QuakeCon 2001 Setup Pictures

PlanetQuake was there while QuakeCon 2001 was born.
By - Ash

Putting on a tournament, LAN party, and trade show of this size is no easy task, but the QuakeCon staff and volunteers were hard at work on Tuesday and Wednesday to get things rolling. PlanetQuake was there to lend a hand and get some pictures as soon as the work began.

The vendor area was quickly filled to the brim with equipment and construction materials.

This year the QuakeCon backbone was blessed with a Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switch.

Here's Nok getting one of the servers going in the Network Operations Center

Several miles of network cable were layed to make the BYOC happen.

This much hardware takes a little more than regular hotel power. Showpower brought a giant diesel powerplant.

The AMD truck arrived with tons of computers for the tournament and vendor area.

A talented volunteer staff, like Tippmann here, layed the network cable for the entire 2080 computer BYOC area.

The discreet both was already taking shape on Tuesday with a classroom set up for gMax lessons.

Activision setup a brushed aluminum monolith to show off their id related product line.
- Ash

[Ash is still working QuakeCon as a volunteer and covering the event. There should be tons more pictures soon.]

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