Authoring Signatures & Brush Icons Display - NEW!

Authoring signatures are the painter's equivalent of inserting a small identifying logo or stylized name in the lower corner of a painting. In Quake level editing, these would be collections of brushes and/or triggers that set off message displays. The brushes or triggers would usually be set up at the very beginning or at the very end of a map. This section allows you to see who's logo is who's and provides some contact information for each catalogued Quake editing person.
Brian 'Plucky' Ploeckelman 
Mark 'DR_Destructor' Rohrer 
QuakeLab Associate 
Graham 'Hellblazr' Ferris 
QuakeLab QuakeC Associate 
Mike 'G1ZMO' Burbidge 
The Original 'Sig. 
Steve 'Dipstick' Towle 
Places the 'sig in secret the Start map on multi-BSP episodes. 
Walter "DR_|2|" Costinak 
Dark Requiem 
Mark 'Whyme' Weimer 
Zack 'Malfunktion' Hobson 
Clan Trilogy 
BSP Central 
Contact: Hayden Parkman 
John 'WEK' Lea 
Uses this brush to create a corresponding sourceless shadow. 
Ernie 'Death Dealer' Miller 
Ed 'Scope' Cope 
Clan Quakebot 
Jonathan 'Warlock' White 
Sig placed randomly, in out of the way places. 
Jason C. Patterson 
Conduits Web Site 
Michael 'Freek' Freeth 
Sig vibrates up and down, found in water or secrets. 
Nick 'Lars' Finch 
Placed in very obscure places, difficult to find. 
Ryan 'Stiletto' Drake 
Shooting the sig will give the player more info. 
John 'Hawkeye' Pierce 
Brook 'BeJixed' Vogt 
Ron 'Jack The Ripper' Hines 
Aaron 'Moody' Bentley 
Bruce 'Candyman' Mac 
Jay 'Zaphod' Gill 
Maxim 'BodyBag[AMMO]" Savic 
Sig located in either big areas or behind large doors with hidden switches. 
Erik "Egget" Pukinskis 
Craig "Mojo" Redinger 
Scott "Supersonic" Grodberg 
J.E. "Independence" Sawyer 
When a character jumps at it, it teleports him. 
Chris "Cobra" Glasnapp 
The snake is scaled down when actually placed in levels. 
Kyle "XeaXes" Fisher 
Placed above important doors and/or areas of the map. 
Mike Reed 
Manfred "Mampfi" Huber 
Gustav Taxén 
Aliens Quake TC 
Jim "Fat Smoke" Jankowski 
Opposing F's frame doorways and teleports. 
Neil Manke 
The Black Widow sig is usually a shootable switch. 
Herb "Metal Marine" Myers 
Bryan "KonstruKt" Tharp 
Signature usually marks or is inside secret areas or behind hidden doors.
Derek "Katarn" Douglas 
Usually at the start of a level, set into a wall. 
Buzz "Buzzman" Waltz 
Sig is in secret place nearest the exit.
Also, when shot displays copyright info.
Jordan "Solo" Shipman 
Richard "MyThlrAn" Nolan 
Usually in secret areas. 
Tony "The Time Master" Limbert 
Project Obsidion is the 9 level epic he is currently working on. 
Lucas "Liquide" Bantner 
Usually in a random secret in the level. 
Neal "Nealeo" Green 
Webmaster of Clan Darkmoon 
Tim Schmidt 
Anders "Xerex" Jensen 
Stas "Scorpion" Kulik 
John "Casebier" Rogers, Jr. 
It will be inside a secret area. 
Rich "Zdim" Carlson 
Level Designer, Ion Storm 
Terry "Skips15" Mead 
Robin Hermance-Moore 
James "CaSaNOva" Parkwood 
Joerg "qKRY-jOE" Moser 
Located at the start of his first single player map. 
Russel "Hyper" Fones
Iain "bob64" Frisken
Your Authoring Signature and e-mail here. 
Your Authoring Signature and e-mail here. 
Your Authoring Signature and e-mail here. 
Your Authoring Signature and e-mail here. 
Always expanding...feel free to send in a PCX file for posting in this area. Please include your full name and 'callsign', and a few short comments if necessary.