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Schedule - List of major events...always subject to changes depending on your input.

Animated Timber Wolf BattlemechThis is currently a very well done static model by Brian Wight. It will be altered so that it will be able to walk, and shoot lasers/spikes.
The Gun Turret - QuakeC modificationQL QuakeC Associate Graham Ferris is working on this 'Howitzer-like' fixed turret emplacement for deathmatch games.
The EscalatorThis will be an escalator. Concept proposal by Paul Mandell.
RopesA simple editing cheat for creating ropes that can be swung on. This is currently in the expermental 'concept validation' stage. We don't know if it will work yet. I don't think it will... :(
Button PackageA variety of func_buttons including sequenced button arrangements and other button variations. We are also looking for submissions and/or suggestions for the button package.
Star Wars VehiclesHmmm.
The Millenium FalconThe QuakeLab's future contribution to the Vehicles section for Tricks & Traps based on the Star Wars theme. Hmmm.
MAP EDITOR SELECTION PAGEWell, this will become a Editing Program Menu, where the pros and cons will be listed for each editor. Primary features will be pointed out. Complete with links and screenshots of the editor in action.
Always subject to change. Your request goes here. Although this Schedule is roughly the order in which things will be added, there will always be substantial leeway in the prioritization of Scheduled items. New architectural components are bound to pop up; these are generally given the highest priority.

Any requests we may have missed? Send in your suggestions for future additions to The QuakeLab.

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