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      Quake DeveLS - DLL News

    Quake2Finger    Robert Duffy   7/26/04 11:54
    Todd Hollenshead   7/14/04 22:39
    Tim Willits   9/10/03 14:35
    Graeme Devine   7/3/03 12:33
    Fred Nilsson   6/30/03 09:12
    QuakeFinger, Quake community finger archive.

    DLL Date: 4 March

    So where is QDevels headed?
    Alright I have stated now that its coming back but how is it coming back and when can you expect to see updates on a regular basis. Well main thing is I will soon be looking for new people to help out(not yet so don't email me yet saying you want to help). First thing is to put this page all back together in working order. Then some decisions need to be made on how to do things(probably through some online poll). What I mean will there be Q3 tutorials(should be), new page layout(alright hopefully most people are no longer using 640x480 and according to nedstats majority of people use 800x600 or higher with 41.4% alone using 1024x768). After midterms for this semster I will start doing some of those things but just be patient and wait.


    DLL Date: 2 March

    A new Millenium and Almost a Year since I updated
    Well I've decided to finally update. This is definately a great page and all though someone needs to fix all the broken file downloads(not one single one works as I've been informed oh probably five hundred thousand times including by dweamor I think maybe heh I know the banner code is wrong need to fix this website up for sure). I've been for my senior year of high school taking all college classes, getting into anime and not playing many games(I love deus ex though). Though I question why I'm already taking junior and senior college classes my senior year of high school. Examples would be computer graphics, data communications, and software engineering(wanted to take operating systems class too full for even the department chair to do an override). Also I have been working on designing a 3d engine. Should kick ass compared to anything out there though my theory seems to imply a GeForce 3 will probably be required. I've fallen in love with anime also and thats it for now maybe more updates on the way.


    DLL Date: 20 May

    Small Updates to the WebPage
    Sorry about this morning I had some technical difficulties(well stupid mistakes on my part) with the webpage this morning.

    Alright I just made small fixes to the webpage changing mainly the links on the sides so now the messageboard link points to the right place. Also I'm thinking we should start helping people out with Q3. I probably will be making minor changes today fixing up small problems and reorganizing information. So thats it.


    DLL Date: 19 May

    Wolf3d Tut is Up! =)
    Okay I finally have the tutorial done. I notice though that IE5.5 beta seems to have problems displaying the tutorial. For some reason in between preformat tags its doing things that its not supposed to be doing. Where I have the less than symbol it messes up the tutorial. So if this happens for you, then you will have to look at the source for the web page. Well here it is. I have another program already done and it basiclly shows how to handle shadows and reflections. The next prog after that will be loading up Q2 Models, followed by one for loading Q2 Maps, with a program combining features of both to allow us to make a walk-through shoot-em up game like Virtua Fighter. Thats it for now!


    DLL Date: 18 May

    Sorry Haven't updated recently
    Well I should have had the tutorial done for my program. But some minor problems have prevented that. Examples of this would be 4 various AP tests I've taken and had to study for a hell of a lot for each(except Computer Science AB, but the rest Calculus BC, US History, and Psychology well I had to study a bunch). Also I went to particpate in the Pennsylvania Junior Acadmeny of Science at the state level and won first. It was held over at Pennsylvania State University for those are interested. Oh and I had to leave early for my AP Psychology test. The last final thing occupying my time would be, I got my wisdom teeth removed today. Which in case you didn't know(some people are misconcieved on how wisdom teeth works nowday, no more lots of novacaine and using pliars to pull them out) entails being knocked out, cutting open my mouth removing the partially set teeth, and closing it back up with stiches. I was then out at home(except for about every thirty minutes when mom replaced the gauze in my mouth) for about five hours completely, then I woke up in pain due to the pain killer wearing off since about an hour earlier at the time I wasn't coherent enough to swallow some water and a pill without gagging. Well about 7 hours later after all that I feel better(which I would hope since in the last 32 hours I've probably slept over 24 of them). Not to say that any of this is a real good execuse. I've been reading your emails and I hope to get up some files for all of you have problem compiling the Q2 source due to it being so old. Though I will need someone to be able to send a fix for LCC since some people have been having problems with that and I don't use LCC. One little side note, once you hear the difference between a mp4 and the same mp3 you will never want to listen to mp3's again. I've been messing around with mp4's a little, though the biggest problem lies in mp4's taking about 6-8 times longer to create. I plan to see what I can do to optimize the source, for I believe it should be possible to reduce it down to the speed it takes to compile mp3's or faster. Just needs a different viewpoint thats all. For those who are interested check out this website for a mp4 (which are also known as aac's) encoder, decoder, a front ended to simpilfy things, a winamp plugin, and even the source code for it all. Well thats it for now and I can't wait for the N64 game Perfect Dark which should be great. Might be consider more violent than Soldier Of Fortune but we will see. It probaly will end up being a classic but only time will tell. Whoops I almost forgot about the location of the messageboard was changed and I've been notified of the new address so here it is I will change the other link soon


