With the many people making maps for Jailbreak, a maps page has been added to list all the fine creations that authors have taken the time to make. Credit goes to all the authors who made their respective maps. Here's a list of the maps along with the author and file size. Please send any comments to the respective authors. More maps coming soon! Listed here are also the various map compilations that have been released by dedicated JailBreak fans from all over the world.

Pack Name Author Size
JailBreak Platinum - JailBreak Platinum - 7 maps Dru 8.5 MB
NeoPak - Neotic's Map Pack - 4 maps   Neotic, Sul 2 MB

Map Name Author Size
Avoozljb - Vile Atmosphere.  Avoozl 581 Kb
Carcassj - Carcass Jailbreak.  Menthol 904 Kb
CathJb1 - Cathedral. WhiteNoise 531 Kb
Dev-Jb - Shower Room Odysseys. Guru 1.11Mb
DinkJb1 - Death Valley.  Dinky007 936 Kb
Guidojb1 Guido 1.27 Mb
HaakJail Haakonsen 556 Kb
Hos-Jb1 - Hard Time. Hostage 506 Kb
HosJb2 - Bubba's Playground. Hostage 878 Kb
JbDm1 - The Bleeding Edge. BeerHunters version of Tim Willits Q2DM1. BeerHunter 1.36 MB
JBQDM2 - Jb "Claustrophobopolis"Conversion. [SNI]Obwando 495 Kb
JBQDM4 - Jb "The Bad Place" Conversion. [SNI]Obwando 237 Kb
Textures - The textures for the 2 Jb Conversion maps.Put them in \quake2\baseq2\textures\qdm [SNI]Obwando 338 Kb
Jb1 - East vs. West.  WhiteNoise 136 Kb
Jb2 - Deathrow. WhiteNoise 312 Kb
Jb3b WhiteNoise 291 Kb
Jbbbtl - The Battle at Bunker Jail.   Saint Bob 1.25 Mb
JbCitadel - The Citadel.  CastorTroy 349 Kb
JbHeights - The Heights That Kill. CastorTroy 645 Kb
Jb-MckRev - Jb McKinley Revival.  Crass & Cyclone 1.85 Mb
JbPalace Unknown 417 Kb
Jbroxedge - The Rocks Edge. [SNI]Obwando 510  KB
JesterJb - Cavity Search.  Jester 621  Kb
Psycho-Jb - PsychoDrome.  DragonMage 140  Kb
Tigjb1 - Walls of Light. Tiger 777  Kb
Tinjb1 - Cruel and Unusual. Tin 471  Kb
Sitdfe - Stab In The Dark.  Sassy 181  Kb
Synjpris - Synj Prison.  SyNj 445  Kb
Xjb - The Death Fortress.  Xtreme 938  Kb


Tutorial Features:

- Team Spawns
- Team Buttons
- Jail Triggers
- Custom Executions
- Mountable Turrets
- Rust


No prefabs currently.

Jailbreak tutorial by Haakonsen and Guru Send comments or suggestions to:


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