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This is archive #3 for older updates.
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q1tm released 30 07 2002
Finally, Quake1 turtlemapping pak released, now you can get my 'Halfdead' and 2 other q1tm levels: download / screens

HalfDead 27 07 2002
Today I changed my mind on Q1TM. That map needed more work I had not time for, but instead I made another, smaller map Half Dead
It`ll be released this weekend in Q1TM pak along with other maps. If you want it now - drop me a mail.
BTW, none of the lazy #TFers except nane helped me with testing /bitching

q1tm 26 07 2002
Working on "q1 turtle map" - despite the name its an extended speedmap, and you only have a week to make it (plenty of time actually). 3 days in work and it already looks nice.
To find out more about q1tm project go to Quake Turtlemapping thread on QMAP. Please visit QMAP and join our friendly mapping community or just say "hi".

baze texturez 19 07 2002
Working on textures (modified ID metal/tech). For my dm map, but since map is going nowhere, I will release the wad soon.

Codname:Corporal 10 07 2002
There is a new quake mod Codename Corporal, developed by Renegade, and it exclusively uses my map "codenamed" Fast2. Small and fast DM level.

The mod itself is a 3d-person view DM/botmatch with new guns (shotgun, uzi etc) new models, sounds and maps. It comes both as PC and Dreamcast version. Very nice mod.
Downloads for DC and sshots here (you can see my map in first coulpe of pics). PC version here. Bigger picture of Fast2 map.
May be I`ll release Fast2 as a standalone quake map soon.

Cleaver released 09 04 2002
Cleaver Love done and uploaded. Credits to KidneyJump who took part in its creation.
The map comes with external textures to be used in modified engines for better looks.
I`m in the process of making overview of the map with more information, so far you can grab the file (1.1 mb) and play it.
Screenshots on maps page.

30 03 2002
"Cleaver Love" , q1 deathmatch map has been retextured and will be released very soon.
Some other projects I`m working on include booyaka3 and map for PROX (multiarena mod).

Some time ago I converted Dead Meat textures to q1, grab `em and make a nice map (dont forget to credit Pete Parisi, its all his artwork). Here is a small example of what you can do with them.

Tutorial 5 03 2002
Every now and then you see a q3map that has cracks on skybox corners. How to fight this q3 bug and tweak your skybox ? I`v written step-by-step tutorila that shows you an easy way of fixing your skybox in Adobe Photoshop.

Skyboxes page has been updated. Now it looks much better and has tumbnail previews.

Skybox Odyssey 01 03 2002
Venturing deeper into space. "Space Odyssey 2002" environment for your Q3 floater map.

Hallucion 26 02 2002
New skybox, this time I`v tried new original technique. Is it hyperspace, or just a dream ?
Also made a beautiful backdrop in the same style.

On the mapping front, I have some maps nearly done. Release as soon as I`m happy with them.

Elbrus 5 Jan 2002
New skybox ELBRUS, grim and quakey.
Hit my skyboxes page for preview and download.
If you just want a nice picture get elbrus 1280x960 bryce rendering

2k2 Jan 2002
Happy New Year 2k2 folks!
I`v been making some maps for the last few months and one of them is 95% done - It`s a collaboration with my friend KidneyJ, q1 dm map which will be released with some extras.
Please note: theese textures are placeholders, I`m going to replace Q3 textures with some custom. Screenshot

another anniversary 21 nov 2001
1 year has passed since I got hosted by PQ. PLANETQUAKE.COM

anniversary 19 oct 2001
My site is 1 year old. No celebration or anything.

Nansen 15 oct 2001
OK kiddies. I`m releasing a new skybox. Nansen(preview)
It`s the world of eternal winter, beautifull mountains and white snow. Alpine Quake anyone ? ;)
download from fileplanet
Now my boxes are listed on a special page with preview and D/L links.

In other news I`v made a new speedmap today, and a very nice one (screen - shots). Drop by q3speedmapping page and get pack # 72.
In case you want to play this and other speedmaps with bots, you should get bspc.exe to compile a bot route (.aas). I`ts easy and takes few seconds only.

Link of the moment - killjoy released a new quake single player map in very original style.

SpeedCore 9 oct 2001
Long time no update. I`v been learning q3 mapping mostly, taking part in q3 speedmapping. Now I have a small fast q3 map in production SpeedCore. Its based on my latest speedmap (sm71_speedy). If you want to betatest the map drop me a line. It`s very playable, just needs some tweaking. Then I`ll start adding details/eyecandy.
Drop by q3speedmapping page for some speedmap packs (including my speedmaps).

On a side note: my skyboxes are mirrored by wadfather and

another one 14 sept 2001
New sky, lush sunset in a far-away acid dreamy world.
The same format as the previous (512x512 jpgs), shader included.
download from fileplanet or

xyloote 11 sept 2001
I`v made a new skybox, xyloote.
This time its esp for q3, 512x512 images for more details. The shader and dir structure are already in the zip, so it`s easy to setup and use in radiant/q3 map. If you need it for any other engine - just convert to tag yourself, or ask me to. download from fileplanet or

planetmeat 9 sept 2001
Uploaded the first skybox: planetmeat. Here is an example More to come later (just dont have time to upload all).
Its useable in any quake and other engines that support q2 skybox format. Images are 256 square TGAs. Check readme for the instructions. q3 shader in the archive is wrong !. Here is the corrected one:
{ qer_editorimage env/planetmeat/planetmeat_ft.tga
surfaceparm noimpact
surfaceparm nolightmap
q3map_lightsubdivide 256
q3map_surfacelight 75
surfaceparm sky
q3map_sun 0.924 0.948 1.000 75 220 60
skyparms env/planetmeat/planetmeat - -
In case you need another image format or have questions - contact me.

autumn.. 5 sept 2001
Haven`t updated for ages.. Now I need alot of things to be done in short time. Some maps hopefully.
Designed some skyboxes today, one of them in quake map.
Recently took part in q3speedmapping, while lerning q3r and game editting specs (my map is included in pack #58 . I can say my speedmap is ok, as it`s the first ever q3 map I`v made after only few hours of practice.. tho I screwed jumppads.. ;)

Booyaka! 15 aug 2001
Yesturday I`v made a speedmap

sshots. loads of them. 10 aug 2001

Speed02 screenshots

ha 9 aug 2001
I`m going to bed so no news for you ! :P
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