view larger image Ten new maps featuring a variety of goals, as well as Q2CTF map support

Goals vary from straightforward CTF to triggering radiation leaks, preventing nuclear missiles from launching, and more!

view larger image Construction as well as destruction

A modular construction system lets you build turrets, sentry guns, mines, surveillance cameras, laser triggers, alarms and much more...

view larger image Player Profiles

Deadlode II's answer to player classes, profiles are totally customisable by both server admins and individual players... This means you can effectively create your own classes!

view larger image A wide range of realistic weaponry

All Deadlode II's weapons are defined in an easy-to-edit text file, allowing server admins or mod makers to edit our weapons or create their own.

view larger image Mutliple ammunition types

Our flexible ammunition system allows weapons to use more than one ammo type, giving you even more ways of destroying your enemy.