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Alright, so here's a brand-spankin' new section and, in fact, idea as far as I know. Here is where you can get online private lessons. Or, I might be able to host classes with several people at once. I'm not sure, it will depend on how this works and how people act in groups. Either way, this should be fairly interesting.

What I do is hook up in a multiplayer match with you online and I can, in person, teach you some things about how to play certain games better. This way, I can zero down on what you need to learn, AND you get to see the techniques first hand (although you will learn a lot of them second-hand! heh).

There are, of course, rules and requirements:

1. You must have a broadband connection. Cable, xDSL, T1, or above. I just can't teach someone something if all that's going to happen is lag.

2. You have to basically not be an ass. Obviously, I'm going to kill you a lot. The ONLY way I learned to get how I am today is by getting a stomping by people better than me. Sure, it can get annoying. But if you are really persistent, after a while you learn how to stay alive. I won't JUST be killing you, but I will be having a significant lead (and if I don't, than I don't need to be teaching you :-)). You just can't get angry when I keep killing you.

3. You also have to do EXACTLY what I say. If I tell you to walk up behind me and don't kill me, DO IT! If you constantly be an ass, I will cancel the lesson. No exceptions.

4. If the game is on XBOX (basically, if it's HALO), then you're BOX must be right next to your computer so you can see what I type in Gamespy Tunnel. If I'm going to teach you, I will have to talk to you.

5. We will be using GameSpy Arcade and GameSpy Tunnel (for XBOX). If you do not have these, GET THEM!

6. If you do not make it to your appointment (which we will get to in a bit), you have 1 chance to reschedule. If you don't make it to that, too bad. Try again later. However, if -I- miss it, I will keep trying. Unfair, you say? Hey, who's giving the lessons?

7. You MUST HAVE MSN MESSENGER! I appologize, but I do not like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and I despise ICQ. If you don't have it, it is free. You just need to sign up for a free Hotmail account. And if you have Windows XP, it's ALREADY ON THERE! We will use messenger to set up an appointment and make sure we can find eachother in GameSpy.

8. I shouldn't need to include this, but I suppose I should. You MUST own the game you want to learn. The FULL version. With ALL the updates installed.

Alright, now that we have all that out of the way, here's what games I can learn you on:

-HALO: My best class. Here, you will be going up against an expert. One of the best. Don't be afraid though, I'm best at teaching people here. You can learn all of the expert techniques here. But make sure that your BOX is set up near the computer! And that you have GameSpy Tunnel!

-Unreal Tournament: Pretty decent class, though not as good as my HALO one. You have to have the most updated version of UT.

-Quake II: Pretty good class. I can make you into an upper-intermediate in this class. Newest version required.

-Quake III: Also a pretty good class. I can make you an intermediate here. Newest version required.

If these classes go well, then I will probably add more games over time (as I get good at them).

Now, you're getting close to the end, so don't worry. Once you have met all of the requirements above and chosen which game you want to learn, you can go ahead and E-Mail me.

When you E-Mail me, you need to include some information (what can I say, I'm very demanding!):

1. The game you want to be taught

2. Your MSN Messenger E-Mail address

3. Your connection type (Don't lie! Not only does GameSpy reveal it, so does the ping!)

4. If you've ever played online before

5. You're operating system (Windows 98, XP, OSX, etc)

And I think that's it. Well, FINALLY I can give you the link to submit for lessons. For now, I think I will only do personal lessons, and if this works, I might start public classes. Who knows. And if you have any comments or suggestions, they are always very welcome!

HERE'S THE LINK! Just it is.

When you E-Mail me, if I accept it (I will accept pretty much all of them), I will reply with details and I will add you to my Messenger. Just be sure to accept me!

And whenever you're in GameSpy Arcade, look out for Sno or Sno_{The_Saprano's} and the game room Sno's Kick-Arse Game!!!