins, the spectators can enjoy the bloodbath in any one of 4 ChaseCam modes.

    The DUEL mod also gives very ummm, ahem *colourful* evaluations of player performances in the match ! There's even a 'duellists log' recording who beat who... by how much, on what map and when. But don't take our word for it, Go Get the QDeveLS DUEL Mod 2.0 now ! (it's designed for 3.14 servers).

    By the way, the DUEL mod is a server-side only mod. The client does not need to download anything.... So... if you just want to play duel, search for a duel server and simply jump in. You only need to download the mod if you are running the server...

    And, did we tell you that our patch has attitude ?

    General Features

    • Intense '1on1' duel environment
    • MOTD (message-of-the-day)... that can even be edited without stopping the server
    • Online selection of duel parameters by players :
      • map... as specified by player, or randomly selected by the server.
      • timelimit
      • fraglimit
      • powerups
      • dmflags
    • On-line help
    • 'Pre-Duel Rally Time'... players can move and fire weapons to get a feel for the map (without taking damage)
    • Atmospheric countdown... an on-screen counter with sound effects, guaranteed to get the heart pumping !
    • ChaseCam with 4 modes
    • Random respawns to start the duel off
    • Regular reminders of time remaining
    • Witty in-game comments on the duel
    • Witty post-game comments on each player's comparative performance
    • A duellists' log... players can see the results of all previous duels...
    • An 'anti-bad-sport' feature... duel results are recorded, even if a client disconnects.

    How to run a DUEL server

    Ok, well first you need to download the duel package and unzip it in your quake directory. You should have a new gamex86.dll in the duel directory e.g. C:\QUAKE2\DUEL\GAMEX86.DLL. Run the server like this :

    c:\quake2\quake2.exe +set game "duel" +set deathmatch 1 +map q2dm1 +set maxclients 8

    Note that with maxclients 8, there can be 8 people in the game (duh), so that means a maximum of 6 spectators (and 2 duellists).

    To set a motd (message-of-the-day), simply modify the motd.txt file in the duel directory. Be careful not to put too much text on one line, or too many lines, else the text will overflow from the menu system window.

    That's it ! Just log in and frag away... The server administrator can also inspect the results of duels by looking at the duel_log.txt file (which is saved in the duel directory). The log file is an ascii format - it should be easy to construct stats from it if they are ever required :)

    To use a different logfile, run the server with (e.g.) +set logfile mylogfile.txt. To run a server with no log file, use +set logfile none.

    How to play DUEL

    Simply join the server and use the menu system. Choose 'Enter the Duel' if you would like to play, or 'Watch as Spectator' if you would like to watch.

    If you enter the duel, you will need to be 'ready' before the duel actually starts. Simply use the menu option 'Ready to Duel'.

    Here is a tip if you are having trouble with the menu system : hit TAB or F1 to get the menu back up. Use [ and ] to move up and down the menu options, and hit ENTER to select a menu option. ESCAPE exits a menu.

    That's it ! Rock and roll.

    DUEL Command Reference

    • PLAYER ... Enter duel as a player
    • READY ... Ready to start countdown !
    • NOTREADY ... Not ready to start
    • BREAK ... Stop the duel

    • SPECTATOR ... Watch duel as a spectator
    • CHASECAM ... Toggle ChaseCam on/off
    • CHASEMODE ... Switch ChaseCam mode

    • TIME ... Set timelimit to x
    • FRAGS ... Set fraglimit to y
    • POWERUPS ... Toggle powerups on/off

    • DUELMAP ... Play on map abc
    • Q2DM[1-8] ... E.g. Q2DM1
    • RANDMAP ... Random q2dm[1-8] map

    • COMMANDS ... (This List)

    DUEL Credits

    The DUEL mod 2.0 was written by SumFuka in April 1998. It took a little longer than the previous version (which was written in about 5 days before Xmas 1997...). This mod was inspired by the Quake I 'duel' patch by fang^FAQ^ and the infamous clanring mod. It was only possible by the absolute extreme generosity of id software in releasing the gamex86.dll source. In particular, John Carmack. You are GOD. You rule.

    In fact, Paul Steed rules too. I have actually met Paul Steed (when he came out to Australia for the release of Quake II) and he is not only the most talented 3D modeller in the universe, but a great guy too. I'm not trying to be sucky, I'm just letting you know that id folks rock.

    Thanks to Planetquake for hosting QDeveLS and the duel patch. Also thanks to XRayMan and HillBilly for testing the duel patch late into the midnight hours at my place on Xmas. But most of all, thanks to the QDeveLS fans who provided input into the making of the mod.

    If you are running a quake2 competition, please feel free to use the DUEL patch ! You should be able to use it as is (just change the motd.txt file to taste). If you require a customized version, get in touch with me.

    The duel patch can be freely distributed. I only ask that you leave the zip file 'as is' and if you post it on a website, please put a link to qdevels.

    Source ? Sure, Ill release it in a month or so, when any necessary modifications have been made. If you're interested, it's about 2000 lines.

    (Legal Mumbo Jumbo : ) The DUEL patch has no malicious intent but the authour cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred through it's use.

    PS in case you were wondering, the gifs I am using as separators between sections on this web page (E.g. "SumFuka YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK !!!") are actual comments that the DUEL patch said whilst I was playing (and losing, BADLY !)



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