    DLL Date: 2 May

    Wolf3d Style Engine Done But Tutorial Isn't Yet
    Okay I have the Wolf3d Style Engine done. But I don't have the tutorial all together yet. Though here is a zip with the source, the bitmaps and the exe for windows. Real simple thing and here also is a picture of it in action. Some of the source code is from the OpenGL SuperBible to save time. But the main code is all mine just mainly the startup routines and bitmap stuff. Make notice you also need glut to compile this. Don't complain if you can't compile it til after I've written the tutorial then you can complain to me. It demonstrates some simple multitexturing which is about the most advanced technique in there. I was going to have fog but turns out the Microsoft OpenGL file doesn't support it, SGI OpenGL doesn't work with GLUT, and MesaGL sure doesn't seem to have blending that works, so I stuck with the microsoft Opengl File but if you have a hardware accelerator take out the comments with the fog code and it should work fine upon compiling. Also I have to say the 3 textures I made look pretty good. =)

    The Zip File


    DLL Date: 29 April

    I'm Still Alive
    Well, its 2000 now =) Okay it's been 2000 for a while. Just 1 more year til we start the new millenium. I've been thinking recently about updating this page and what I could do. I thought maybe some Q3 tutorials, but with the move away from C it seemed like a deimprovement. So I look down some other avenues of possible interest, such as UT, which were interesting but all to limiting in capabilities. I've decided I'm going to be going through on how to make a 3d engine. I will be teaching you how to create the tools to create maps and sprites. And how to read these. There will be several types of engines I'm going to teach you. The first one for simplicity sake will be a Wolf3d style engine. Mainly something to teach you on how to make a map editor. It won't be ray-tracing since it will all be in opengl, but alot of the stuff opengl does I will dicuss how it handles things short and simple. The other engines will probably follow in this order: Height Map, Portal and a BSP engine. Well we will see how this turns out and sorry for not answering messages over the past few months school has been busy.


    DLL Date: 2 Aug

    New Tutorial
    A new tutorial has come in or actually came in a couple of weeks ago. I've been busy so I didn't have the time to put here. This tutorial is on making grenades roll. Get it here.
    Lately I have been working on a new mod which was the picture of the day yesterday. Its TD2K and you can check it out here. Oh and I've also been beta testing asheron's call. Well I need to get going


    DLL Date: 2 Aug

    New QDevelS Board
    Just got the 411 from Warzone that the new message board is back up and running. Update your book marks. You can find it at http://www.surftools.com/qdevels . I've even updated the link.

    I also was informed that my previous post about Quakestyle was incorrect. My apologies to Willi and nobody. Their fine site is still in the same bat place, same bat time and same bat channel.

    This also means that I'll get the hook source from them and start working on the hook mod that I promised. ;^)

    BTW, I'll be out of town this week. I know. You're going, "So what?". Well, believe it or not, I real good about answering my email. If you send me something, I'll answer within a day or two. Didn't get an answer in that time frame? Then you probably aren't going to get one. I either didn't understand your request (though I usually send an email back saying so), or I'll answer it here on the site or it's "help me break into" request, which I ignore. I'm a hacker, not a cracker. I got all those impulses out a long time, on arpanet.

    So, if you send me something, I probably won't answer until next week. I'm not ignoring you, just can't get to a computer. Unless it's some "3l33t h4x0r skillz" request, which you can just go ahead and send to /dev/null. Until next time.

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,

    DLL Date: 26 July

    Win 2K Strikes Again!
    Every now and then, I do something stupid. I think it's part of human nature. My latest foible? Uh, installing Win2K and not making the roll back disk. Oh well. Live and learn.

    Now, don't get me wrong. With Win2K Professional, I think that Microsoft will finally be able to deliver an industrial strengh OS to the masses, a sort of fire and forget program. The current problem is that nobody supports it and that will change. It delivers a lot of support to features that you didn't have in NT before, such as USB and PCMCIA. Unfortunately, I don't have any of that hardware since it wasn't in NT before. So all my hardware now works marginally since I'm using the old drivers. On the plus side, even with the old drivers, weird hardware and My Own Secret Concoction of Programming, I haven't once seen a BSOD. But to play Tribes, I need to bring it up, kill it and bring it up again. Never mind Q3Arena.

    Anyway, I managed to lose my tutorial that I had in progress, the one with the grappling hook. No problem! I'll just go to Quakestyle and D/L the hook source and start over. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours... Well, apperently, Warzone is moving Quakestyle and the QDeveLS message board over to his new server - surftoolz.com. Everything should be back up in a week. I'll keep you posted.

    Also, I was able to recover some of my email. Kieren Johnstone aka X'BuG sent me this tutorial on advanced thinking functions. In it, you set up your think function to call other think functions programmatically. This lets you have a rocket that drops grenades along the way, for instance. In any case, check it out here.

