New Quake 2 Mission "The Earth War" Released!

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Fixed the broken links for the Quake2 missions. PQ had changed their download settings, and I missed the update. oops! Sorry about that. Anyway, should be back working now...


Forrest "Gumpsta" Glithero has finished work on his 9 map extension to The Armageddon Device. Check out The Earth War now.


We are not dead. In fact we have been very busy working on a new mod for Quake3. This was not a Roseville Missions project and unfortunately looks like it might not even make it as far as the "announcement" stage. This is frustrating for those who spent a lot of time working on it and it means that you guys will probably miss out on what would have been a kick-ass game. Something may rise from the ashes yet. Watch this space...

On a happier note. Forrest Glithero who helped out with our "Half Dead" pack for Quake3, has produced a Quake2 mission The Earth War. I have played this pack and it rocks! It is actually an extension to our The Armageddon Device mission, so you get to fight the traitors and death tanks and battle the traitor boss in new and exciting ways!

You will need to have The Armageddon Device installed before you can play The Earth War so if you have not already got it, snag a copy now while Forrest puts the finishing touches to The Earth War.


Today we have released the 1.27 compatible version of Half Dead. You should make sure you are on 1.27h before running this as the previous point release (1.27g) had a bug where the fraglimit was being reset. This really screwed up single player mods like this!

This should be the last Half Dead release now. We are looking at a few other projects. Watch this space!

Download the 1.27 compatible version here

Gareth "Nogbad" Evans-McClave



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