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Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
DUEL Map Pak

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      DUEL Map Pak

    These 1-on-1 maps are the creations of the most brilliant map-makers every to live. Fear them, revere them, but most of all... enjoy the maps they have so generously made for our DUEL-ing pleasure !

  • Download the DUEL Map Pak (1.7 meg)

    Once you have downloaded the DUEL map pak, simply extract the archive into your C:\quake2 directory (or D:\quake2 or wherever you keep it).

    The Maps

    These maps were selected by the staff of RamShackle and QDeveLS. We looked for good map prettiness/size/layout, good item placement and (most of all) good playability.

    We included no more than one map from each author (in order to give fame and fortune to 8 different people).

    Lastly, we tried to give you some variety in this map pak. There are larger and smaller maps, one map has a quad, and there are three maps specifically suited to RocketLauncher, RailGun and Double-Shotty lovers.

    Enjoy !

    q2duel1 : AeroWalk
    by Mattias "Preacher" Konradsson

    This map rocks-ass(tm) ! In fact, it's my favourite q2 map ever. I'm betting that this map will become "the duellists' map" for quake2... much the same way that dm4 was popular among quake1 duellists.

    This map sports intense, non-stop action. But don't stop too long to admire the picturesque teleporters... you may just cop a rail in the head :)

    q2duel2 : Grind
    by headshot [Dennis Kaltwasser]

    Hmmm, what does that button do ? You'll just have to play this map to find out, soldier. Let's just say that if you play me on this map... touch that button and die !

    grind... the name pretty much says it all. Just be careful your opponent doens't get the idea to grind your face into the nearest brush.

    q2duel3 : Brutal Force
    by Jens Andreasson

    Warning : do not play this map if you are claustrophobic. Same goes for people with pacemakers... the pace is pretty frenetic in here.

    This cosy little map is perfect for those intent on spilling blood (and lots of it). Double-shotty specialists will be right at home... don't go thinking the rocket launcher is king of this hill.

    q2duel4 : Out the Window
    by Brian "Weasel" Wilson

    If you've ever stood in an elevator and put your hand between the doors just as they were about to close... and watched the doors open and close... open and close... then you'll love this map. Hell even if you never did that (am I the only person who experienced a weird childhood ?), you still might like it :)

    Words really do fail me for this map... it's just so brilliantly different ! The tight layout forces you to throw away your rocket skills and use those weapons best suited to making hamburger meat out of your opponent - double shotty and chaingun.

    q2duel5 : Mortal Coil
    by Phil "Retinal" Chopp

    Don't pause to admire the skyline of a smoggy city seen through the windows... you've got a Rocket Launcher to race for ! If your opponent beats you to it, well... hehe. It'll be a game of hide and seek for the next 29 seconds !

    ... And for a nice touch there is a quad on this map. Quad + Double Shotty = "Mmmmm, yummy". Duel with powerups on (if you dare...)

    q2duel6 : ikdm3
    by Iikka 'Fingers' Keranen

    Don't let the lack of a scary name fool you... this map is excellent fun. And if you are a Rail-head(tm) ... well, you're right at home !

    And what the hell is that rotating thing in the picture ? To be honest, I don't really know. But whatever it is, it's put more than one elevator mechanic out of work. (How did the blood get on it, Iikka ?)

    q2duel7 : Gom Jabbar
    by Noel "Taltos" Weer

    Don't slip into the acid, that's my advice for this map. Try to keep calm when playing here... this slime pit is all about getting the high ground and keeping it.

    If you love rocket jumping around, you should excel on this one. (And besides, it has a scary name - it must be fun!)

    q2duel8 : The Rage
    by Sten "ztn" Uusvali

    Like Mike Tyson's career, let's finish with something good to chew on. THIS MAP ROCKS ! It's pretty... and it's a certain bloodbath. (Oh, and it's pretty, too).

    This map is perfect for the Rocket-lover. You'll find yourself rounding corners and exiting elevators right in time to cop a sweet rocket to the face. Know it, love it.... mmmm this map rules.

    Making DUEL Maps

    If you think you've got what it takes to make a mean DUEL map, start mapping now ! If this map pak is successful we will make a second map pak in a month or so. Be ready to send them in when we post news about it at QDeveLS.

    A 1on1 map is just a normal deathmatch map... there are no special entities you need to know about. Just make sure your map is fun, playable and fair. Be wary of putting a BFG or a power shield in the map. And try to force the players to move around to get armour and ammo - it's a nasty fact of life but people do camp... make it hard for them to camp.

    Stuck for ideas ? Head over to RamShackle to see how hundreds of other cool q2 maps have been made.


    Please ! Read the following message...

    These map makers have put in many many hours of work to create these maps for everyone to enjoy. Please respect their work... drop them a nice note if you enjoy the maps ! Also, please refer to the individual q2duelX.txt files for details on each map.

    This map pak is public domain - you are free to distribute it by electronic means (inet/bbs) as long as you give it away for free. Please, do not put these maps on CDs without asking the authors.

    Neither the map makers, the makers of this map package nor the agents responsible for distributing this map pak over the internet can be held liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of using this map package.

    Quake2 is a registered trademark of id software.
    The work of the map authors remains their own.



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