    Also, as you will recall, a call went out looking for the .pak file format. Well, Albie Cunningham sent me this text file which even has a picture. This should answer everyone's questions.

    Well, I can see by the old waterclock that it is time for me to go. Until next time!

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,

    DLL Date: 30 June

    Couple of Tutes for ya!
    Got a couple of tutorials sent in by Kieren Johnstone (a.k.a. -X'BuG-), maker of the forth coming mod, CLOT. And no, I don't know what it is.

    The first tutorial is one for logging the winners in deathmatchs to an external file. You can get that one here. The second one is to automatically produce bindings under program control. You can get that one here. Enjoy.

    Additionally, I have been listening to what you, my readers, have been asking for, namely a tutorial that explains how to create mods for the MultiDLL stuff. Well, along the way, I've put together a couple of further useful functions for you and a new skeleton for building mods. Hopefully, this will illustrate some things for you and open the door for further mods. I've chosen to implement a grappling hook and in the find tradition of code reuse, I've asked my friend, Maj. Bitch to borrow his code. Shouts to Maj and a big thanks. Look for it soon. Not this weekend though. It's the Fourth of July weekend here in the States, so I'll be busy.

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,

    DLL Date: 27 June

    Hiatus Status
    Whew! The last month an a bit have been something else. As you may recall, yours truly is a working programmer. The project that I am on had an important delivery date that had to be met. Well, let's just say that I've been busy. Real busy.

    But that is finished now and I took a little break to decompress. Yes, there can be too much programming! ;=p

    However, I can never stray too far from computers. I've been working on a LiteStep theme for my computer to sort of decompress. What is LiteStep? It's an Open Source desktop replacement for Windows 98/NT, only one of many. And yes, I look at the source to that too. I keep meaning to make some modes but, that would be more programming at the moment. So I just make graphics for it, called a theme. Your can look at my desktop here. And you can learn more about LiteStep here.

    I've received several tutorials that I'll be posting and you all can stop sending me HTMLized versions of Olle's document. Including Olle, BTW. I'll post that later this week.

    Until next time, keep your antenna's pointed skyward and your propeller beanies on tight!

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,

    DLL Date: 11 May

    Extra Crunchy News!
    Back from my little break. Got so much stuff in the backlog! One of the more interesting things that crossed my desk (well, e-desk I suppose) is this very good set of documentation on how the internals of the Quake 2 game dll and network code work. Olle Källander compiled it from all sorts of sites, tutorials, etc. Previously, you had to go to a number of sites to gather this information. Now you can get it all in one extra crunchy morsel. Only in Word format. Anyone care to translate it to HTML and send it in?

    Also, about a month ago, withnails emailed me to let me know that the Q2Java project had moved to PlanetQuake, with the following URL: http://www.planetquake.com/q2java. Withnails also announced that they had a new version of Q2Java, 0.9.3 available. Be sure and check out my favorite OO implementation of Quake2.

    A lot of people have recently been requesting from me the .pak file structure. I don't know where to get this information. I remember a pak explorer available. If someone knows the format of the pak file and care to share it, send it in and I'll post it.

    Also, White Star Productions is looking for a head programmer for their efforts. Apparently, it's built on top of the Q2 engine and they've developed the game as far as possible but now need a programmer to finish it up. Contact LordSpinal for more information.

    Also, a lot of you sent me LCC makefiles when I asked for some LCC help. I'm talking about writing a tutorial that explains where to get lcc, how to install it, setting up your environment and getting it to build a dll. An example provided that specifically did that for Q2 would be prefered. Think a newbie's guide to lcc. Hurry and send it in. I put you name up in lights!

    Oh yes. If you'll remember, I've always been a proponent of cryptography and strong encryption for verification and authentication. I was even working on a part of the MultiDLL tutorial that would have provided some of those functions to give you some assurance that what you had downloaded and placed in your MultiDLL enhanced Quake engine was ok and indeed what you thought it was. Well, on Friday, the U.S. Appeals Court upheld the lower court's decision that it is unconstitutional to prevent the posting of textual, written code on web site. What does this mean? This means that I'll be posting Part 6 of the MultiDLL! I will no longer be considered a illegal international munitions runner! Darn!

    Want more news? Ok, I'm in the process of writing a How-To guide for the MultiDLL stuff so all you aspiring mod developers can start creating the next killer mod. After that will be the security posting of MultiDLL and finally, a version built on top of the CTF code, to allow you to create the smallest version possible.

    Now, I have to go. I've got to install RH6 on my Linux box so I can go play q3test.

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,

    DLL Date: 6 May

    New 3d Tutorial

    Sorry I've not done anything recently just been busy with real life. Well here is a tutorial I wrote on using opengl and a little on rotating just click here to go to it.


    DLL Date: 5 May

    Bad Link Fixed
    The bad link to the MultiDLL source has been fixed. It needed a .zip extension. Sorry about that. More of an update later.

    Your friendly neighborhood hacker,



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