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Camper: n.: In gaming terms, a camper is a player that hides in one place and stays there. When an unweary enemy walks by, the camper shoots them, unleashing a surpise attack. This is usually very annoying. Everyone hates campers. Sure, it gets the kills up, but just remember: a lot of people gang up on campers.

Client: n.: In computer terms, it's the opposite of the server on a network. For gaming, when you connect to a multiplayer game that someone else is hosting, they are the server and you are the client. The client normally can not control the server.

Color Depth: n.: The number of distinct colors that can be represented by a piece of hardware or software. Color depth is sometimes referred to as bit depth because it is directly related to the number of bits used for each pixel. A 24-bit video adapter, for example, has a color depth of 2 to the 24th power (about 16.7 million) colors. One would say that its color depth is 24 bits.