Before contacting us about JailBreak, please read over the following guidelines for sending us E-Mail.
Thank you.

1. Please send your E-Mail to the correct person (i.e. Map questions to the mappers.)

2. Do not send ANY attachments. Include a URL link to the file. (i.e. if you have screens of a problem, upload them somewhere and send the URL).

3. If your E-Mail goes unanswered for a day or two please do not resend it. We reply to all E-Mail so you will eventually get a reply, so please be patient.

4. If you have a general question about JailBreak that isn't a problem, try referring to the Team Reaction Forum (click the 'Forum' button above).

General Problems, Suggestions for JailBreak, comments, concerns, etc.
WhiteNoise - Project Leader.
anarchy - Programmer.

Questions about mapping, map problems, JailBreak GOLD questions and comments.
Haakonsen - Mapper, JB Gold Maintainer.
mne[MON]ik - Mapper, JB Gold Maintainer.

Forum & Server list questions, comments, concerns.
Peelboy - Forum Administrator.
EliteTech - Server List Maintainer.

Website questions, comments, concerns.
Crass - News Updater/Site Maintainer.
anarchy - Programmer.

Additional credits.
Tin - Logos/Graphics.
deathpain - HTML Coding.


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