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NEWS ARCHIVE 4: 1 January 2004 - 31 December 2004

QUAKE. fmb 100 reviewed and other news.  posted: 19th December 2004

I have posted a review for fmb100, a cool SP map that was recently released.

Other Quake 1 News: [possible reviews to follow]:
[1]JP Lambert has released a map called CMC (CMC for "Cheyenne Mountain Complex").
Download it from his website. [Tronyn is working on a review of this].
[2]Hrimfaxi has released an updated version of his speedmap Cappuccino.
Download it here:
[3]The "1000 Brush/Winter/Norway" Quake SP map pack has just been [today!] released.
There are 5 Q1SP maps in total in this pack by: Jago, Zwiffle, HrimFaxi, Headthump and Blitz. File download is available from here: Themed packs are always cool so everyone should download this, plus its interesting to compare the different maps to each other.

Impressive Screenshots from Hrimfaxi: left: "Cappuccino[v2]", right: "Frostbite" [1000 brush pack]:

QUAKE. Still Active!.  posted: 16th December 2004

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I am still around, I still love Quake, and I will hopefully be updating with some brand new map reviews and quake news quite soon. Just wanted to let you all know. And Happy Holidays for 2004! =)

QUAKE. "Abandon" released and other news.  posted: 18th September 2004

Madfox has released a 25 [yes, twenty-five!] map pack for quake 1 SP called "Abandon":

You can Download it from the authors own hosting at, or alternatively from fileplanet [note: there maybe some small updates to this map pack in future in which case i will post them here].

There really are too many maps [!] for me to review separately, but overall the gameplay is basic but sometimes fun, although some of the layouts are confusing. But it is this spirit of mapping and creativity that started the Q1SP community building maps 8 years ago, and this map pack is clearly a "labor of love" and at least deserves a try.

In other news, Tronyn has put up a website for his upcoming "Arcane Wizard" project.

QUAKE. awsp1 reviewed.   posted: 27th July 2004

Andrew White recently submitted his first released Q1SP map; here is a review of "Caelestis Tumultus".

QUAKE. Ontranto, Menkalinan reviewed.   posted: 17th July 2004

Fat Controller has a long history of excellent Quake 1 [both SP and DM] maps under his belt, see how his latest release measures up in my review of his new 5 map episode, "Ontranto". A newer mapper,Pulsar, has been steadily improving his Quake 1 mapping skills, and has just produced a brand new excellent map, which i have also reviewed, called "Menkalinan".

Further, Madfox has recently released 2 maps, which are not quiet up to full review quality, but you might want to play, so check out the [downloads only] for Quatrotski and also OnePair.

Hope you enjoy playing all these new Quake 1 maps!

QUAKE. Ariadat reviewed.   posted: 8th June 2004

HeadThump presents us with his first public release Q1SP map; here is Tronyn's review of "Ariadat".

QUAKE. Bastion reviewed.   posted: 22nd May 2004

I have posted a review for the newly released "Bastion of the Underworld", by Kinn. Behold and beware of the Shuffler. =)

QUAKE. Hellchepsout reviewed plus other Map News.   posted: 18th May 2004

Tronyn has submitted a review for Hellchepsout : "The temple of Hell" the 1st Q1SP map by JP Lambert.

In other map news:

[1] RPG released a "Gimmick" Q1SP map, called "Pajitnov", which doesn't get a full review but a download and some more details can be found on RPG's small but beautifully formed website; Pajitnov. The map is apparently "inspired by communism", so this finally proves RPG is a subversive traitor.

[2] An 8 map pack called "The Purgatory" has recently surfaced, [even though it was originally made around 1998-2000] and gets a review over at Ten Four. Its not strictly Q1SP, as it apparently has quake 1 and quake 2 elements mixed in together, but a review may appear here too, at some point soon.

[3]From Mike Woodham comes news of a new Q1SP: "...a map that is within 4 weeks of completion. It will be FMB15 - using other peoples scraps (as usual) joined by some interesting terrain."
Two screenshots of the map: 1, 2.

QUAKE. Map News: Preview: "The Masque of the Red Death".   posted: 6th May 2004

Here is word from Tronyn on his upcoming map:

Two [Large] screenshots available; 1, 2.

"The Masque of the Red Death is a new Q1SP I have been working on, on and off, for a long time. It's a remake of my map from 1997, "The Knight's Stronghold," only it's a complete overhaul. I really hate to do this to people, but it will probably be custom engine only, due to sheer scale. I don't think GlQuake can really handle 450+ monsters on hard, as it has crashed every time I've tried to load the map. It is titled after the story by Edgar Allan Poe, and the storyline does kind of work the general concept of that story (my favorite Poe story) in, in perhaps a surprising way.

The Masque of the Red Death will come with two versions: single player and deathmatch. Some new weapons might be included (a sniper rifle suits the massive outdoor areas well), but probably no new monsters. All I can say at this point is "when it's done."

note from underworldfan: BTW, if any other mappers want to send me a similar note/preview/screenshots, about upcoming maps they are working on, please email me, and i will post it here.

QUAKE. zsp1 and e1m1rmx reviewed.   posted: 4th May 2004

Tronyn has helped me out again by submitting two more good reviews of two recently released quake 1 maps. First up to the plate is zsp1: "Gun of perversion", a respectable debut effort from Zwiffle.

