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    Top 49 Things To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code

    Kindly submitted by our readers ;)

      #49 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Develop software that runs every 5 minutes checking for new plan updates by Cash or Carmack. Loud alarms sound if the words "source code" are found.

    • Get married, have a few kids, grow old...
    • Worry - you may be looking at tons of coding hours to get your mod working again.
    • Well, you can hack some duke3d con files! err... bad idea
    • Keep bitching and moaning until id releases the damn source!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Pinch yourself and hope 3.12 was just a nightmare and you never encountered any errors at all...
    • Bitch and moan until id releases the source code!!!!!!
    • Give those Quake2 people a whole new meaning for finger. (and I don't mean the updates)
    • Start to bitch and moan.... did I already mention this one?
    • Search for llama pr0n on the internet.
    • Send 20 emails to the q2dll mailing list asking why your mail takes so long to get back to you.
    • Write a program to reload every quake news page automatically every 30 seconds until the word "source" appears.
    • Patiently wait through the 180 meg download of the Unreal betatest.
    • Go to the video store, and rent every Steven Segal movie. Watch them nonstop until, you fall into a deep coma, which you will hopefully wake up from right as the source is released.
    • Start a website devoted to point release source code rumors.
    • Start a website that takes donations to the buy id some drinks on the coders fund.
    • Make so many extrapolations of what the heck the new 3.13 source may look like, that you decide to write your engine. =)
    • Pray that your source will be in some hope of being compatible with the 3.13 source.
    • Start a website that is a shrine to the id code gods, maybee if we pray at one site, they'll listen....
    • Watch South Park
    • Watch some more South Park
    • Go look at the South Park TC
    • Watch South Park
    • Work with the old 3.10 ( 3.05 ) source for the billionth time.
    • Whip out debug and hack the exe into loading 3.05 dlls =) God ( Carmack ) would be angry with anyone that did that.
    • Go Outside? Eeek eeek sunlight eeek
    • Did I mention watch some South Park
    • Buy some new music, suggestions new moby, more chemical brothers....
    • Aww shoot, just drive down to austin and camp on ids doorstep thell give you the source to make you go away =)
    • Figure out how to work the VCR
    • Take a shower (now that your not coding or playing)
    • Get some sleep
    • Eat something
    • Figure out how many miliseconds it takes your computer to load
    • Cut your nails with your disk drive
    • Download your best friends hard drive...twice
    • Do a little dance, Make a little love
    • Shave
    • Plug that TV back in
    • Actually do your Real Life(TM) work.
    • figure out your age in hand
    • Spend countless hours sitting in an empty IRC channel waiting for anything and everything to happen
    • Sit and think of the top ten things to do while waiting for point

      #5 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Email id software 8 times an hour begging for them to release the code. If this does not pay off after a few hours, get in your car and drive to their offices. Once there, get down on bended knee and beg for code.

      #4 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Attempt to decompile the 3.12 gamex86.dll into the original source files, then announce to the world that what id won't give them, you WILL!!

      #3 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Go through all your 3.10 code and start segregating your own code from id's so you'll be able to throw it into the 3.12 source as soon as it's released.

      #2 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Quake1

      #1 Thing To Do Whilst Waiting for the Point Release Code :

    • Spoof John Carmack's ip address, then join IRC and go to all the quake channels and announce you have released the source. Start to give a url where it could be found, then disconnect mid sentence with /quit Connection reset by peer


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