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[the quake prefab park]

THE QUAKE PREFAB PARK IS DEAD !!!! - BUT DONT WORRY, ALL PREFABS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT The qED prefab park - you'll find them in delicious qED and original .map format !! - there's a bunch of quake2 prefabs there too !. - You can also still explore this site - everything is still as it was, suspended in time as it were, but possibly still more up to date than 80 percent of the sites out there :).... - hey, who cleans old crap off the web anyways ?
WHILE YOUR HERE, YOU MIGHT AS WELL HEAD ON OVER TO QPP2 - THE QUAKE PREFAB PARK 2 - MY NEW SITE FOR QUAKE2 PREFABS - wunderbar I hear you cry - get out your chocolates and spectacles and take a trip on over - it'll brighten your day and freshen up your mind.

21st February '98 - site suspended ...
[site layout]

You'll find the prefabs groups and descriptions for download here.

This section will give you a basic explanation of the prefabs and how to use them.

Updates made to the site - prefab additions and any other information relating to prefabs will be found here.

You'll find a couple of useful sites to visit here if your a newbie to quake - otherwise skip it.

This is the place for info on submitting prefabs to this site and also the place to go if you want to add suggestions, comments, insults etc.

Here you'll find tutorials, as and when they are added.
At the moment there is two.

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