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QWF would like to introduce TWO WOMEN!, Peachies and Zippy, co-founders of Vicious Vixens a female Quake2 Clan.

Vicious Vixens Skin
by Peachies
In May of 1998, Peachies and Zippy decided to venture out and form a "twentysomething and over" female Quake2 clan. Why female and 20+? Peachies and Zippy explain: "We were in a clan before we started Vicious Vixens... but... most of the girls in the clan were very young, and we really thought it would be better to be involved with a bit of an older crowd. So, we decided to form our own clan. We started a Clan of our own because we felt that there was a lack of communication in the one we were previously in and it was unorganized.  There weren't many matches scheduled and well....we wanted to play with an older group of women.  Why all female?  Because we kick butt! We decided to have a clan where women could play and make new friends with other women at the same time. At one point, we thought about doing the male/female thing, but it's just so much fun having it all female!  It's almost like having a bunch of new sisters we never had! We're definitely not a "male-bashing" bunch of women, and we really enjoy playing with the guys! In fact, we've played more all male clans than female!"

Many of Peachies friends played Doom II, and then Quake. She was always really interested in the games, but never even thought about playing herself!  Until one day, she loaded up Quake and just played! From then on she was addicted!  After worrying she wasn't good enough to battle it out on a server, she finally just made herself connect, and now she plays almost every day!

Peachies hasn't played Quake since she installed Quake2! She learned how to play, using the mouse on Quake, but ever since Quake2, there's no turning back to Quake for her! "I've played both... I like Quake2 much bettah!"

Besides playing Quake2, Peachies created, and is the webmistress, of the Vicious Vixens clan site. She's also done alot of "Quake related" features on other websites.  She started off working on War Council, doing reviews, and interviews with developers, and since War Council is now a thing of the past, she does the same over at MPOG - Multiplayer Online Gaming.  She's been lucky enough to attend E3, in Atlanta, the past few years, and has met lots of great people!  Peachies also enjoys attending the big LAN parties: QuakeCon, The Frag, and she hopes to one day have her very own gaming site. 

There are a few things Peachies would like to see changed about internet Quake. "Until I get my cable modem next month, BETTER connections!  LESS lag!" Also, the guys on the net who always think she's a guy when she plays.  "Don't you think it would be odd for a guy to have the nick "Peachies"???  why on earth would a guy want to pose as a woman??  I mean... I understand (sorta) the reason they use the female model, but sheesh!!!!  One of these days those guys out there will realize that women can play too!  and play damn good, I might add!"

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Zippy started playing Internet Quake2 in February 98.  Her boyfriend, OzNimbus, was playing and she became interested from watching him.  "There was so much going on that it was fun ..and well I hate watching TV so I started playing." Now OzNimbus has a hard time getting Zippy away from the computer!

Zippy and OzNimbus

Zippy plays only Quake2. Why?  Because she never got around to installing Quake on her hard drive.  She figures she'll stay with Quake2: "why go backwards thru time?"

Stay tuned for the Vicious Vixens' CTF squad Zippy will be forming soon, and a LMCTF branch forming a bit later. Besides Quake, Zippy is writing game reviews for MPOG - Multiplayer Online Gaming.   She's also written some CTF and DM strategy guides for the Vicious Vixens' Voices.   Recently she just got back from the IMOL WarBirds' Convention in Dallas and played a bit of the WW2 flight sim online. "Wooohoo! too bad you only get so many bullets in a plane!".

Zippy's favorite chaingun... on a WWII Bomber!

Zippy would like to see lagless internet play, no matter what game you are playing, as well an end to the name calling and such, on Quake servers. The end of name calling "is not going to happen and I won't be able to get cable modems in my area until Jan '99 so I have to wait patiently." Zippy's future plans concerning Quake are to keep fragging, get a CTF branch going for the Vicious Vixens, and to get her clan more widely known.