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The Design of the RDE-levels

No rockets-only runs
Unlike most people seem to think, RDE is not a collection of rocketlaunchers, grenades, quads and heights that can be jumped to with these items. Actually, it is not until the very last level that you will finally encounter your first rocketlauncher. Fear not though, since all roads lead to Rome =) Grenadelaunchers are present aplenty, but the two skill-levels (only easy and nightmare can be played in RDE) sometimes have effect on their location.

A different startlevel
RDE has a startlevel that differs from the one that came with Quake. First, there are only two possible skill levels you can play, easy and nightmare, as mentioned above. Second, and this is the 'strange'-part: after you've finished a level you will always return to the startlevel. At first this may seem a bit useless, but the cool thing is that you can select which level you want to do first in case you're running an episoderun. Because the first level doesn't contain a grenadelauncher, you can just step into a later level that HAS one, and do the first level after the one with a GL!

Varied complexity
The levels are structured according to a pattern: the further you get, the more 'complex' (not larger!) the levels become, and the more possible routes you will encounter. This includes multiple exits and multiple ways of exiting.

Coop and Mad-Coop
Even though the people that actually play coop and madcoop are a really small minority of the Quake-playing public, I still spent a lot of time thinking about coop routes and mad coop. If you ever did MC, you know it is an experience that rocks the hell out of DM, if you love speedrunning that is. I remember playing >5 coop one night on Muad's server in which everybody was constantly telefragging eachother; truly annoying. I placed 8 coop starts (which is the maximum for NetQuake) in each level, and kept the monstercount on easy low, and the number of secrets relatively high, so high ping people have a job too. I also tried to avoid lots of heavy-lag monsters like deathknights and scrags.

New Progs and .mdl's
Nolan Pflug has created a progs.dat of it's own for Runner's Delight. It contains the anti-bunnycode, QdQstats, and some added entities, among which rotating ones. There is also one new monster included.


FoH1M1, Q1SP/Coop


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