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What the people have to say

Not impressed with Jailbreak? Think it's one of the worst mods you've ever played? Hear what the people have had to say about Jailbreak before you go jumping to conclusions. :)

"Here's the question of the day: have you tried the JailBreak mod yet? If not, I suggest you check it out, it's an awful lot of fun: very highly recommended."
- Blue of Blue's News

"It's wildly unpredictable...more strategic and team-oriented than plain-vanilla Deathmatching..."
- PC Gamer May 1998

"Go get this one now."
- Mining Company

"This is one of the best and most original mods for Quake II and is well worth a look."
- Mod Central

"Jailbreak...ahhhhhh. It is always refreshing to find a Mod that truly is enjoyable in all shapes and forms. Jailbreak can be classified as one of those Mods."
- Capturization

There have also been numerous reviews of Jailbreak:

OGR (Online Gaming Review)
7 3/4
The Mining Company
Mod Central
Video Games Palace

Jailbreak has also appeared twice in PC Gamer magazine, including a review in the magazine, featured on PC Gamer's Magazine CD, and included in many different leagues and tournaments.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a deathmatch mod for Quake 2 in the tradition of CTF. Basically, there are two teams.Each team has a base with a Jail in it. When you kill someone on the otherteam (or they kill themselves :) they go to your Jail. When your Jail is full (ie, the entire team is captured) they all get Executed in a shower of gibsand your team earns massive quantities of frags. However, on each base is abutton to free the people in Jail, so the other team will be trying to freetheir people. And of course, if you get killed you go to the opposing Jail. So, basically the game is a slaughterfest with each team trying to balance between defending their jail, killing the other team, and freeing their own team.

Jailbreak introduces new readouts to the Quake 2 status bar. While playing, in the upper left corner of the screen, there is a box with your skin in it, so you know what team you are on. The number next to it is the team frag total, the number in the upper right corner is your individual frag count. When a team member is in jail, the bars will appear over your player skin. That means you should bust out the BFG and go rescue them.

Another major addition to the Quake 2 gameplay are controllable turrets. Usually guarding an entrance to a base or to the jail, these can be controlled by the player, and be used to shoot other players. Some shoot rockets, some railgun slugs, others can be different, but they are fully controlled by the player, by moving it normally with the directional buttons, and the "+use" command (without the quotes) to fire it (you probably want to bind that to a key first). One thing you should watch out for while using a turret is behind your back - a person could easily sneak up on you while you're having a gib fest on your turret. So especially when your back is to an open area, be careful when you are using the turrets.


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