Secondly is a Joint mapping effort between two of the "elder [!] statesmen" of quake 1 mapping, czg and vondur entitled e1m1rmx: "The Slipgate Duplex", an interesting and well-executed concept.

In other Q1SP news [i always like saying that!] Tronyn has informed me he is working on a new Q1SP map called "The Masque of the Red Death" which is "on a huge scale" and sounds great, he's obviously an Edgar Allen Poe fan like myself. :)

QUAKE. Re-scored [2] map reviews.   posted: 15th April 2004

After some deliberation and re-reviewage type activity :), i have re-scored the following 2 maps:

Adamantine Cruelty by Vondur: from 18 to 19 [gold medal].
And all that could have been by RPG: from 17 to 18.

Obviously, i'm not going to make a habit of re-scoring map reviews, i want to try to nail the right score first time, but every so often little tweaks might be needed, as in these cases.

QUAKE. Azure Infux reviewed.   posted: 18th March 2004

Tronyn has submitted a review for a new Q1SP map recently released called "Azure Infux". This is a first time Q1SP map by the world-famous [!] speedrunner Justin Fleck, and for a debut map its certainly a decent effort.

QUAKE. Adamatine Cruelty reviewed.   posted: 9th March 2004

I have written up and posted a review for Vondurs newly released Q1SP map, Adamantine Cruelty. Hope you enjoy the review, and also playing yet another excellent map! =)

QUAKE. Oblivion reviewed.   posted: 1st March 2004

A level long lost in the distant past, we present the review by Tronyn of Oblivion. This map is by Rich Carlson, a professional games developer, who at the time he made this map was working for Ion Storm in Dallas.

Finally, there is a nice page by Rich Carlson which outlines the full history and evolution of Oblivion right here.

QUAKE. rpgsmse reviewed.   posted: 13th February 2004

Tronyn has sent in another review, this one is for RPG's conceptual masterpiece [!], more humbly known as rpgsmse: "Quake condensed", read Tronyn's excellent review right here.

As for RPG ... i still sometimes ponder on whether "could" deserved 18/20, instead of the measly 17/20 i gave it. =)

QUAKE. sm57_pulsar_se and kabsp2 reviewed.   posted: 10th February 2004

I am happy to welcome Tronyn as my long-term 2nd reviewer to help me out writing map reviews for this site. Due to other commitments and time constraints, I decided to get this extra help, and the plan is to share the map reviews between us.
Q1SP followers should need no introduction to Tronyn who has created a huge number of excellent maps over the last 5-6 years including probably his greatest achievement Soul of Evil.In between all that mapping, he also somehow managed to find time to help Kona write map reviews over at Ethereal Hell, as well.

Tronyn's first two reviews are of sm57_pulsar_se: "The Lair of DOOMestic Animals" [see news update 28th January], which is an expanded "special edition" speedmap and also a new release called kabsp2: Iron Decay by Jacek Gordinier.

Thanx Tronyn for your first 2 map reviews and looking forward to the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to quote Mr. something. :D
EDIT: just noticed these 2 reviews take the site over 100 map reviews in total. =)

QUAKE. lfsp7: Huntdown released.   posted: 5th February 2004

I just noticed this map has been put up for download over at The Brainstorm architecture.

I am quite busy in real life at present so no full review, plus it looks like this might not be the fully completed, final version anyway, but i thought i would let everyone know if you want to download the map anyway. Download [Fileplanet].

QUAKE. lots of stuff!.   posted: 28th January 2004

There has been a significant amount of activity in the quake 1 SP community in recent days. To start you off, i have two reviews for two newly-released levels, go to the 2 reviews of "Februus Depth" and "R-speeds be damned", the former especially is a very atmospheric experience.

Further, Scampie has now offically opened his site that i linked to a week ago. :o. Goto Quake speed mapping for info on all the speedmaps released recently. Of special note are two "expanded" projects:

[1] Pulsar has released sm57_pulsar_se: "The Lair of DOOMestic Animals" which you can download right here. This is an expanded version of an earlier speedmap and once i play it i may give it a full review if i decide the map warrants it.

[2] RPG has compiled into a neat little pack 5 earlier speedmaps, under the title of "Quake condensed" and you can download it here. Again i haven't played this yet and it may warrant a full review at a later date.

QUAKE. Turtlemap pack 3 released.   posted: 21th January 2004

I am a bit late on this update: the Quake Turtlemap 3 map pack was recently released by scampie. Leaving aside q1tm3_lev, which isn't very good, it consisted of 3 good Q1SP maps, in particular some cool and very interesting architecture and gameplay from Hrimfaxi in his 2 maps, especially in q1tm3_Hrimfaxi which is easily the standout map of the pack.

Go to scampie's Quake speed mapping for screenshots, information and download. No full reviews for these maps but they are worth playing through for all us quake 1 addicts. =)

QUAKE. Autumn Haunting and A subtle Dagger reviewed.   posted: 9th January 2004

The first custom Q1SP maps of 2004 have been released. =) At one end of the spectrum, is another map pack [2 maps] from long time and profilic quake mapper, Kona, called Autumn Haunting.

At the other end of the spectrum [in terms of number of map releases] is the first Q1SP map by Evan Wagner, with the rather cool name of "A Subtle Dagger". The latter is a good first map, and shows lots of promise for future maps. It was guest reviewed for me by RPG, so thanx to him for an interesting review.