Carmack's QuakeCon Address
Find out what id's technology guru had to say about the state of the gaming union, consoles, graphics hardware, and the new DOOM game.
Trash My Q3A Map!
Paul Jaquays (id) and Jim Hughes (Raven) take a selection of map submissions and tell you what's wrong with them. Learn from the follies of others and get few rules of thumb to make your mapping better
QuakeCon 2001: Saturday
A roundup of the day's events, from all the workshops and seminars to the id 2v2 CTF challenge and QuakeCon tournament finals.
Five Ways To Avoid Being "Foxed"
Four experts give tips on how to avoid copyright infringement...and the wrath of entertainment laywers.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Weapons Details
More information than is really healthy on the weapons and items in Gray Matter's remake of the classic FPS.
What do you want in Quake 4?
Raven Software's Rick Johnson asks this question to the fans at QuakeCon, and this is what they said.
Mod Author Roundtable
Sluggo gets 50 mod authors in a room to discuss the state of amateur game development within Quake 3, some of the major events of the past year, and the state of the mod community in general.
Jedi Knight 2 impressions
LucasArts and Raven show Jedi Knight 2 to the QuakeCon crowd...and the crowd is pleased.
How to get a job in the gaming biz
A panel of industry insiders shares 10 tips on how to get a job in the gaming industry.
DOOM Game Tidbits
Thrrrpptt! fills you in on what was said agout id's next DOOM game during the QuakeCon press conference.
Gettin' Reckless in Texas: QuakeCon 2001 preview
Sluggo and the PlanetQuake crew invade Dallas and preview this year's pilgrimage to the Quake series.
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