Q: Why RDE?
A: Go to the About-section.

Q: Why Quake, and not Quake II?
A: When I started RDE, the future of Quake II running was very uncertain. Apart from that, I think Quake is a cooler game than Quake II, but that's just my personal opinion.

Q: Whats the point of a startlevel in a speedrun-episode?
A: Well, I had a few cool ideas that I could only implement in a start level, like an intermission screen, but that's not the main reason I built it. Read on at the design-page.

Q: Does RDE support transparent water?
A: Yes, all levels are VIS'ed for transparent water.

Q: Is RDE just for speedrunners?
A: Of course I designed everything with speedrunning pleasure as my main goal. However, to create a good shortcut, you need sections of the map you can skip, otherwise it's no shortcut =) So, I made the maps suitable for regular single-player games too, as well as Deathmatch. Thus, the answer to the initial question is no.

Q: What if I can't vore ball jump/ogre grenade jump/enforcer blast jump etc etc, will these levels still be suitable for me to run? ?
A: Sure, but you might not be able to reach the optimal time that way...

Q: Are there any new or previously unattempted tricks involved??
A: To say there are absolutely NEW ones would be a bit too much (after all, it all comes down to damage+jump), but I have tried to add tricks to the later levels that are very rarely used.

Q: How suitable are the maps be for co-op running over the Net?
A: I have adjusted the easy skill so that I will be suitable for coop: lots of secrets, few monsters. Also read a bit about coop on the design-page.

Q: What's all this about bunnies being banned?
A: Personally, I'm not too fond of bunnies...I won't got into another discussion over it, but I don't. That's why I decided to keep them out of RDE. Nolan has written a few lines of QuakeC that disables the player to bunny, zipzag, wallhug, in short, to receive an acceleration by using the bugs in the original engine.

Q: Which editor do you use?
A: Worldcraft 1.5 with a new quake.fgd, Ultimate QBSP v1.00 by Nolan Pflug, Hipnotic's Light.exe and the new vis.exe.

Q: Have you created / released any levels before?
A: Created, yes, released, no. I started level editing in Doom, but when I finally got familiar with vertexes and sectors, I gave Quake-level-editing a try, and once you've experienced that Doom becomes uninteresting (that's what I think at least). Quake took me a while to master, but when I felt comfortable enough to start building for real I decided to make my debut a stomping one =)

Q: Since there is a Nightmare skill, can I play on Hard skill by typing 'skill 2' at the console?
A: Quake only knows three skill levels: easy, normal and hard. Nightmare skill is hard skill with a little bit harder monster behaviour. So skill 2 is possible too, but at the moment the accompanying QuakeC doesn't load the levels on skill 1 and 2, and I cannot tell if the final package will contain this feature.

Q: Does the anti-bunny code affect other tricks, such as U-turn jumps and jumping up slopes?
A: No, that would take away all of the fun =)


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